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KnownOrigin NFT marketplace review

A platform for the discovery, creation and sale of rare NFT art.

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Pros and cons of KnownOrigin

  • Highly selective. NFT art is curated for the platform, so the chances of running into spam or fraudulent accounts are slim (but never zero).
  • Royalties are high. Creators earn 12.5% on each secondary sale of their NFTs created using the platform — 2.5% higher than OpenSea.
  • Supports multiple wallets. KnownOrigin supports wallets that include the popular MetaMask and WalletConnect.
  • Clean and simple platform. It's easy to navigate, with clear listings and easy-to-read ownership history.
  • One of the oldest markets. Launched in 2018, it's among the first marketplaces in existence, only slightly younger than OpenSea.
  • Does not support fiat. Users are required to use ETH for purchases.
  • Appears closed to creators. Applications for new creators are currently closed, with no recent news stating when the window will open again.
  • No mobile app. Unlike OpenSea and Rarible, both of which offer a convenient mobile app, you must use a browser to access KnownOrigin.

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have taken off recently, the explosion of popularity resulting in the popping up of new NFT marketplaces. KnownOrigin is an artist-driven NFT marketplace that focuses on digital art — what it calls CryptoArt. It's an exclusive platform, requiring artists to submit an application before tokenizing their art to be sold on the market.

Our take on KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin is an NFT marketplace focused on the discovery and distribution of digital art. Unlike such mixed NFT marketplaces as OpenSea and Rarible which capture a broad range of NFTs, KnownOrigin is designed for digital artists.

KnownOrigin is a selective NFT marketplace that offers high royalties, though becoming a creator on the site isn't as easy as other marketplaces. Unlike many other marketplaces that require simple signup, KnownOrigin's application is a process — one that's closed to creators at the time of writing.

The platform provides a curated platform for creators to showcase their talents. Creators are empowered to share creative designs, and viewers are encouraged to purchase NFTs. All CryptoArt is authenticated and listed with detailed transactional histories.

KnownOrigin is a veteran among NFT marketplaces: The platform launched in 2018, not far behind OpenSea's launch in late 2017. For comparison, both Foundation and FTX's NFT marketplace launched in 2021.

About KnownOrigin NFT marketplace

KnownOrigin is built on Ethereum, much like other popular marketplaces that include Foundation, OpenSea and Rarible.

To purchase NFTs, you need access to a Web 3.0 digital wallet. KnownOrigin supports crypto wallets that include:

  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • Fortmatic
  • Portis
  • Coinbase Wallet

You need ether (ETH), Ethereum's native asset for all transactions on KnownOrigin.

If you're interested in becoming a creator and minting NFTs on KnownOrigin, you're out of luck at the time of writing. KnownOrigin requires an application process, but the window to apply is closed right now, with no note on when new creators can apply. And there's a backlog of applications, with a one-month wait time for artists awaiting application results.

In terms of browsing the site as a collector, it's got a clean and clear design that's simple to navigate.

KnowImage source: KnownOrigin, Marketplace

Explore the site through its open Marketplace, where you can check out upcoming drops and search individual users, collection and trending NFTs — and even view a hall of fame of top sales and values.

Town Star Game 2Image source: KnownOrigin, Hall of Fame

KnownOrigin blockchain and currency

To purchase NFT art on KnownOrigin, you need ETH and a crypto wallet. Make sure to budget in gas fees for buying, selling or minting NFTs.

Compatible exchange: Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

Minimum Deposit
Fiat Currencies
  • Wide range of exchangeable currencies
  • User friendly
  • Newcomer incentives
  • Insurance on currency balances up to $250k
  • Balances can earn interest
  • High fees on mobile app
  • Missing some notable top 20 currencies
  • No linked debit cards available
Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange with a simple UI that's user-friendly and accommodating to newcomers and experienced traders.

Gemini's strongest point is its Gemini Earn program, which allows users to earn up to 7.4% interest on specified cryptocurrency balances.

Gemini has a wide selection of cryptos available for exchange on the platform. However, some notable entries from the top 20 by market cap are missing, such as Cardano and Solana.

Deposit Methods Bank transfer (ACH)
Debit card
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Deposit Fees Cryptocurrency: None
Bank transfer (ACH): None, bank fees may apply
Wire Transfer: Determined by your bank
Debit Card: 3.49% + Trading Fees
Paypal: 2.50% of total deposit amount + Trading Fees
Withdrawal Fees Cryptocurrency: None (for 10 withdrawals and below per month)
Others: None (for 10 withdrawals and below per month)
Trading Fees Taker fee - 0.03-0.4%
Maker fee - 0-0.2%

What types of NFTs are available on KnownOrigin?

KnownOrigin is selective about the NFT art listed on the platform. Creators must complete an application, and digital art is preferred to adhere to the overall theme of the platform.

