Get organised with Starling’s new “Split Payment” tool


Starling launches a new money management tool to help organise salary payments.

Starling Bank has announced a new money management feature for its current account. Its “Split Payment” tool lets you decide how much of an inbound payment (like your salary) is put away and where.

You can organise payments either by value or percentage. The funds can then be automatically organised into your Savings Space, joint account, additional accounts or Kite cards.

How does it work?

You can set the tool up in your app. Rather than having to manually move money to different accounts, funds are sent instantly based on the amounts you’ve set.

Once you’ve logged on, head to your transaction feed and select an incoming payment you’ve received in the last 3 days. You can then select “Split payment”, and from there set the values or percentages to move money around.

What else does Starling’s current account have?

Since its launch, Starling has focused on offering customers money management tools to help customers budget better.

It already has categorised spending and Savings Spaces. These Savings Spaces have linked virtual cards which can be used to make payments, keeping them separate from your primary account.

Meanwhile, its Bill Manager feature lets you pay direct debits and standing orders straight from a separate Savings Space.

The new Split Payment feature is the natural next step for Starling and means customers can automatically divvy up payments.

How does Starling compare?

Starling remains a popular choice and was the winner in Finder’s Banking Customer Satisfaction Awards 2023, with 94% of the bank’s current account holders saying they would recommend it to a friend.

In terms of overall service quality, it placed joint first with Monzo in Ipsos Mori’s latest survey results in February.

Starling is consistently releasing new features in order to compete with the high street banks. This latest tool is another example of that.

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