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Compare membership medicine reviews

How the biggest and most popular membership medicine companies in the US stack up.

Over 12,000 physicians practice membership medicine across the US, according to Concierge Medicine Today. The model is growing in popularity as patients demand personalized healthcare and access to telemedicine platforms.

The list of covered services and costs vary between companies, so it’s worth comparing practices to get the best possible coverage.

Membership medicine reviews

How to find a membership medicine practice near me

Some membership medicine practices are fully online, while others have physical offices around the US where you can visit doctors in person.

To find out if a company has an office near you, read our reviews or conduct a location-based web search. If you have a membership through work, your HR representative should be able to direct you to your nearest location.

How do I compare membership medicine companies?

To narrow down your options, compare each company’s coverage and costs among other factors.

FactorQuestions to ask
Fees and cost structure
  • How much is the monthly or annual fee?
  • If the practice only charges you when you visit a doctor, what’s the flat fee?
  • Does the practice accept my health insurance?
  • Is there a copay or coinsurance?
  • Does my employer offer a membership as part of my health benefits?
  • Can I pay fees using my FSA or HSA?
  • How can I make an appointment?
  • How many patients does the practice have?
  • What’s the appointment availability like?
  • Can I book a same- or next-day appointment?
  • How long do appointments last?
  • Can doctors make house calls?
  • Can I set up a telehealth visit?
Medical services
  • What medical services, treatments and procedures are covered?
  • Can doctors prescribe medication and order lab work?
  • Are annual checkups and basic blood work included in the membership fee?
  • Does the practice offer mental health services like teletherapy?
  • Does the practice offer specialist care, such as dermatology, men’s and women’s health?
  • Which specialists and hospitals are aligned with the practice?
Non-medical services
  • What non-medical services are provided? Think nutrition coaching, stress management and exercise plans.
  • Can the practice treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Can doctors order COVID-19 diagnostic or antibody tests?
Physical locations
  • What’s the nearest location to me?
  • Does the practice have an on-site lab? If not, which lab do they work with?
  • Is there an on-site pharmacy?
Other logistics
  • What level of communication can I expect to have with my doctor?
  • How can I get help between appointments?
  • Can I have an initial consultation with my doctor?
  • Is there a minimum time commitment for membership?

Bottom line

Membership medicine is an umbrella term for practices that aim to personalize healthcare and make it more accessible. A handful of practices have physical locations across the country, but the majority offer virtual appointments and services via telemedicine platforms.

Before signing up, compare membership medicine companies to make sure you’re getting the most value for your fee.

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