KnownOrigin also features Embedded NFTs, which are NFTs with "layers of value" — which the platform describes as allowing "different narratives in and around the main artwork." In short, you can embed another NFT onto the parent NFT or add other types of tokens through the creator portal in a few clicks.

How to buy NFTs on KnownOrigin

You can browse the marketplace without a connected wallet, but you'll need one to make a purchase

  1. Connect a wallet. Select Connect wallet, and then choose the wallet you need. You'll see a link to your profile once it's connected.
  2. Browse listings. Select the NFT you want to buy and approve the transaction. Browse either first sale items through the primary marketplace or resold artwork on the secondary marketplace. There is also a search bar to directly search for creations.
  3. Complete your purchase. If the artwork is sold within an auction, make a bid and wait for the end of the auction period. If you are the top bidder at the end of the auction, you're notified to confirm the ETH transaction in your Web 3.0 wallet. If the artwork is sold as "buy now," select Buy and confirm the ETH transaction details within your connected wallet.

After the transaction is processed on the Ethereum blockchain, you receive your NFT token within your Web 3.0 wallet. Thanks to the existing connection between your Web 3.0 wallet and the KnownOrigin, your new KnownOrigin NFT collection can be viewed on your Profile page, accessed at the top right of the screen.

Popular creators on KnownOrigin

Notable and verified creators featured on KnownOrigin include:

  • Cypherpunk Now
  • Genuine Human Art
  • Giant Swan
  • Griff
  • Sabet

How to sell NFTs on KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin is selective as to who can mint NFTs on its site. Applications are closed at the time of writing, though minting NFTs requires a digital image that meets KnownOrigin's specifications and paying a gas fee.

However, artwork originally purchased through the platform can be resold on the secondary market with KnownOrigin.

Here are the three steps to selling an NFT:

  1. Connect a wallet. Go to the site and select Connect wallet on the top right of the site. Choose your Web 3.0 wallet and confirm the connection. NFTs sold or created by KnownOrigin should now appear on your Profile page.
  2. Select an NFT to sell. From your Profile page, select the NFT that you want to be listed on the KnownOrigin marketplace.
  3. Choose a sale method. Choose from an auction-style sale or set a buy now price.

KnownOrigin fees

Fees associated with KnownOrigin are defined by the type of sale taking place — either primary or secondary. All fees and transactions are completed using ETH.

For all primary sales — or the first sale on KnownOrigin — the artist listing the digital artwork receives 85% of the sale, with the remaining 15% paid to KnownOrigin as a commission fee.

For all secondary sales — or resales — the seller receives 85% of the sale price. The remaining 15% is divided between the original artist and KnownOrigin: 12.5% to the original artist and 2.5% to KnownOrigin.

KnownOrigin NFT drops

If you go to, you can see the latest upcoming NFT drops hosted by KnownOrigin.

A few upcoming drops at the time of writing include art by creators claudia, strayltd, Mellow Noiiz and ojovivo.

To stay up to date on KnownOrigin exclusive NFT drops, you can subscribe to its newsletter via email on the drop landing page.

Is KnownOrigin legit?

KnownOrigin is a legitimate marketplace — in fact, it's one of the oldest.

KnownOrigin was founded in 2018. The platform has hosted more than 4,000 artists worldwide, entrusted to complete over $14 million worth of transactions to date. To our knowledge, KnownOrigin has not been hacked.

KnownOrigin doesn't publish a comprehensive page on security, though its privacy page includes the prerequisite statement on security being important.

A separate page in its user docs outlines a series of steps for those who believe their KnownOrigin profile has been hacked, which involves contacting the platform, confirming your identity, creating a new profile and eventually deleting the hacked account.

Like other NFT marketplaces, KnownOrigin can't help If your crypto wallet is hacked, because crypto applications are considered third parties. While KnownOrigin is a legit NFT marketplace, learn about common NFT scams so you can protect your digital assets.

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Bottom line

KnownOrigin is one of the oldest NFT marketplaces in existence, and it's one of the most exclusive ones too.

However, it's a little outdated comparably. There's no mobile app, no fiat payments supported and only accepts one cryptocurrency. Many other NFT marketplaces such as Coinbase NFT, OpenSea, FTX, and, either have credit and debit card-supported payments or are working on adding these payment methods.

Exclusivity can be a good thing — especially in the wild west of NFTs — but for new NFT newbies looking for a way to ease themselves into the space, KnownOrigin might not be the best choice. For other veteran collectors who are comfortable with crypto-only payments on the Ethereum blockchain and want access to exclusive art, KnownOrigin might be worth checking out.

Whether products shown are available to you is subject to individual provider sole approval and discretion in accordance with the eligibility criteria and T&Cs on the provider website.

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eToro Cryptocurrency Trading
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