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Bad credit payday loans

Short-term loans aren’t reserved for those with perfect credit scores – you can still access credit with a few negative marks on your record. Find out how to get a loan with bad credit.

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Compare 6-month short-term loans

If you’re experiencing a financial shortfall, you might be considering a six-month loan. Use our guide to compare loan rates and overall costs from a range of lenders, and to learn more about how short-term loans work.

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Sites like Cashfloat

Looking for sites offering similar loans to Cashfloat’s? Browse popular short-term lenders offering a comparable service. Compare rates, fees, eligibility and estimate the total cost of borrowing.

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Loans like Uncle Buck

It might be the most outlandishly-named short-term lender out there, but Uncle Buck isn’t the only provider of short instalment loans around. Here’s a list sites offering similar loans to Uncle Buck.

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