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MoneyGram review


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Fast money transfers to 200+ countries and territories worldwide, but keep an eye on the offered exchange rate.

TrustPilot Reviews: 4 / 5.0 (3881 reviews)’s rating: 3.0 / 5.0


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Fees & rates: 2.0 / 5.0
Speed: 5.0 / 5.0
Services: 3.0 / 5.0
User experience: 2.0 / 5.0

MoneyGram has flexible payment options and more than 350,000 agent locations around the world, but that convenience comes at a cost — unfavorable exchange rates and transfer fees.


Min. Transfer Amount


Max. Transfer Amount

Within an hour

Transfer Speed


Product NameMoneyGram International Money Transfers
Min. Transfer Amount$1
Max. Transfer Amount$10,000
Transfer MethodsOnline, Agent, Bank Account to Bank Account, Cash Transfer, International Money Order
Transfer Speed
Minimum transfer time
Within an hour
Customer ServicePhone, Email

Expert review

Zak Killermann

Review by

Zak Killermann is a writer at Finder. He’s ghostwritten hundreds of articles on fintech, finding his love for publication at St. Cloud State University. Traveling internationally for nearly half his life — and getting burned once by an OTC money exchange — Zak's vowed not to settle for anything short of the mid-market rate again.

Expert review

You’ll find MoneyGram locations at grocery stores, small corner shops and probably in many other places around your city. But the cost of convenience comes with a high price — more fees and weaker exchange rates than some smaller competitors. Often you may find that MoneyGram is one of your few choices, especially when sending to more remote locations worldwide.

A few places where I think MoneyGram excels are: being able to send straight to a Visa debit card in the US, the exceptionally quick speeds that some cash transfers can be received and the sheer convenience of having more than 350,000 agent locations worldwide. I’d recommend always comparing your MoneyGram transfer costs to that of other companies, though, as you may be surprised at how much money you may save by taking your business elsewhere.

Must read: MoneyGram’s coronavirus response

MoneyGram is encouraging customers to take business online when possible. According to the MoneyGram website, customers should:

  • “Take advantage of our online and in-app services to limit unnecessary travel
  • Check with local agents for store hours, restrictions, and closures if you need to send money using cash”

Visit our step-by-step section of this guide to learn what information you need to send money online through MoneyGram.

Why should I consider MoneyGram?

  • Wide reach. MoneyGram has approximately 350,000 agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories — with more than 30,000 of those locations in the US.
  • Diverse transfer options. Customers can send money both online and in-person. You can pay using credit and debit cards, bank wires and cash. Be sure to select the payment option that best balances your desired transfer speed with the associated fees.
  • Speed. With same-day delivery available at many locations (subject to the holiday hours and compliance with regulatory requirements), your recipient could have their money in as little as 10 minutes during normal business hours when picking up cash. When speed is important, cash pickup is typically your fastest option with MoneyGram.
  • Delivery options. You can send money for pick up in different ways, including cash pickup, to a mobile wallet, directly to a Visa debit card in the US, to a bank account and even to inmates or to pay your bills.
  • Rewards. You can sign up to MoneyGram Plus Rewards, which gives you discounts on fees every few transfers you send.

What to be aware of with MoneyGram

  • Low maximum limits. When sending online with MoneyGram, your transfer is limited to $10,000 per transaction. There is also a $10,000 per month limit. When you need to send more you can do so in-person from a MoneyGram agent location.
  • High fees. As with most money transfer services, MoneyGram’s international and domestic transfers incur a fee. Fees are often higher when paying with a credit or debit card and lower when sending from bank account to bank account.
  • No hedging options. MoneyGram doesn’t offer recurring transfers, scheduled transfers or any other hedging tools to help you save money. Hedging tools can help you save money when used appropriately to lock in an exchange rate for future transfers.
  • Inconsistent exchange rates. MoneyGram’s exchange rates vary depending on how you are paying for your transaction and how it will be received. Pay close attention to the exchange rate to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

MoneyGram fees and exchange rates explained

MoneyGram’s fees and exchange rates may vary between online and agent locations, but for online transfers we can offer some insights. To save money, test a few different payment methods and amounts for your transfer, as sending two smaller transfers may be cheaper than one large transfer.

MoneyGram fees

MoneyGram bases fees on the amount you are sending. Fees typically increase around $500 and $1,000, sometimes doubling when you bump up to the next fee tier.

  • Cheap – Paying by bank and having the money delivered to a bank account is often the cheapest way to send money through MoneyGram.
  • Expensive – Paying by credit card and having the money available for cash pickup is often the most expensive way to transfer through MoneyGram.

