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My DeFi Pet game guide

Polychain Islands is a metaverse game where you can collect and trade NFT lands and monsters.

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My DeFi Pet is a blockchain-based pet game with breeding, trading, social features, daily challenges and much more. It’s relatively low-cost to get started, but still requires an investment. There are many features to cover, so let’s get into the basics.


  • Many ways to play
  • Simple to start
  • Requires investment
  • Playable on PC
  • Mobile apps coming soon
  • In-game marketplace
  • Looks like an N64 game
  • Pet designs are clunky

What is My DeFi Pet?

My DeFi Pet is a cryptocurrency pet game based on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. The game combines the concept of DeFi (decentralized finance) and pet NFT collectibles to create a cozy, lifestyle game.

The main features of My DeFi Pet are collecting, breeding, evolving, battling, trading and socializing. There’s a lot you can do in the My DeFi Pet metaverse, but the main functions are breeding and trading pets.

Hash Rush fig 1
Image source: My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet launched in May 2021 and it’s quite popular, having won the Super Hackathon award. At the time of writing, there are over 1 million registered users, 180,000+ token holders and over 3 million minted NFTs in total, according to My DeFi Pet.

By participating in game challenges and events, you can earn My DeFi Pet tokens (DPET) to exchange. You can also sell the in-game NFTs on secondary marketplaces, or set up your pets for other players to breed. Earn seasonal awards, fight bosses, explore the Kardia Chain or BSC marketplace, or connect with other players through the Library.

Playing My DeFi Pet

Play My DeFi Pet on PC right in your browser. Android and Apple apps are coming soon.

You’ll need a crypto wallet that can connect to the Binance Smart Chain and some BNB, the blockchain’s native currency. BNB can be bought on multiple exchanges, such as Binance or Kraken. Or you can swap ETH or another currency for BNB, whichever is easiest.

Knowing that, here’s how to get started with My DeFi Pet on BSC:

  1. Network. Add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask wallet. For help using the wallet, read our MetaMask guide.
  2. Get BNB. Buy or swap some BNB to transfer to your wallet.
  3. Play. Go to and select Play Now.
  4. Connect wallet. Proceed to the My DeFi Pet site and tap Connect under Binance Smart Chain. Connect MetaMask then refresh.
  5. Swap BNB for DPET. Head to PancakeSwap to swap your BNB tokens for DPET by selecting Buy Now on My DeFi Pet’s homepage. DPET is the native currency of the game.
  6. Buy a pet. You need at least one pet to start playing. You can either buy an egg for three DPET tokens from the in-game shop, or go to the peer-to-peer marketplace by selecting Marketplace from the site’s navigation menu.

An egg costs three DPET tokens, which is around 0.001449 BNB, at the time of writing. In US dollars, that’s around $0.40 — pretty good so far. However, crypto fluctuates like mad, so that’s subject to change.

Once you have an NFT pet, what you do next is up to you. And there are also social features — you can showcase your pet army and socialize with other players in private or on a global channel.

Here are the game’s core features:

Breeding at Happy ForestBreed new pets if you have at least two pets. Combining the pets will automatically produce a new one that inherits its parents’ genes. Breeding happens in the Happy Forest for 5 DPET.
EvolvePets can feature particular evolutionary levels and capabilities. Evolve your pet by feeding them DPET tokens. Evolution leads to a new appearance and better stats for battle.
ExpeditionSend your pets out into the world, and they’ll return with materials and rewards.
Seasons and eventsParticipating in seasons and events could earn you prizes. Claim by discovering the pets with the exact features in the smart contract and sending them to the My DeFi Pet team to claim a reward. To win a prize, you need at least 10 Legendary pets with maxed-out levels.
ArenaPvP feature. Battling can complete seasonal awards too.
BossesFight the World Bosses for rewards in global events. Each day, 3 bosses will appear. If you fight the boss, keep in mind that your pets will be wounded and need to heal for over a week.

What is My DeFi Pet token?

My DeFi Pet tokens, or DPET, is the game’s in-game currency. It has several uses, such as:

  • Allows participants to take part in governance.
  • Can be used to purchase items.
  • Can be staked to earn more DPET.

DPET is the core token of My DeFi Pet universe. The idea of the token is to provide a secure mode of settlement among people that interact with the My DeFi Pet ecosystem. DPET tokens are available and tradable on both Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

There’s another currency, called Silver, which functions as an in-game currency but it’s not a cryptocurrency. It’s used to buy lands, eggs, cages and pets. Each boost the production of resources, such as food boxes to feed your pets.

How to get My DeFi Pet token

You get DPET tokens from exchanges like, PancakeSwap and Kucoin by swapping with another currency. We’ve highlighted a popular exchange.

Compatible exchange: Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

Minimum Deposit
Fiat Currencies
  • Wide range of exchangeable currencies
  • User friendly
  • Newcomer incentives
  • Insurance on currency balances up to $250k
  • Balances can earn interest
  • High fees on mobile app
  • Missing some notable top 20 currencies
  • No linked debit cards available
Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange with a simple UI that's user-friendly and accommodating to newcomers and experienced traders.

Gemini's strongest point is its Gemini Earn program, which allows users to earn up to 7.4% interest on specified cryptocurrency balances.

