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ADSL broadband plans

ADSL broadband delivers Internet over your old school phone line. Learn more about this technology and find out how to compare plans.

Name Product Prices from (per month) Max Download Speed (Mbps) Minimum Contract (Months) Unlimited Data Option?
NOW Unlimited
Special offer: Get 6 months half price ($42.50 per month) with no connection fee. Use your own router or buy one for $168.
Wireless Nation Fibre Broadband
No contract
Unlimited fibre plans with no connection fee on a 12-month term, plus local Kiwi support. Fibre download speeds range from 300Mbps to 900Mbps.
MyRepublic VDSL Unlimited
Free Wi-Fi Hub+ modem. Available to new businesses in selected areas only. T&Cs apply.
ADSL, VDSL, or fibre connections available. Refer a friend and receive $100 credit each.
Vodafone Unlimited Broadband
No contract
DISCOUNT OFFER: Get $10 off your plan price each month if you have a Pay Monthly mobile plan with Vodafone. BYO modem on no fixed term contracts. Unlimited data on ADSL, VDSL and fibre conections.
Slingshot Standard Unlimited
A $14.95 modem delivery charge applies for 12 to 24-month terms. 6-month terms only available for BYO modem
Slingshot Standard 150GB
A $14.95 modem delivery charge applies for 12 to 24-month terms. 6-month terms only available for BYO modem
2degrees Unlimited
No contract
Bundle discount: Get $10 off your plan price each month ($65 per month) if you're on a 2degrees pay monthly mobile plan.

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If you don’t have access to other types of broadband connections or don’t need fast Internet, there are still plenty of ADSL broadband deals on the market.

What is ADSL/ADSL2+?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an Internet service that works by sending signals through existing copper telephone lines. It uses different frequencies to the telephone and can exist alongside or independent of a phone service.

ADSL2+ uses the same basic technology as ADSL but achieves faster data speeds, maxing out at about 24 Mbps. Not all telephone lines can support ADSL2+, but these types of plans are cheaper and more common than regular, slower ADSL connections.

The signals involved in ADSL connections degrade with their distance from a signal exchange, with a functional limit of about 5km.

learn how ADSL works and how it can benefit your business today

How fast is ADSL?

An ADSL2+ connection has a maximum download speed of 24Mbps and maximum upload speed of 3Mbps. As with any Internet service, it’s important to note that this 24Mbps figure is a maximum, and the actual speeds you’ll experience will likely be slower. Speeds will be very variable and depending on where you live or what time of day you’re accessing the network, you might get something more like 8-20 Mbps.

To put this in perspective, a standard fibre broadband plan will have download speeds of around 50-100Mbps.

3 things to ask yourself when comparing ADSL plans

How much data do you need?
While it’s become normal to automatically gravitate towards an unlimited Internet plan these days, think about how much data you actually need. For people who don’t use the Internet very often, you could save with a data-capped plan, which is usually cheaper than an unlimited ADSL plan. To see an estimate of how much data you use at home, give our data usage calculator a try.

Should you lock into a contract?
Some ADSL plans will offer incentives like reduced set-up fees if you sign up to an extended contract, while others can be bought month to month and ended at any time. Be careful about signing onto a lengthy contract, as you could face a steep exit fee if you want to leave early.

Are you after any extras?
Some ADSL providers will offer you extra features for an additional monthly fee. There’s very little consistency with bundles across the market, but you’ll find providers offering anything from home phone call packs to bonus streaming services to gaming deals. Take a look to see if any incentives stick out to you with something you’d be interested in.

What other extras should I look for?

As a way of enticing you to signup, some wireless broadband providers offer a bonus or incentive. This could be something like half-price broadband for a period of time, account credit or a joining reward such as a laptop or TV. Deals like this usually run for a few months or more, so keep an eye out on what’s available. However, don’t forget that opting for a plan with these types of bonuses will lock you into a longer contract, and early exit fees will apply if you decide to cancel.

How do I find the cheapest ADSL broadband deals?

If you’re looking for cheapest ADSL broadband deals, here are some ways that you can save and find the best plan for you:

  • Check out your mobile phone provider. It may be possible to save on your broadband by signing up for the service with your current mobile phone provider. Companies like 2degrees, Orcon and Vodafone offer monthly discounts if you also have a pay monthly mobile plan.
  • Consider your energy company. Trustpower, Contact and Nova Energy all offer discounted plans to their energy customers, and Orcon will give you a 10% discount if you sign up for broadband and power.
  • Pay attention to advertising. ISPs are regularly promoting deals for new customers, so keep an eye on any promotions that you see.
  • Do your research. Finding the best ADSL broadband deals will take some research as you weigh up the different options and work out what kind of plan you will most benefit from. In the section above you’ll find links to reviews of various broadband providers, so take your time to weigh up what’s on offer.
  • Compare broadband deals with Finder. If you’re in a rush and want to know what are the cheapest options available right now, head straight to our guide on cheap broadband plans.

Frequently asked questions

What does ADSL2+ mean?

ADSL2+ is essentially the same as ADSL, and was the most common type of Internet connection found in New Zealand before the introduction of the fibre. It uses the same copper wires as your home phone line to get your house connected to the Internet. ADSL2+ is an upgraded version of the original ADSL technology, allowing for faster speeds to be achieved.

Does ADSL use a phone line?

Yes, ADSL uses an existing phone line in order to work. This may mean you need to pay line rental for ADSL, which isn’t the same as paying for a home phone service. Luckily, most providers bundle the cost of line rental into their ADSL plans now, so the cost doesn’t appear as high.

Do I need a different modem to connect to ADSL?

It’s highly likely that if you already own a modem, you won’t have to buy a new one to get your ADSL connection working. Since ADSL has been around for quite a long time, your modem should be ADSL2+ compliant unless it’s extremely old. Even then, a new ADSL2+ wireless router or modem won’t cost you too much to buy.

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