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Trade NFTs on four blockchains with multiple payment options.

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Disclaimer: This page is not financial advice or an endorsement of digital assets, providers or services. Digital assets are volatile and risky, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Potential regulations or policies can affect their availability and services provided. Talk with a financial professional before making a decision. Finder or the author may own cryptocurrency discussed on this page. NFT marketplace Pros and cons

  • Supports NFTs from four blockchains
  • Multiple payment methods supported
  • No gas fees with app
  • Debit and credit payment supported
  • Must apply to be a creator
  • 72-hour review period for minting
  • Only five file formats supported
  • Exchange had a $30 million hack in 2022 is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. In 2021, it launched an off-chain NFT marketplace, called NFT. It's a mixed marketplace, meaning it features multiple types of NFTs.

For collectors, the market offers exclusive drops from featured creators, NFTs from four blockchains and allows multiple payment options. Transactions on the NFT marketplace are recorded on the Chain, and there are no gas fees for trading NFTs if you're paying with the App. You also have the option of minting new NFTs on the Chain.

The marketplace has its fair share of positives, but if you're a creator, this may not be the platform for you.

Our take on NFT has over 10 million users across its ecosystem, and a new NFT marketplace that launched in 2021. It's a solid marketplace, especially for being so new. The crypto and NFT space struggles with scams and fraudulent digital assets, but since only accepts safelisted collections, there's less risk for buyers when browsing collections — to be clear: less risk, but never zero.

Our biggest grief with is the creator application and minting process. If you apply to become a creator and you're rejected, there's currently no way to resubmit your application. And minting a new NFT takes a minimum of 72-hours.

However, there's no fee for minting. And except a $3 submission fee, there are no marketplace fees or gas fees to worry about. So if you're ok with waiting three days, that could be a good trade-off.

Apart from the potential frustrations creators may run into with this platform, buyers can use multiple payment methods and a variety of wallets. Plus, you can connect a debit or credit card for NFT purchases. It's very convenient and something that other major NFT marketplaces lack — OpenSea only accepts crypto payments.

Overall, NFT is a good starting point for newbies looking to break into collecting NFTs, but for seasoned creators that prefer minting on more mainstream blockchains like Solana or Ethereum, you may want to look elsewhere.

crypto1Image source: NFT

How NFT works

Buy NFTs minted on Chain, and safelisted NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon and Cronos collections. At the time of writing, there are 28 safelisted Cronos collections, 22 safelisted Polygon NFT collections and 57 safelisted ETH collections.

CRO is's native token, and can be used to buy NFTs, but there are multiple payment methods available including credit and debit cards, as well as over 20 cryptocurrencies and many supported wallets.

You're required to have a account to purchase and sell NFTs, and if you pay for ETH NFTs using the Wallet, you don't have to pay gas fees.

To mint, you must apply to become a creator. With each NFT submission, there's a $3 submission fee and a 72-hour review period for the platform to confirm the NFT meets community standards: no vulgarity, nudity, etc. NFTs minted on the platform are Chain NFTs. NFT blockchain and currency

All transactions relating to sales items on NFT marketplace are recorded on the Chain. The site states it's looking into compatibility with other blockchains, but for now, transactions are recorded on Chain only.

Use the App, Etheruem wallets, Cronos wallets, Bitcoin wallets or Chain Wallets. The cryptocurrency you can make purchases with depends on the wallet you're using.

Payment method Cryptocurrencies supported
Bitcoin wallet BTC App BTC, CRO, ETH, USDC, TUSD, USDT, DOGE, SHIB and many more.
Etheruem wallet CRO, ETH, WETH, AAVE, COMP, ENJ, USDC and many more.
Cronos wallet CRO, ETH, USDC and USDT. Chain Wallets CRO

There are no gas fees if you're buying an NFT with the Wallet, but gas fees apply to all other payment methods.

How to buy NFT's on NFT

To buy an NFT, sign in to If you need to create an account, it's a familiar process: full name, email, password and username. From there, you need to verify your account to buy, sell and create NFTs.