Gemini has a wide selection of cryptos available for exchange on the platform. However, some notable entries from the top 20 by market cap are missing, such as Cardano and Solana.

Deposit Methods Bank transfer (ACH)
Debit card
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Deposit Fees Cryptocurrency: None
Bank transfer (ACH): None, bank fees may apply
Wire Transfer: Determined by your bank
Debit Card: 3.49% + Trading Fees
Paypal: 2.50% of total deposit amount + Trading Fees
Withdrawal Fees Cryptocurrency: None (for 10 withdrawals and below per month)
Others: None (for 10 withdrawals and below per month)
Trading Fees ≤ $10.00: $0.99
> $10.00 but ≤ $25.00: $1.49
> $25.00 but ≤ $50.00: $1.99
> $50.00 but ≤ $200.00: $2.99
> $200.00: 1.49% of your Web Order value

How does play-to-earn work with My DeFi Pet?

There are three main ways to play and earn with My DeFi Pet:

  1. Playing the game — Play the game by completing in-game missions and participating in events. You can earn DPET tokens rewards, or NFTs. DPET tokens can be traded on exchanges, and the NFTs can be sold on secondary NFT marketplaces.
  2. Auctioning monsters — Breed new pets and auction them to other players. Pets can be bred by combining two other pets, resulting in an entirely new one with some similarities to the parents. A new pet will be created with its own set of statistics. Pets with higher stats or rarity typically sell for more.
  3. Season rewards — Earn by participating in the game season rewards. Season rewards involve completing a list of tasks and meeting specific requirements. Once they’re done, you’re rewarded from a pool of prizes.

One of the easiest ways to earn DPET tokens is by playing My DeFi Pet and completing tasks. Use your earned DPET to breed pets, summon eggs and gain access to special events.

Participating in governance, which involves voting for new game features, also earns you special awards. You gain voting power by staking in DPET tokens. The more tokens you lock, the more voting power you’ll have to increase your chances at winning special rewards.

What are My DeFi Pet NFTs?

NFTs are the pets and items. The pets can be bred in order to make new unique pets, and the items can be given to the pets to make them stronger in battle. The pets aren’t interchangeable with one another, as all of the NFT pets are unique.

Hash Rush fig 1
Image source: My DeFi Pet

However, it’s worth noting that the pets don’t look anything like the above picture. Below is what the pets actually look like in the game — and to be frank, they’re ugly.

Hash Rush fig 1
Image source: YouTube, Youngmind, “My DeFi Pet beginner guide”

How to get NFTs on My DeFi Pet

There are two main ways to get the pet NFTs on My DeFi Pet: Buying eggs, or the peer-to-peer marketplace.

And once you have two pets, you can breed them at the Happy Forest for five DPET.

Buying eggs

With the game open, you can select Shop to purchase an egg for three DPET. The egg is sent to your incubator, then you tap it to hatch it and reveal your new pet.

Pets egg
Image source: YouTube, Youngmind, “My DeFi Pet beginner guide”


Head to the marketplace from the homepage by hitting Marketplace on the main navigation bar.

Sort pets by class, rarity, stage and element. Prices for pets vary, but the cheapest NFT pet we saw on the marketplace at a fixed price was listed for 0.005 BNB — around $1.30 — as of July 2022.

Image source: Agoron

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How to sell NFTs from My DeFi Pet

With the marketplace open, simply select the blue button on the top-right labeled Sell My NFT. You’ll have to connect your wallet — select Connect Wallet — and you’ll see a tab labeled My NFTs.

Select the one you want to sell and proceed with your listing. You can list your NFTs for USDC or BNB.

About the My DeFi Pet developers

On the homepage of My DeFi Pet, selecting About can lead you to the team’s page and whitepaper. You can see the development team, advisors, marketers and more — a total of eight team members. The game was also developed in collaboration with Topebox.

The game’s CEO is Tri Pham, and John Huy Nguyen is the chief business officer. Pham is also the CEO and cofounder of KardiaChain, based out of London.

My DeFi Pet also lists their investors and partners, which include Animoca Brands, Spark Digital Capital and Kardia Ventures.

Defi Pets
Image source: My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet roadmap

June 2022, My DeFi Pet posted “The Next Chapter of My DeFi Pet” on its Medium blog outlining some approaching updates. A few standouts include:

  • Version 2 (V2) rolling out.
  • Pet size ratio between infant and adult more balanced.
  • Pet colors will be manually adjusted.
  • New pet animations specific to its species.
  • V1 pet breeding and purchasing disabled (June 2022).
  • Mobile apps incoming.
  • Limiting eggs to avoid oversupply.

Overall, My DeFi Pet appears to be working hard to adjust the game to avoid oversupply of pets, changing colors and sizes of pets (thank goodness), and a mobile app is coming up for both Android and Apple devices.

Bottom line

When you first visit the My DeFi Pet site, the designs of the pet-monster NFTs look cute and inviting. But once you open the game, the pets look like they belong in Diddy Kong Racing with that old-school, clunky design and their horrifying 90s color palette.

Unpleasant and outdated design aside, when compared to other crypto pet games, My DeFi Pet does have a lot going for it. There are many ways to play, comes stocked with social features and starting out is pretty affordable, at the time of writing.

If you can get past the atrocious pet designs, My DeFi Pet does have a vast variety of features for many different gamers and NFT enthusiasts.

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