How to help the people of Ukraine today

Here's a list of registered charities accepting donations to help Ukrainians.

As the Russian military invasion of Ukraine continues, so does the need for humanitarian support for the Ukrainian people and their loved ones. There are several ways you can help. Here’s a list of organisations taking donations to support those in Ukraine; all are registered with the charity regulator for England and Wales, the Charity Commission.

Registered charities accepting donations for Ukraine

There are several charities accepting financial donations to aid Ukraine. Unfortunately, times like this also bring about scams — so it’s important to give only to registered charities. You can verify a charity is registered by checking the Charity Commission’s list.

  1. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is a group of 15 leading UK aid charities. It has a humanitarian appeal to support families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, providing food, water, shelter and healthcare. You can donate at:
  2. The British Red Cross has a Ukraine Crisis Appeal to which you can donate:
  3. Save the Children is supporting Ukraine’s children in the conflict:
  4. International Rescue Committee is providing support for families fleeing Ukraine:

How can I help if I can’t contribute financially?

If you’re unable to donate money, there are still steps you can take to help. Some local groups in the UK have been collecting items such as clothes to drive them to Poland and other bordering countries, but the DEC chief executive, Saleh Saeed, has said that aid workers on the ground say they can’t use much of what’s arriving.

  • Donate your time and help organise fundraising through local nonprofit organisations.
  • Encourage your employer to offer mental health services and other support to staff — especially those of Ukrainian descent or with loved ones in the area.
  • Don’t spread misinformation online. Verify all news sources before sharing on social media.

Remember that Russia’s military actions don’t necessarily reflect all of its people’s beliefs. Avoid using harmful rhetoric that stereotypes Russians as a group.

Stay informed with trustworthy news sources

Misinformation can be rampant in situations like this. Use only reliable news sources such as the BBC for information regarding the events in Ukraine.

Follow verified accounts on social media

If you like to access news on social media, you might want to use this list of accounts which appear to be reporting from Ukraine. Social media accounts are under attack from hackers; remain vigilant while accessing any information online.

  • Stand With Ukraine shares knowledge wrap-ups based on the ongoing situation and ways followers can support Ukrainian citizens. Instagram: @withukraine.
  • Svidomi offers updates on the ongoing conflict from the English version of a Ukrainian social media-based outlet as it shares brief but frequent posts from the front lines. Instagram: @svidomi_eng. Twitter: @Svidomi_en.
  • Ukrainians in Solidarity provides information on how followers can support Ukrainian citizens. Instagram: @ukrainiansinsolidarity.

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