MoneyGram exchange rate

MoneyGram makes money by adding a margin to the exchange rate in addition to any fees charged. These exchange rates may change depending on how you are paying and how the money is being received, so pay attention to the total amount expected to be transferred when deciding on how to send your money through MoneyGram. Finding the balance between low fees and strong exchange rates is key to saving the most money on your transfer.

Calculate how much your transfer with MoneyGram could cost

Choose your currency and desired transfer amount (maximum $10,000). Exchange rates change frequently, so visit MoneyGram’s site to get a final quote.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
$1 Within an hour USD 8.00 0.824 EUR 4,114 Easily transfer cash to more than 350,000 locations around the world. Show details

Compare up to 4 providers

Disclaimer: Exchange rates change often. Confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.

How long does a MoneyGram money transfer take?

Transfer speed will depend on the amount of fees you are comfortable paying and how quickly you need it to arrive.

  • Fastest option — as little as 10 minutes

    Pay for your transfer with a credit or debit card. When using a card, you’ll pay a higher fee but your money will arrive in as little as 10 minutes. However, your credit card may charge a cash advance fee, further increasing the total cost of your transfer.

  • Cheapest option — up to 5 business days

    Using a bank account to pay for your transfer is typically the cheapest way to send money, but is also almost always the slowest. For your first transfer through MoneyGram, you may have to verify your account, which can take four or more business days. After verification, your actual transfer may take an additional five business days.

MoneyGram reviews

Overall, MoneyGram reviews are positive, with more recent reviews tending to be more positive than older reviews. On Trustpilot, MoneyGram US’s ratings were 67% Excellent and Great, with 27% of reviews being Poor and Bad. MoneyGram has responded to 46% of the negative reviews on Trustpilot, and responses typically happen within a month. Many customers complained about customer service, while many other customers were happy when completing transactions entirely online.

Reviews accurate as of October 13, 2020.

CompareRemit2.7 out of 5, based on 76 customer reviews
BBB ratingA
Monito5.4 out of 10, staff reviewed
Finder3 out of 5, staff reviewed

MoneyGram U.S. | Money Transfer user reviews

4 / 5.0 (3881 reviews)
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  • Grateful site,, I’m especially fond of Mrs Hetty ability to deliver in time. I have...
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  • Everything went wrong! Terrible service and company overall. Should have read all the reviews first...
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  • No customer Service direct line in Ireland, except the only available phone number is not...
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Is MoneyGram safe to use?

After multiple legal cases, one in 2012 and another in 2016, MoneyGram has increased its fraud prevention protocols to keep customers safer. It does this by monitoring transactions, educating customers on the dangers of money transfer fraud and providing numerous resources to customers to report potential fraud.

Common consumer scams, according to MoneyGram, include:

  • IRS Extortion Scam. A person claiming to be from a government agency asks for money to cover back debts owed to the IRS. To do so, the person claims you must wire money or send a prepaid card to a “government account.”
  • Refund scams. A person claims to be working for the FTC and promises to help you get a refund from the agency, sent directly to your bank account.
  • Disaster relief. After a major disaster, scammers set up fake charities and ask for donations through wire transfers.
  • Foreign lottery. A person contacts you claiming you won a foreign lottery or sweepstakes, but due to international tax laws requires you to pay a fee upfront to claim your price.
  • Buying a vehicle. An online or newspaper ad for a vehicle seems too good to be true, and to secure the vehicle you must send a down payment before meeting with the person. Typically they ask you to wire money, which after being sent cannot be retrieved.

Fraud can be reported through MoneyGram’s website or by telephone at 800-926-9400. Additionally, fraud can be reported to the FTC as well as your state’s Attorney General.
More on money transfer scams and how to avoid them

What are all the ways I can send money with MoneyGram?

MoneyGram offers one of the widest ranges of ways to send money and ways for your receiver to get it. We’ll go through each of them and what the steps look like.

Options for setting up a transfer

Online via MoneyGram’s website

MoneyGram allows you to send money online to destinations around the world. To do so, you’ll need to:

  1. Register for an account, or login if you already have one
  2. Select a receiving bank or MoneyGram agent location
  3. Choose how you want to pay

You can also set up the money transfer online, but pay with cash in-store. Make sure to bring valid ID and enough money to cover the transfer if you choose this option.

Another online option is using Facebook. Find the MoneyGram Sendbot on Facebook then follow prompts provided by the bot. You’ll need a Facebook account to send money this way.

