Amazon Prime Day shopping statistics

An estimated 13.4 million Brits say they will shop Prime Day.

Finder surveyed 2,004 Internet users in the UK for our Amazon Prime Day Shopping Report and found it ranks 7th out of 10 countries studied. The percentage of those surveyed in the UK who said they’d shop came to 25%, which is below the global average of 29%.

Of those who said they plan to shop, products for the home like homewares is the top choice for bargain hunters at 34%.

The second most popular option for shoppers is makeup and skincare at 25% and clothing and accessories in third place at 21.9%.

Men vs women: Who’s more likely to shop?

British men are more likely to say they’ll be shopping, with 26% of men planning to shop compared to 24% of women.

Younger people most likely to shop the sales

Those aged 18–34 are the most likely to shop the sales, with 32% of people in this age group planning to shop.

Global Prime Day trends

The Philippines leads the way for shoppers looking to score a deal on Prime Day 2022, with 46% saying they'll shop the sales. At the other end of the spectrum is New Zealand where just 11% said they'll be hunting for a deal on Amazon for Prime Day.

It should come as no surprise that the Philippines leads the way in 4 out of the 5 shopping categories, with 18% of survey respondents saying they'll be buying makeup and skincare, 15% buying clothing and accessories, 13% buying products for the home and 12% spending their money on gaming and tech gadgets like the Oculus or Xbox.

The only category where the Philippines didn't come out on top was consumer tech such as smartwatches and Airpods, which were most popular with Mexican shoppers (11%).

While New Zealand came in dead last for Prime Day shoppers overall, it was actually Australia that came in with the lowest percentages for people shopping the sales in 4 out of the 5 categories, with New Zealand scoring the lowest in products for the home (2.8%).

Globally, makeup and skincare will be at the top of shoppers' lists, with an average of 32% of shoppers saying they're looking for a deal on cosmetics. Other popular shopping categories include clothing or accessories (31%) and products for the home (e.g. homewares) at 28%.

How the sexes will be shopping

There is almost no difference in the appetite for shopping between men and women, with an average of 30% of men saying they'd shop around the globe compared to 28% of women.

The widest gap in favour of men shopping is in Mexico, where 46% of men said they'd be shopping compared to 39% of women. On the other side of the coin is New Zealand where it's skewed the other way with 13% of women saying they plan on shopping the sales compared to 9% of men.

Global age trends for Prime Day shoppers

Younger people worldwide are most likely to take advantage of Prime Day discounts, with an average of 34% of those aged 18–34 being potential Prime Day shoppers.


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