There are two ways to verify your account:

  1. Connect your App to your account.
  2. Phone number verification. recommends connecting your account to the app. Both involve inputting a verification code. If you don't have the App, you don't need it to verify your account — you can easily verify with your phone number.

signupImage source: NFT's marketplace has multiple payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Account balance
  • Pay via App
  • Digital wallet payments with cryptocurrency doesn't require you to use a specific digital wallet. Choose between 22 different cryptocurrencies including CRO, USDC, TUSD, USDT, BTC and ETH, depending on your connected wallet.

You can also use a debit or credit card to make a purchase. However, there are limits on how much you can spend depending on what you buy.

For example, there's a $10,000 weekly limit on debit and credit card purchases if you buy a drop item. If you plan on being a big spender — more than $500 a week using a debit and credit card — then read up on's policies regarding credit and debit card limits.

Once you've created an account and connected your preferred wallet or payment method, you can browse through the collections. Sort by blockchain, drops, listing type, price, NFT category and more.

marketplacesImage source: NFT

There are two sale methods on NFT: Fixed price and auction model.

Once you find a suitable NFT to buy, select it and move forward with the purchase by selecting Buy for $[X], or Make an Offer. You're also able to see the royalty percentage that goes to the original creator.

Word WizardImage source: NFT

Compatible exchange: App

Minimum Deposit
Fiat Currencies
  • Priorities security with a $750 million insurance fund
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Long list of features such as lending, borrowing, staking and crypto debit cards
  • Poorly rated customer service
  • Certain cryptocurrency support is geographically restricted
  • High withdrawal fees supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and features. Its user-friendly interface makes it a good choice for both inexperienced and experienced users.

Fees for trading are competitive, though can be high when withdrawing to an external wallet from the exchange.

There is a detailed knowledge base available on how features work, as well as university that teaches about various assets.

The company prioritizes security, marketing and design, but reviews suggest that customer service is lacking.

Deposit Methods Bank transfer
Credit card
Debit card
Wire transfer
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Deposit Fees None
Withdrawal Fees Cryptocurrency: Fees vary
Trading Fees Maker - 0-0.075%
Taker - 0.05-0.075%

Types of NFTs on NFT's marketplace is mixed, so creators aren't limited to minting or selling one specific genre of NFTs on the platform. And as we've mentioned, there are, Polygon, Ethereum and Cronos NFT collections.

The six different categories on the marketplace are:

  1. Art
  2. Celebrities
  3. Crypto
  4. Gaming
  5. Music
  6. Sports

Easily toggle between categories while exploring the marketplace. A few popular collectors and creators on the platform include:

  • Ari Hersch
  • Boss Logic
  • Heavy Metal
  • Snoop Dog
  • Ugonzo Art

How to sell NFT's on NFT

Select NFTs from safelisted collections or mint your own NFT. To see if a collection is safelisted, visit the help center on NFT to see a list of safelisted NFT collections for each blockchain and its contract address.

With the safelisted NFT in your wallet, you list your NFT for sale either with a fixed price or at auction.

  • Fixed price. Seller sets a fixed price for the item.
  • Auction model. Seller puts item up for sale with an end date and minimum bid amount. Buyers place the bids, and the next bidder must beat the previous bid by 5% or $10, whichever is higher. Sellers can cancel the bid, and if canceled, the highest bidder is refunded their bid. Top bidder wins. If there are no bids by the end time of the auction, the item is delisted. Items can't be canceled within 24 hours of being listed.

Minting your own NFT to sell requires a verified account and creator application. To start the process, select Create on the main navigation bar, where you can go to the application page. Complete the application, and you can start minting NFTs once you're approved.

Only five file formats are accepted: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF and WEBP. After you've submitted your file, there's a 72-hour approval process, and you can list the NFT for sale once it's accepted.

There's no gas fee for minting, but there is a 15% primary listing fee when your self-minted NFT is sold for the first time. Royalties for secondary sales are fixed at 10%.