In-person at a MoneyGram location

Agent locations are in almost every country in the world, so to take advantage of this network you’ll need to:

  1. Head to MoneyGram’s website, where you can type in your location and all locations will appear.
  2. Bring necessary documents: valid ID, receiver’s information, and the money you plan on sending.
  3. Pay for your transfer with the agent and collect your receipt.

You’ll often be able to send a MoneyGram from your local Walmart or CVS, but it’s always best to verify with MoneyGram’s Find a Location tool before you head there.

Options for your receiver to get the money

  • Send to a bank account. Although slower, this lets your receiver get the money directly in their account.
  • Organise for it to be picked up in cash at a MoneyGram location. The money is ready at the location in as little as 10 minutes after you’ve sent it, dependant on the opening hours of the pickup location you’ve selected.
  • Send directly to someone’s debit card. Save your recipient the trouble of picking up or transferring money by sending it directly to their debit card. Do this by selecting Debit Card Deposit when choosing your receive method. This only works for Visa debit cards within the US.
  • Send to a mobile wallet. A mobile wallet is a place to store funds digitally, with actual wallet types varying by country and user preference. Read our starter guide on mobile wallets as a launching point for further research.
  • Delivered right to their door. In some locations, you can choose home delivery as a receiving method. Your money will be delivered by a local MoneyGram agent.
  • Pay bills through MoneyGram. MoneyGram supports bill payment to utility companies, credit cards and more. Use the online bill pay search to find out if the company you want to pay is supported by the MoneyGram network.
  • Send money to an inmate. Funding commissary and calling accounts for inmates is possible through MoneyGram. You can read more about in our full guide, but in short:1. Search for the Facility on the Pay Bills page.
    2. Choose your payment option online or visit an agent location.
    3. Send your transfer and collect your receipt.

What do I need to send money online through MoneyGram?

Sending money with MoneyGram will require a few documents and pieces of information, including:

  • Contact information. Your full name and contact information is needed. Additionally, if you’re transferring money from your bank account, you’ll also need your banking information.
  • Proof of ID. A government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Recipient information. Be prepared with your recipient’s name and contact information. If you’re transferring to a bank account, you’ll also need their bank name, SWIFT code and account number.
  • Payment method. A valid method of payment is necessary for all transfers. Online transfers can be paid for through a bank account, credit card or debit card. In person transfers you can also pay with cash.

How to track a MoneyGram transfer

Find your authorization or reference number on your receipt or in your email, if you placed an order online. To track, you can:

  • Use the online Track a Transfer tool by entering your last name with the authorization or reference number.
  • Contact customer service and provide the authorization or reference number to them, along with your last name, to check the status of your order.
  • Visit a MoneyGram location and provide your information to the agent to find out where your order is and if it has been picked up or not.

Is there a MoneyGram app?

Screenshot of MoneyGram's app

Yes, MoneyGram has an app on both Google Play and the App Store. The app makes it possible to:

  • Scan your card. Use your phone’s camera to quickly scan your credit card, debit card and photo ID.
  • Log in using biometrics. Both face and fingerprint recognition can be used to log in.
  • Check exchange rates on the go. Current currency exchange rates and fees can be found in the app.
  • Share order details with your contacts. Sending key order information, like the tracking PIN number, to your recipient can be done with just a few taps.
  • Find an agent location using GPS. Use the in-app map to find agent locations based on your GPS or around the world.
Ratings collected on September 27, 2020
Google Play Store4.5 out of 5, based on 34,626 customer reviews
Apple App Store4.8 out of 5, based on 125,260 customer reviews

More on the best money transfer apps

Bottom line

When you need a money transfer sent fast, or to a remote destination, MoneyGram may be the choice for you. However, it is always a great idea to compare your options before making any transfer, as you never know how much fees and exchange rates may have recently changed. Even if MoneyGram was the best deal in the past, you may find that a competitor is now offering better rates to save you money.

Frequently asked questions

How can I see my transaction history?

When you log in to your account, any recent transactions you have completed will be displayed on your homepage and you’ll also see a link that lets you view all. If you haven’t made any transfers recently you will have to click on My Account and then Transaction History to view the relevant details.

What are the perks of the MoneyGram Plus Rewards program?

When we checked, MoneyGram was offering the following rewards:

  • Welcome Gift. Joining the program earned you 20% off your second money transfer.
  • Ongoing Rewards. A 40% coupon is available after every fifth money transfer.
  • Premier Status. After completing your fifth transfer you are upgraded to Premier Status and earn additional rewards which are occasionally sent to you through email.

Note: Rewards may change without notice.

Why is MoneyGram reviewing my transfer?

