Petplan pet insurance review May 2021

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Relish a plan filled with perks that can stay with your pet for life.

  • Get a quote if you want coverage for dental, holistic and behavioral treatment.
  • Pick something else if you want routine or wellness coverage.
  • Puppies and kittens as young as 6 weeks old can get coverage.

Dogs, Cats

Pets covered

From 6 weeks to 10 years


$200 - $2500


From 70% to 90%



Average monthly cost $30
In-network only No
Types of policy Accident, Illness
Chronic disesase Yes
Cancer coverage Yes
Dental coverage Emergency
Multi-pet discount 10%
Bundling discount Not offered
Paid in ful Not offered

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Expert review

With Petplan, you can enjoy peace of mind for your pet’s emergency surgery, care from a vet specialist, holistic therapies and dental diseases. Not all companies offer such wide protection and at no extra cost aside from your regular premium. Plus, while competitors insure pets at 8 weeks old and cut accident and illness coverage around 14 years old, Petplan starts at 6 weeks with a lifetime guarantee that you can renew.

What Petplan doesn’t include is a wellness care or basic policy option if you need coverage for preventive care or emergencies. And while the age flexibility stands as a huge benefit, you can expect your premium to rise significantly with your pet’s age.

Overall, this company works well for owners wanting comprehensive coverage on their pets for life. But those seeking a budget option may need to look for pet insurance elsewhere.

Petplan stands out with its wide coverage from holistic care to dental treatments rolled into its standard policy — a perk you won’t find with all pet insurers. But understand that your premium can skyrocket over time if you plan to use Petplan’s lifetime coverage benefit.

How much does insurance cost with Petplan

The standard cost for pet insurance is $40 per month for dogs and about $23 a month for cats. However, your pet’s premium may total a different cost based on how much coverage you buy. Several factors influence the cost of your premiums, including:

  • Your pet’s breed. Certain pets cost more to cover because of health problems related to their breed.
  • The limits and reimbursement you choose. The lower your coverage, the less you’ll pay for premiums. For example, a policy with an 80% reimbursement rate and $5,000 annual limit will cost you less than a higher level of coverage.
  • Where you live. You may live in an area with more expensive vet costs than other areas, such as a major city.
  • Your claims history. Your coverage will cost more if you’ve made a past claim for your pet.

      Pros and cons of Petplan


      • A variety of extras included. Petplan offers an array of coverage at no extra cost, including holistic care, dental diseases, lost pet advertising and emergency boarding. This inclusive policy provides more protection than other companies in the market.
      • 24/7 customer service. The company lets you choose how you prefer to reach them, including 24/7 access to phone or live chat customer service.
      • Relaxed age requirements. You can insure pups as young as 6 weeks old and keep that policy for life as long as you buy insurance before your pet’s cutoff age.
      • Allows curable pre-existing conditions. Your pet can get coverage again for healed pre-existing conditions without symptoms for 365 days.


      • No accident-only or wellness policies. Petplan doesn’t appear to offer these options, as of January 2020. It specifically states no coverage for wellness procedures.
      • The waiting period for accidents could be shorter. While still a standard waiting time, you’ll wait the same 15 days for accidents as for illnesses. A few other providers cut that down to three or five days.

      What coverage can I get with Petplan?

      Petplan offers a variety of coverage to suit many pets’ needs. These items are included with a standard accident and illness policy:

      • Advertising for lost pet
      • Behavioral and telehealth exam fees
      • Boarding your pet during your hospitalization
      • Cancer treatments
      • Chronic and hereditary illnesses
      • Diagnostic testing
      • Exam fees
      • Funeral or lost pet benefits — Get your adoption fee reimbursed if your pet gets stolen, strays or dies from a covered situation.
      • Holistic, alternative and physical therapy — These get covered if administered by a veterinarian.
      • Lifetime renewals — Your pet can keep coverage no matter their age, but your premium may increase.
      • Non-routine dental treatments
      • Prescription medicine
      • Specialist vet treatment
      • Surgery and recovery
      • Vacation cancellation fees when you cancel travel due to your pet’s health

      What’s excluded from Petplan pet insurance?

      Petplan spells out an exhaustive list of exclusions through an example policy. However, these exclusions are typical of most pet insurance companies. What to expect:

      • Avian flu
      • Boarding at a vet facility, unless medically necessary
      • Breeding, pregnancy, whelping or treatment of offspring
      • Conditions specifically excluded from your insurance
      • Costs above your chosen annual limit
      • Cost of renting or subscribing to a pool facility for hydrotherapy
      • Elective procedures, such as spaying or neutering
      • Experimental treatments
      • Grooming
      • House calls, unless necessary for an emergency
      • Injuries or illnesses from malicious, deliberate or grossly negligent acts
      • Liability coverage if your pet harms another pet or human
      • Obedience or training classes, even if for a behavioral disorder
      • Parasite preventives or treatments
      • Pets less than six weeks old at the time coverage starts
      • Pets used for competitive or occupational tasks
      • Pre-existing conditions, unless your pet stays cured of a condition for 365 days
      • Routine treatment or preventive care, such as a vet check-up
      • Specialized diet, even when prescribed by your vet
      • Time or expenses for traveling to the vet
      • Treatment that goes against your vet’s advice
      • Vet expenses that arise during your policy’s waiting periods

      Petplan reviews and complaints

      Customers give Petplan a top overall rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, as of October 2020. Many people praise the company for paying out expensive claims in a timely manner. However, several recent customers gave low reviews because the company charged high premiums for older pets and those with many claims.

      Under Petplan’s company name Fetch, Inc., the company holds an A+ rating with the BBB.

      Compare alternatives to Petplan

      See how Petplan’s broad coverage compares alongside other top pet insurance policies:

      Name Product Pets covered Seniors accepted Hereditary conditions Chronic illness
      Dogs, Cats
      For $19/month, access 24/7 vet support and $3,000 for one pet emergency a year.
      Dogs, Cats
      For as little as $10/month, cover unexpected vet bills, emergency exams and injuries, with optional wellness add-on.
      Dogs, Cats
      Enjoy extra benefits with coverage for exam fees, curable conditions and wellness visit reimbursement.
      Pet Assure
      Dogs, Cats, Horses, Exotic pets
      Save up to 25% on all vet bills including wellness and dental visits for as little as $10/month.
      Pets Best
      Dogs, Cats
      Get up to 90% of your vet bills reimbursed directly into your bank account. Plus, access coverage options with no annual limit.

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      What does Walmart petcare have to do with Petplan?

      Walmart recently launched a pet care service that includes a pet insurance offering that makes pet care affordable and convenient. Walmart pet insurance is offered in collaboration with Petplan, and offers customers 10% off by signing up for this policy.

      Common questions about Petplan pet insurance

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