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My energy bill went from £80 to £200 per month

Tracey, Finder member, featured in The Express

We’re struggling to find a property for our growing family

Chris, Finder member, featured in The Daily Mail

Making simple changes made me £1,682 better off

Nicola, Finder member, featured in The Mirror

Barclays branch closure has left me stressed and frustrated

Samantha, Finder member, featured in The Express

I’m a savvy mum and use a planner to money save at Christmas

Liz, Finder member, featured in The Sun

Finder’s research team sometimes needs case studies who have had positive or negative experiences with their personal finances to accompany our research in order to help bring it to life. As an example, this could be you talking about how you have a digital-only bank account (like Starling & Monzo) or about the steps you’ve taken to deal with the cost of living crisis or your mortgage.

This research, including your story and a picture, could appear in national news sites. If you are not comfortable with having your name and picture in the press, please don’t fill out the form. For those who are interested in being on our database, please fill it out with as much detail as you can.

We want to add to our database of case studies who will help bring the research to life by sharing your story. We’ll pay £60 for every case study we select to be included (regardless of whether the research gets covered by any journalists). Any case studies used for research may also be featured on our website. We also need case studies solely for our website from time to time and will pay £20 for people we select for this (if you haven’t already given your testimony as a press case study).

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