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Rhys Subitch is a personal finance editor at Bankrate and former loans editor at Finder, specializing in consumer and business lending. Rhys has nearly a decade of experience researching, editing, and writing for startups, Fortune 500 companies, universities and websites. They hold a BA in sociology and a certificate of editing from the University of Washington.


  • Personal, business, student and car loans
  • Credit scores and alternative data
  • Debt consolidation and management


  • Authored over 400 articles on personal and business finance
  • Scripted over a dozen videos on Finder's YouTube channel and hosted several, totaling over 15,000 views
  • Experienced in breaking down complex topics, such as government loan programs and new legislation, into easy-to-understand terms


  • Certificate in editing | University of Washington, Seattle | 2016
  • Bachelor of Arts in sociology | University of Washington, Seattle | 2010–2014

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Zak Killermann & Rhys Subitch 22 April 2019
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