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Running a business isn’t for everyone. It takes organization, passion and most importantly, time. You need to be ready to learn and be ready to make mistakes, to innovate, to succeed and to fail.

Whether your business has two employees or 200, your needs as a business owner remain largely the same: to have an understanding of business fundamentals across finance, human resources, marketing, industry and innovation. Find some of the resources you need to help your business succeed in this guide.

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How to start your business

The first step for turning your great idea into a reality is creating a plan. When preparing to start a business, having a blueprint is necessary if you want to grow and achieve success.

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How to finance your business

Whether you need help getting your business off the ground or the wheels are already in motion, here are the most common ways other business owners like you get the funds they need to succeed.

How to manage your business

As a business owner, you’ll be responsible for overseeing many different aspects — from day-to-day operations to yearly growth plans. Here are some key factors for managing your business.

How to expand your business

In order for your business to not hit a ceiling due to growth, you’ll likely have to expand. Learn what you’ll need to take your business to the next level to keep your customers satisfied.

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  • Recession-proof businesses

    Finder takes a deep dive in search of recession-proof businesses and industries, looking into both businesses that are succeeding in spite of the current pandemic and industries that performed well during the Great Recession

  • Guide to hiring employees on LinkedIn

    Search profiles and reach potential candidates at pricing that’s anything but transparent.

  • What is a cease and desist?

    Learn the ins and outs of writing a cease and desist letter, and how it can help you to take action. Here’s where to find cease and desist templates online.

  • What is a letter of demand?

    Learn what a Letter of Demand is, when to use it and what to include to make it as effective as possible. Find out where you can download free templates.

  • What is a partnership agreement?

    Thinking about a partnership agreement for your small business? See when you need it, how it impacts operations and where to find a template. 

  • 9 online business ideas you can start now

    Take your dream of working for yourself to the next level with these online business ideas.

  • Tips for starting a business after retirement

    If “I’d rather be golfing” isn’t your preferred motto, see what these 5 experts have to say about starting a business after retirement, what the risks and rewards are, and their #1 finances tips to consider.

  • Building a website for your business

    The complete beginner’s guide to building a business website. You’ll need content, design, a domain name and host to start. Here’s what else you’ll need.

  • Indeed vs. Monster

    Compare pros, cons and price to choose the right job board.

  • How to find employees

    Learn how to attract top talent to fill a job position.

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