Finder’s response to the Ukraine crisis

A note from our founders.

To the Finder community

It’s hard to put into words the despair and sheer sadness we, like millions of others, feel in regards to the horrific situation unfolding in Ukraine. It’s hard to comprehend innocent lives lost in the name of war. We stand with the entire Ukrainian community and offer our full support and solidarity in their fight for peace and freedom.

As a global business, we have a number of Finder crew members with family and friends who are impacted by this crisis. Many have shown great leadership during this time, particularly our crew in Poland where some are even opening up their homes to refugees. We are following their lead, providing financial support to charities and not-for-profits on the ground as well as matching donations.

Further to this, we have a responsibility to use our skills and platform to answer the one question on everyone’s minds: How can we help the people of Ukraine?

Finder exists to help people make better decisions. True to our purpose, we have created guides to assist you in navigating how to offer practical assistance. From a verified list of organisations for financial donations to reliable government and news accounts to follow on social media, we rounded up various ways to show your support to Ukraine: We will continue to update this information as the situation evolves.

Finally, you will notice the new logo on our site, which is a visual nod of support to the people of Ukraine. It’s a small gesture to tell our Ukrainian friends we are with them.

In this time of great uncertainty, we will continue to educate and inform. May our collective impact prevail in this unthinkable situation.

Finder logo in Ukraine flag colours

Frank, Fred and J

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