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We reveal the best performing Invesco ETFs and explain how to invest in them and whether they are a good investment.

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As one of the biggest ETF providers in the world, Invesco ETFs can be found and traded on many share dealing platforms in the UK. Here, we’ve outlined the key things you need to know about Invesco ETFs, including the different types, whether they’re safe to invest in, and which Invesco ETFs are the best-performing.

What is Invesco?

Invesco is a multinational investment management firm based in Atlanta in the US, with offices around the world employing more than 8,000 people between them. Invesco’s product range includes exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, unit investment trusts, and collective trusts.

Invesco’s been involved in ETF investing since 2003, and is one of the largest global ETF providers. It has more than US$396 billion globally in ETF assets under management.

It offers its services to both individual retail investors and institutional investors. In the UK, alongside its ETFs, retail investors can also access ICVC funds, investment trusts and offshore funds.

Best-performing Invesco ETFs

We’ve used the table below to showcases a selection of the best-performing Invesco ETFs historically. As always bear in mind that past performance isn’t necessarily an indicator of future results. Even the best performers can take a dip, and vice versa.

Table: sorted by 5-year performance based on data from to 4 June 2024
IconFund5-year performanceYTD performance (to 4 June 2024)Link to invest
Invesco iconInvesco US Technology Sector UCITS ETF (XLKQ)240.85%20.60%Invest with Hargreaves LansdownCapital at risk
Invesco icon Invesco EQQQ Nasdaq-100 UCITS ETF (EQQQ)169.54%10.36%Invest with XTBCapital at risk
Invesco iconInvesco NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF GBP Hedged (EQGB)152.01%10.06%Invest with SaxoCapital at risk
Invesco iconInvesco JPX-Nikkei 400 USD Hedged UCITS ETF (N4US)132.24%21.73%Invest with Hargreaves LansdownCapital at risk
Invesco iconInvesco CoinShares Global Blockchain UCITS ETF Acc (BCHS)128.01%6.77%Invest with InvestEngineCapital at risk

Types of ETFs Invesco offers

Invesco offers UK investors a choice of 189 equity, fixed-income or commodity ETFs. The firm breaks its ETFs down into different, overlapping categories to help investors choose. For example, by investment focus, and by investment strategy:

Investment focus categories

  • Broad commodity ETFs
  • Cash management ETFs
  • Corporate bond ETFs
  • Government bond ETFs
  • High-yield bond ETFs
  • Large cap ETFs
  • Mid cap ETFs
  • Precious metal ETFs
  • Small cap ETFs

Investment strategy categories

  • Core ETFs: foundational building blocks to a portfolio that usually track a popular index
  • ESG ETFs: assets are selected around how well they meet environmental, social and governance benchmarks
  • Sector ETFs: investments in the ETF are based around a particular industry or sector
  • Smart beta ETFs: use a rules-based system for selecting investments to be included in a fund portfolio
  • Innovative income ETFs: ETFs that aim to deliver income in more innovative ways
  • Thematic ETFs: typically invest in a collection of assets that meet a certain theme, such as “fintech” or “big data”

You can also select Invesco ETFs by market (developed or emerging) or region, for example.

How to invest in Invesco ETFs

To invest in an Invesco ETF, you’ll need to sign up to a broker or share dealing platform that has access to the Invesco products you’re interested in. Here’s how UK investors can get started.

  1. Research Invesco ETFs. There are nearly 200 Invesco ETFs to choose from, so take time to choose the right options to align with your investment strategy and met your goals.
  2. Sign up to a platform. The next step is to select the right share dealing platform. Look out for things like fees, the tools and information it offers, plus, of course, make sure that it gives access to the Invesco ETFs (and any other assets) that you want to invest in. Not all Invesco ETFs are available on all platforms.
  3. Add money to your account. You’ll need to make sure you have enough funds available to make your chosen investments and pay any fees.
  4. Buy the Invesco ETF(s). Select your chosen ETF and click buy.

A key benefit of ETFs over buying individual assets is that you get exposure to a portfolio of investments in one transaction. This spreads your risk, and could save you money in transaction fees too.

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Are Invesco ETFs a good investment?

There are actually two parts to this question: are ETFs a good investment, and are Invesco ETFs specifically a good investment?

ETFs can form a good foundation for a portfolio, especially for beginners. They tend to be pretty cheap in terms of fees, because there are fewer costs associated selecting a ready-made basket of assets than choosing and buying each asset individually, or opting for an actively-managed fund that involves more effort on the part of the fund manager. Plus, ETFs give investors easy access to a broad (or diverse) range of assets in one fell swoop, which means instant diversification and spreading of risk.

As to whether Invesco ETFs are a good investment, well it depends on your investment strategy and the specific Invesco ETF you buy. The performance of each exchange-traded fund can vary dramatically; each will have different aims and track various investments. So, as always, careful research and analysis is required and – if necessary – consultation with a professional financial adviser. That said, Invesco is one of the world’s biggest ETF providers, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to check out what it has to offer.

Are Invesco ETFs safe?

Invesco Asset Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that Invesco investments, including ETFs, are as safe as those with any other regulated firm.

If you have a reason to complain after investing with a regulated firm and it is unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, you may be able to escalate your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Invesco is also covered by Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means that up to £85,0000 of your investments may be protected in the event that Invesco goes into administration.

However, bear in mind this won’t cover your investment choices losing value due to underperformance, and nor is regulation a guarantee that an investment won’t underperform. Investing is risky by its very nature; it’s the trade-off for the potential of higher returns.

Bottom line

As one of the world’s biggest ETF providers (many sources put it in position 4, behind BlackRock Financial Management/iShares, Vanguard and State Street), if you’re looking to invest in ETFs then Invesco’s are worth a look. With nearly 200 ETFs in its product suite, there will be plenty to choose from for most investors. This includes anything from ETFs that track major indices such as the FTSE 100 or Nasdaq, to those aimed at people interested in ESG values.

Whether you decide to opt for an Invesco ETF or an ETF from one of its rivals, such as iShares or Vanguard, take time to select the right ETF for your investment strategy and risk appetite. If in doubt, seek professional financial advice.

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