New creators also have to go through a 30-day freeze period. Your NFT account balance payout is frozen for 30 days and self-minted NFTs can't be withdrawn for 30 days. NFT fees

Minting $3 submission fee and 15% primary listing fee
Trading NFTs No gas fees if paying with App wallet, gas fees applied when paying with any other wallet.
Marketplace fee $0
Royalty percentage Fixed at 10% NFT drops

Drops are limited events where buyers can purchase new NFTs directly from creators. publishes their drop schedule and releases drop news on their social media accounts.

To access the NFT drops and see the schedule of upcoming drops, select Drops on the main navigation bar. You're able to see drops happening live and view the new collection.

If you want to stay in the know, subscribe to the drop newsletter with your email and signup located at the bottom of the page. mysteryImage source: NFT

How the NFT app works

The Wallet App is a key part of its ecosystem. Users that use the app to pay for NFTs can enjoy not having to pay gas fees — a major plus. Users can manage their NFT collectibles as well. The app is available on Android and Apple devices.

The app is available in all states except New York.

Is NFT legit? NFT is a legitimate marketplace. However, the exchange's security came into question in January 2022 after a $30 million hack. ETH, BTC and other cryptocurrencies were stolen from 483 users' wallets. However, reimbursed the affected users.

Since the incident, has implemented "additional security protections and has called in third-party auditors to further assess its security," as reported by Wired.

The exchange announced a program called "Worldwide Account Protection Program (WAPP)" which is supposed to protect users in the event of a hack. Qualified users are able to get back up to $250,000 if a hacker gets access to their accounts, reported by Vice.

We're unsure what a "qualified" user is, but if we had to guess, it's likely a user with a verified account and history with the exchange.

At the time of writing, this is the only major, sitewide hack reported.

Other marketplaces to buy NFTs

1 - 4 of 4
Name Product Categories Services Blockchains Payment methods
Gala Entertainment
Gala Entertainment
Buy, Sell
Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, GALA
Blockchain gaming platforms where you can earn Gala and NFTs through playing.
Sports, Gaming, Music, Metaverse
Buy, Sell, Mint
Credit card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal
Upland is a blockchain-based game where you can buy, sell and mint NFT properties mapped to the real world. Receive a 4500 UPX bonus for signing up
Collectibles, Gaming, Trading cards
Buy, Sell, Stake
Cryptocurrency, PayPal
Splinterlands is a digital, play-to-earn, collectible card game built on hive blockchain technology.
Binance NFT Marketplace
Sports, Collectibles, Art, Gaming, Music, Trading cards, Domain names, Metaverse (Virtual Worlds), Memes, DeFi, Mixed
Buy, Sell, Mint
Credit card, Debit card, Cryptocurrency, Bank transfer
A peer-to-peer marketplace supported by one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Not currently available to U.S. residents.

Bottom line's NFT marketplace is a little late to the game. Other marketplaces like Nifty Gateway, OpenSea and Rarible have a few years on's market. However, given the various payment methods, it may have an edge over these veterans.

There's not many fees to worry about when trading NFTs, you'll have multiple payment methods to choose from and many supported wallets. However, we don't feel this platform is well-suited for NFT artists or creators, and some collectors may feel that shopping only within safelisted collections may be too limiting.

For newer collectors wanting to avoid NFT scams or rugpulls,'s safelisted collections could be a good introduction — again, less risk. The world of NFTs is fraught with fake listings; OpenSea admitted that around 80% of all their listings are fraudulent.

If you're a creator, OpenSea or Rarible may be a better match. But for collectors wanting to shop for legitimate NFTs in verified collections and the ability to buy assets with fiat, is a solid choice.

Whether products shown are available to you is subject to individual provider sole approval and discretion in accordance with the eligibility criteria and T&Cs on the provider website.

Name Product Deposit methods Fiat currencies Cryptocurrencies Offer Disclaimer Link
eToro Cryptocurrency Trading
eToro Cryptocurrency Trading
Bank transfer, Credit card, Debit card, Neteller, Skrill



Disclaimer: Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in the UK and some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.
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Bybit Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Paybis Cryptocurrency Exchange
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