MoneyGram reviews all money transfers for compliance with know-your-customer (KYC) and anti–money laundering (AML) industry protocols, which involve knowing the identity of its customers, their financial activities and any risks they pose to MoneyGram’s business. MoneyGram typically reviews transfers within a day or less, and will contact you directly if there are any problems with your transfer.

Can I cancel a money transfer?

Yes, if it hasn’t yet been picked up by your recipient. To cancel a transfer, log in to your account and view your transaction history. There is an option to cancel specific transfers on the Transaction Details page.

How does MoneyGram compare to other services?

Check out the table below to see what your transfer could look like with other online money transfer services.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
$8 1 - 2 days USD 5.00 0.835 EUR 4,169 Exchange money on your terms. Show details
GBP 1,000 1 - 2 days USD 0.00 0.835 EUR 4,173 Exclusive: Minimum transfer of $1,000 for Finder readers (normally $5,000).
For larger transfers, get no transaction fees and no maximum send limits.
Go to site Show details
$1 Same day USD 0.00 0.839 EUR 4,196 XE offers fast transfers with no fees and a range of foreign currency tools. Go to site Show details
$0 1 - 2 days USD 1.99 0.826 EUR 4,129 Special offers like free transfers and better exchange rates available for new customers.
Quick, affordable transfers around the world with both express and economy options.
Go to site Show details
$1 1 - 2 days USD 40.00 0.843 EUR
Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks. Go to site Show details
$1 Within an hour USD 3.99 0.839 EUR 4,194 Use promo code 3FREE to send your first 3 transfers with no fee. Send to 110+ countries for bank-to-bank deposit, cash pickup or mobile top-up. Go to site Show details

Compare up to 4 providers

Disclaimer: Exchange rates change often. Confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.


Our team analyzes money transfer providers offering services in the US — from big names to digital upstarts. We rank rates and fees, speed, services and user experience for:

  • TransferWise
  • XE
  • OFX
  • WorldRemit
  • Currencies Direct
  • Western Union
  • RIA Money Transfer
  • MoneyGram
  • Remitly
  • Payoneer
  • Remit2India
  • Xoom
  • PayPal

Learn the details of our methodology and scoring.

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  1. Default Gravatar
    March 31, 2020

    How do i prove to my client that i have sent his/her money?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      April 2, 2020

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for your comment on one of our Finder pages and I hope you are well.

      I understand you want to know how to show proof to your client/receiver that you have sent his/her money. When you send money using Moneygram, you are given an Authorization number or Reference number. Your receiver can use the “Track a Transfer tool” on the Moneygram website to look up a transfer using the authorization number or reference number.

      When sending money, it’s important to check the exchange rate beforehand to maximize the funds to be exchanged. Kindly note that exchange rates vary on a daily basis, the rate today may differ from the rate tomorrow. Observe the fluctuations of exchange rates more frequently days before you exchange your money. 

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us again for further assistance.


  2. Default Gravatar
    March 26, 2020

    Is there a fee for when you are receiving funds?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      March 27, 2020

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks for reaching out to Finder! I hope you are well.

      If the sender is making a bank transfer, the receiver may incur a fee as imposed by the bank. Kindly note that this varies on a bank-to-bank basis. If the sender will be doing a bank transfer, best to check with the recipient’s bank of the fees involved when he/she receives the money.

      A friendly reminder, take note of any reference or tracking numbers should any transaction delays come up during the transit. Also, it’s important to check the exchange rate beforehand to maximize the funds to be exchanged.
      Kindly note that exchange rates vary on a daily basis, the rate today may differ from the rate tomorrow. Observe the fluctuations of exchange rates more frequently days before you exchange your money.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us again for further assistance.


  3. Default Gravatar
    March 17, 2020

    I have a question this morning around 9am I send out 500.00 to a relative n I was wondering if I want to send out 1500.00 to the same person within 24 hours am I able to do so. Thanks Nancy

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      March 18, 2020

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you are well.

      Yes, you are able to send another $150.00 again within 24 hours your relative via a Moneygram transfer. A MoneyGram caps transfers at $899.99, for a maximum of $3,000 in a 30-day period. Given this, as you are well below 800 pesos you are still able to transfer the said amount.

      Please check the terms and conditions of Moneygram as per your money transfer transaction.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us again for further assistance.


  4. Default Gravatar
    February 4, 2020

    Hi, how long does it take to receive money sent thru moneygram in saudi arabia. The money will come from the Philippines and they will send me money here in Saudi Arabia thru bank

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      February 4, 2020

      Hi Kath,

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you are doing well.

