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Kelly Larson is a Senior Editor at MarketWatch and formerly an editor at Finder who’s written dozens and edited hundreds of articles that help Americans make better financial decisions on everything from credit cards to mortgages to savings accounts. He’s well-versed in fact-checking content for accuracy, editing copy to remove biases and ensuring our content remains independent from affiliates, advertisers and partners. Prior to his role at Finder, Kelly led editorial newsrooms in the creation of award-winning content as a managing editor in the digital space. He holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Kansas.


  • Personal finance literacy
  • Editorial mentorship
  • Fact-checking for accuracy
  • Editing content for biases


  • Edited hundreds of articles on credit cards, car insurance, investing, home loans, cryptocurrency and more
  • Mentors writers and editors to create content that’s well-researched, accurate and meets readers where they are
  • Contributed to UrbanDaddy’s three Webby Awards during his eight-year tenure at the lifestyle website


  • Bachelor of Arts in sociology | University of Kansas | 1995–2000

Industry insights from Kelly Larson

We asked Kelly to flex his expertise by answering some questions about how Finder approaches editorial independence and advocates for its readers.

How do you prioritize Finder’s readers when editing content?

Recognizing that every reader is in a different place in their lives when they come across our articles, every editorial decision I make is driven by their unique needs. It’s our responsibility to meet them where they are by providing targeted, meaningful and well-researched content to help them make better financial decisions.

What techniques do you use to keep Finder’s content unbiased?

I encourage all of our outstanding writers to put themselves in our readers’ shoes. Before the first word is typed, our writers perform exhaustive research on each topic to help them see the whole picture of the product or service in question — the good, the bad and everything in between. They are then encouraged to lay it all out on the page for the reader, regardless of the topic. We don’t make decisions for our readers. We paint the whole picture in a fact-based, unbiased way, and let them take it from there.

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