Revolut launches joint account and travel marketplace


Revolut has launched a joint account and new in-app travel “Experiences” marketplace

Revolut has made some changes that may catch your eye. Firstly, it has launched a joint account. Secondly, it has added an in-app marketplace for tours, activities and attractions, named Experiences.

Revolut joint account

Revolut has announced the launch of a joint current account in the UK, after its European launch earlier in 2023.

Revolut’s joint current account includes:

  • Budgeting tools. Manage joint finances through the app.
  • Cards. Get 2 cards that can both be used for the account.
  • In-app application. Apply for the account through the app in 3 steps.
  • Multiple currencies. The joint account can hold various currencies in sub-accounts.

Joint accounts are only available to existing Revolut customers. Any additional features of the joint account will depend on whether you have a Standard, Plus, Premium, Metal or Ultra plan.

To be eligible for a Revolut joint account, you must have an active Revolut personal account, live in the same country as the other account user and not have an existing Revolut joint account with another person.

Revolut’s new Experiences feature

Revolut’s latest addition to its selection of travel products is its new in-app Experiences marketplace. Existing Revolut customers can book travel experiences such as tours, activities and attractions through the app.

If you’re travelling in a group, you can then use the Group Bills tool to send a payment request to your friends to split the bill.

What’s more, you can receive up to 10% cashback when you book experiences through the Revolut app – meaning some extra cash whilst sightseeing to spend on a few souvenirs. The amount of cashback available is dependent on which Revolut plan you have.

It’s worth noting that each experience has its own booking and cancellation policy, which Revolut has no control over. So make sure you double-check T&Cs before booking!

How do the new features compare?

Revolut’s joint account has some unique travel features which stand out from those of its rivals. The Revolut joint account can hold multiple currencies and has access to the new Experiences feature. This means that customers can benefit from competitive exchange rates and avoid transaction fees abroad, while also earning cashback when booking travel experiences.

The launch of a joint account fits in well with Revolut’s strategy to be a one-stop shop for all your finance needs.

If you’re thinking about opening a joint account, take a look at our best joint bank accounts page.

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