      In general, money transfer with Moneygram takes a minimum transfer time of 1 day. Specifically, the transfer time also depends on how the money was transferred. For example, if the money was sent for cash pick up, your recipient can pick up your transfer at a MoneyGram location shortly after it’s completed during normal business hours. On the other hand, for bank account transfers, the money is available within 24 hours.

      Given that your money was transferred via bank transfer, the transfer will take 24 hours. When the money is received by your bank, you must ask your bank how long they process international bank transfers. This will dictate when you will be able to withdraw your money from your bank.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us again for further assistance.


  5. Default Gravatar
    November 12, 2019

    Do fees still apply if you cancel moneygram?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      November 13, 2019

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for reaching out to us and hope you are well.

      Moneygram does not charge a fee to cancel a transfer. However, the transfer fee may not be refunded.

      When sending money – it’s important to check the exchange rate beforehand to maximize the funds to be exchanged.

      Also, read through the transfer process of the provider such as transfer fees, transfer options and transfer speed to set expectations for the receiver. Take note of any reference or tracking numbers should any transaction delays come up during the transit. A friendly reminder, exchange rates vary on a daily basis, the rate today may differ from the rate tomorrow. Observe the fluctuations of exchange rates more frequently days before you exchange your money. Online Transfer Fees are determined by the amount being sent, send and receive country. The best way to determine how much your transaction will cost is to use the Estimate Fees feature on MoneyGram’s website.

      Hope this helps and feel free to reach out to us again for further assistance.


  6. Default Gravatar
    August 20, 2019

    There are millions of transactions done every day.
    Today I had to do a pick up. Let say I had to collect 150 euros and 1 cent. Many of those collecting amounts from transactions often forget to get that 1 cent or actually by lack of change or simply by neglect do not. I would like to know what’s the loss from customer side money withdrawal in terms 9f those lose changes considering exchange fees?

    1 cent in 10 million transaction weekly is quite in intake.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      August 21, 2019

      Hi Oltchibs,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You have reached Finder. A financial comparison website and general information service. I suggest that you directly get in touch with MoneyGram regarding your inquiry.

      Kind Regards,

  7. Default Gravatar
    June 6, 2019

    Is it possible to get money back? This is because the money is being transferred to someone who isn’t 18 years old.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      June 10, 2019

      Hi Costache,

      Thanks for getting in touch with Finder. I hope all is well with you. 😃

      To cancel your transaction and receive back your money, you would need to directly get in touch with MoneyGram. It is advisable that you cancel your transaction as early as possible so you can fully receive back your money, including any fees that you have paid.

      You can visit the MoneyGram agent location that you used or online. You may also try to get in touch with them via phone.

      I hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.

      Have a wonderful day!


  8. Default Gravatar
    June 4, 2019

    Very poor service of money gram. I sent some money for family to celebrate Eid festival but they blocked just because of my included MUHAMMAD .very hypocritical attitude towards Islam and Muslim

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      June 5, 2019

      Hi Ahsan,

      I’m sorry to hear about your concern regarding a money transfer transaction with MoneyGram.

      There are several reasons why a money transfer with MoneyGram would get declined or canceled. Two of the common causes would be that the money transfer was declined by the bank or MoneyGram declined the money transfer due to the unverified identity of both sender and recipient.

      MoneyGram would need to verify the identity of both recipient and sender before sending the money to safeguard them from possible money transfer fraud. MoneyGram may blacklist a sender or recipient if their identity is unverified or if there are involved in any reported money transfer fraud.

      For more information on the possible reasons on why a money transfer transaction through MoneyGram is declined and how to resolve this concern, please get in touch with the nearest MoneyGram agent in your region or contact MoneyGram on 1-800-666-3947 or email them at for further inquiries or assistance.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  9. Default Gravatar
    May 20, 2019

    My sister is in France but she is not 18 years. Can she send me money in Ghana using MoneyGram?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      May 20, 2019

      Hi Ernest,

      Thanks for getting in touch with Finder. I hope all is well with you. 😃

      It is a policy of MoneyGram and other money transfer service providers to only serve customers of legal age. For this reason, your sister might need consent from your parents or guardians. Your sister may also seek help from adults when doing the money transfer.

      I hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.

      Have a wonderful day!


  10. Default Gravatar
    April 21, 2019

    What’s the maximum days before money gram transfer can be reversed to the sender?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      April 22, 2019

      Hi Ace,

      Thank you for reaching out to Finder.

      Once you submit your cancellation request, the money order issuer will research the item and confirm that it has not been paid. If it is still outstanding, you’ll get a refund or replacement (less any fees). If this is not done, the transfer request will expire in 90 days. Hope this helps!


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