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Qatar is the world’s most expensive country for a pint

  • The average cost of a pint in Qatar is £11.37.
  • A pint in Qatar is 174% more expensive than in the UK at £4.15.
  • A pint costs £3.58 in the previous World Cup host capital, Moscow, Russia.
  • 18, November, 2022, LONDON –

    One of the world’s biggest sporting events, the FIFA World Cup, kicks off this Sunday with England starting their campaign on Monday. With an estimated 4,000 England fans travelling to Qatar, they will be faced with the most expensive pints in the world.

    The average cost of a pint in Qatar has increased 13% to £11.37 from £9.98 in 2021, according to personal finance comparison website

    The research, which was carried out ahead of the first match on Sunday (20th November), found that Qatar remains the least affordable country for drinking worldwide, with the average pint costing £11.37. Our research found that the average pint in the UK costs £4.19, making a Qatari pint 171% more expensive.

    The cost of beer in the nearby UAE isn’t far off, having increased by almost 9% since last year. Here, locals pay £10.82 for an ice cold pint.

    Oman comes in as the third most expensive country, with pints costing £9.80 on average. Following this is Norway and Bahrain with a beer costing £8.13 and £7.53 respectively.

    Where in the UK can football fans find the cheapest pints?

    It may be approaching winter in the UK, but if you’re looking for the cheapest city to enjoy a pint with the football, locals in Derby need to pay just £3.00 for a pint. This is 50% cheaper than the capital and £1.15 less than the UK’s average (£4.15).

    Kingston Upon Hull (£3.32) closely follows as the second cheapest pint, followed by Perth (£3.46). The fourth and fifth cheapest destination for a pint is Peterborough and Gloucester where the average beer would cost £3.50.

    London remains the most expensive city in the UK for a pint at £5.99, rising 49p since 2021. Brighton and Hove at £5.02 is the second most expensive city, followed jointly by Brighton & Hove (£5.02) and Luton (£5.00), with York in fifth at £4.85.

    By comparing the price of a beer in 157 of the world’s biggest cities in each country, London ranks as the 13th most expensive. The £5.99 that locals are forced to pay is over double the global average, which sits at £2.83 a pint.

    For a full breakdown of the research, including data for all countries and an interactive world map, visit:

    Commenting on the research, Editor-in-chief at, Liz Edwards said:

    “A hopefully strong performance in the World Cup by England and with Christmas around the corner, it’s going to be hard to resist the temptation to spend a little more than we planned with the current cost of living crisis.

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    The numbers in this piece are based on data from cost-of-living sites Expatistan and Numbeo as of August 2022. The majority of values were averaged from the two sites. In the few cases when this was not possible, data from Numbeo or Expatistan was used alone.


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