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Kliment Dukovski is a personal finance writer at Finder, specializing in investments and cryptocurrency. He's written more than 700 articles to help readers compare the best trading platforms, understand complex investment terms and find the best credit cards for their needs. His expert commentary has been featured in such digital publications as Fox Business, MSN Money and MediaFeed. He’s also well-versed in money transfers, home loans and more — breaking down these topics into simple concepts anyone can understand. In another life, Kliment ghostwrote guides and articles on foreign exchange, stock market trading and cryptocurrencies.


  • Investing
  • Day trading
  • Stock market technical analysis
  • Personal and business credit cards


  • Author of over 700 personal finance articles
  • Skilled at breaking down complicated investment terms and concepts into easy-to-understand guides
  • Featured on Fox Business, MSN Money and MediaFeed.org
  • Contributes to Finder’s YouTube channel by writing engaging scripts on popular share trading apps
  • Well-versed in staying on top of trends in the stock market and day-trading apps to ensure readers have the most up-to-date information to make better decisions


  • Master of Arts in cultural-historical heritage | University of Veliko Tarnovo | 2008–2009
  • Bachelor of Arts in archaeology | University of Veliko Tarnovo | 2004–2008

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We asked Kliment to flex his expertise on trading, investing and meme stocks.

What share-trading and investing apps do you use personally?

I’m an expert in technical analysis of price charts, and I need sophisticated trading platforms to make trading decisions. That’s why I chose Interactive Brokers (IBKR) and use both its desktop and mobile app daily. But even though IBKR offers decent charting features, I avoid it and use StockCharts.com instead, which is more clean, intuitive and easier to use than IBKR’s charts. What I like about IBKR, though, are the research tools. I use its fundamentals explorer for every company I intend to trade or invest in. The explorer shows information about social sentiment, financials and analyst ratings from Refinitiv (Reuters) and TipRanks. These alone cost hundreds of dollars annually to subscribe. As an IBKR customer, I get them without any additional cost.

What’s the difference between investing and speculating?

The main difference between investing and speculating is the amount of risk you take. Investing often comes with lower risk because it typically requires a more detailed due diligence of the company or instrument you’re investing in. Speculating, on the other hand, comes with a way higher risk. Some even consider it gambling. An example of speculating would be buying shares of a company that has been consistently burning money. But the company announces a new product that could finally earn a profit. The goal of speculating, in this case, would be to sell the shares as soon as the product comes out, regardless of whether it will be successful in the future.

What should investors consider before buying into meme stocks trending on Reddit’s WallStreetBets investing community?

Understand that there is a high probability you will lose your money. This is especially true if you trade on margin, which is on borrowed money from the broker. Will losing your money affect your lifestyle? If the answer is yes, it may be best to pass or wait until you have money you’d be willing to lose. But if you feel like you’re missing out, consider starting small — and avoid trading on margin. If you’re right and the stock does go to the moon, you’ll have more money to keep going. Just keep in mind — for every trader that has earned wild amounts of money, there are many more that have lost their entire life savings. One phrase that traders in the community love to repeat is, “Sir, this is a casino.” It pretty much sums it up.

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