Unwanted Christmas gifts: How many do we receive?

How many people are given unwanted Christmas presents and what are the most common?

Christmas – a time to spend with family, feast on roast turkey, enjoy the festive atmosphere and of course, receive presents. But as it turns out, you’d better start thinking through the ‘presents’ part of the equation a little more, as more people than you think receive unwanted gifts each year. We look at how many people received unwanted Christmas presents, the most common types and what Brits do with gifts they dislike.

Quick overview

  • 33 million UK adults (62%) receive at least one unwanted gift at Christmas.
  • The total spend on unwanted Christmas gifts is estimated to be £1.2 billion.
  • The average amount spent on unwanted Christmas gifts is £37 per person.
  • 78% of generation Z has received at least one unwanted Christmas gift.

How much do Brits spend on unwanted Christmas gifts?

Our survey found that approximately 33 million UK adults (62%) have been given at least one Christmas gift they don’t like, adding up to a total spend of £1.2 billion. As of 2022, the average spend on unwanted gifts per person is £37.

Unwanted Christmas gifts by generation

The younger generations are more likely to receive a gift they dislike, with 78% of generation Z and three-quarters of millennials (75%) admitting they have been given an unwanted Christmas present before.

The likelihood of receiving an unwanted present decreases with age, as 63% of generation X, half of baby boomers (48%), and just 28% of the silent generation have disclosed that they’ve received a Christmas present they dislike.

Generation Percentage receiving unwanted gifts Average worth (£)
Gen Z 78% £52.00
Millenials 75% £42.00
Gen X 63% £35.00
Baby boomers 48% £25.00
Silent generation 28% £22.00

Unwanted Christmas gifts by region

There isn’t a lot of variation between regions in terms of which Brits are most likely to be given an unwanted Christmas present. Londoners come out on top, with 7 in 10 (70%) admitting to receiving a gift that they didn’t like. They are followed by those in the West Midlands (65%) and those in Scotland (64%).

Meanwhile, residents in the North East are less fussy and more likely to be content with the Christmas gifts they are given as only 54% have received one they don’t like. This is the same in Wales, where 55% have been unhappy with a gift, and the South West, where 56% have received something they didn’t want.

Region Percentage receiving unwanted gifts Average worth (£)
East of England 62% £39
Greater London 70% £46
East Midlands 63% £37
West Midlands 65% £37
North East 54% £31
North West 62% £38
Northern Ireland 62% £35
Scotland 64% £35
South East 61% £34
South West 56% £28
Wales 55% £29
Yorkshire and the Humber 63% £41


    To find out the number of people receiving unwanted gifts and their estimated worth, Finder commissioned Censuswide on 23–25 November 2022 to carry out a nationally representative survey of adults aged 18+. A total of 2,000 people were questioned throughout Great Britain, with representative quotas for gender, age and region.

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