Nationwide launches 5% cashback on supermarket shopping


Nationwide is offering 5% cashback when you use its debit card for your supermarket shop, up to £30.

Thousands of Nationwide debit card holders will be able to earn up to £10 a month in cashback on groceries starting from today.

From 9 February to 30 April, 2023, Nationwide current account holders will be able to earn 5% cashback on purchases made at a wide range of supermarkets and convenience stores.

Cashback is limited to £10 per calendar month. This means you can earn a maximum of £30 during the lifetime of the promotion.

If you’re looking for more long-term cashback from your current account, take a look at our best current accounts with cashback guide.

How do you get cashback?

To earn cashback, you’ll just need to use your Nationwide debit card at any one of the qualifying supermarkets.

The promotion covers the major chains like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Aldi, as well as some smaller stores like Londis and One Stop. It even includes food box subscription services like Gousto and Hello Fresh. However, qualifying stores can vary from time to time, so it’s best to check the list on Nationwide’s website.

To get the maximum £10 a month, you’ll need to spend £200 in a calendar month. The good news for joint account holders is that each of you can earn £10 a month by using both your cards.

The cashback will be paid into your account within 6 weeks of the end of each calendar month.

Which accounts are covered?

There is no need to register – you’ll automatically receive cashback on qualifying payments as long as you have a Nationwide adult current account, or student or graduate account.

Here’s the full list Nationwide accounts with which you’ll earn cashback:

  • FlexDirect
  • FlexPlus
  • FlexAccount
  • FlexStudent
  • FlexGraduate
  • FlexBasic

Just a reminder, cashback is only for debit card payments. So you won’t earn any on a Nationwide credit card.

Are there any exclusions?

Payments made using PayPal or another third-party provider won’t count. Same for direct debits.

There are also some exclusions in terms of the type of purchase. You won’t earn cashback on the things you buy at the following:

  • Petrol stations, including fuel and kiosks
  • Service station stores
  • Supermarket concessions, for example Argos at Sainsbury’s
  • Telecoms and financial service providers
  • Supermarket cafes or opticians
  • Specialist independent stores
  • Whole stores
  • Delivery companies like Deliveroo

10 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    LindaMarch 27, 2023

    Is Waitrose included in the 5% back on supermarket shopping?

    Default Gravatar
    LornaMarch 21, 2023

    Is waitrose on your list

    Default Gravatar
    louMarch 3, 2023

    is there a minimum spend per month, or just minimum spend for the whole period?

      KateMarch 6, 2023Finder

      Hi Lou,

      There is no minimum spend per month. Instead, cashback is capped at £10 a month. So you can’t earn more than £10 in cashback each month during the promotional period.


    Default Gravatar
    JoanFebruary 24, 2023

    Is Morrisons on the list

      KateFebruary 24, 2023Finder

      Hi Joan,

      Yes, Morrisons is on the list of eligible shops.


    Default Gravatar
    JFebruary 20, 2023

    Are Marks and Spencers on the list of eligible shops?

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