Revolut Junior kids’ card and app rebrands as Revolut <18


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Digital challenger relaunches its account for those aged 6 to 17, with a refreshed app and card design.

Digital banking provider Revolut has rebranded its Revolut Junior account as Revolut <18 and introduced new features for its users.

The prepaid debit card and kids’ app is still designed for those aged between 6 and 17, and gives parents access to their child’s spending, with the ability to set custom card limits and receive spending notifications.

The card itself now comes in a new bright yellow colour and can be personalised with the child’s own drawing (but it may charge extra for personalisation).

The debit card can be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay, so users can make purchases via those mobile wallets, if they don’t have their physical card with them.

Revolut says that the new kids’ app has a clearer layout, making it easier for children to see how much money they’ve got in their account. They can also use alerts and track their own spend.

The revamped app will now allow kids to send and receive money (with parental approval) at no cost from their friends who also use Revolut <18. They can also add notes and Gifs to their transfer request.

No monthly fee for Revolut users who get Revolut <18 for their kids

Revolut <18 will continue to be free to operate for parents who have a Revolut adult account (although Revolut may charge some transaction fees when kids use the Revolut <18 card).

Parents who signed up to a free Revolut “Standard” plan can have one free Revolut <18 account, while those with a “Metal” plan (costing £12.99 per month) can have up to 5 Revolut <18 accounts for their children.

Any existing Revolut Junior customers can continue to use their Revolut Junior branded debit card until it expires, then they will be issued with a Revolut <18 card.

For new users, if a child is under 13, parents will need to set up Revolut <18 from their own Revolut account in their banking app. If a child is aged 13 or older, then they can download the new Revolut <18 app and create a kid’s account, which will then need to be linked to and approved by the parent’s account.

It’s also possible to sign up to Revolut <18 just to use the card and not the app, which some parents may prefer for younger children.

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