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Budgeting software makes tracking your spending quicker and easier. You can use it to better understand your personal finances and adjust your habits so you can put more money aside for the things you need.

Businesses can also use budgeting software to more accurately forecast future expenses and focus on company growth.

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Updated April 5th, 2020
Name Product Fee Service fee Platforms
Emma helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding wasteful subscriptions and giving you control over your finances.
Clarity Money
Clarity Money
Organize your expenses, break down your spending by category, and track your transactions at a glance.
Get personalized financial advice, set goals and create a budget with this chat-based AI assistant. But you’ll need to allow access to your Facebook account.
Get financial advice, pay off debt, create a budget and automate savings with this budgeting app. But be prepared to pay for extra features.
(can be waived)
This digital-only deposit account features overdraft protection, interest-free cash advances and no minimum balance. But prospective new account holders are waitlisted.
Mint helps you keep track of your bills, budget and balances — but you'll need to give it your bank login.

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What is budgeting software?

Budgeting software is a program or app used to perform financial tasks such as bookkeeping, forecasting and financial analysis. While most budgeting software offers the same basic features, the biggest difference is in how you’ll use it.

The first step in choosing budgeting software is to ask yourself if you need it for personal or business use.

Personal vs business budgeting

Personal and business or corporate budgeting share the same basic principles. An effective budget will track your income and expenses and project what your finances will look like in the future.

Why should I consider budgeting software?

Whether you’re running a business or trying to get your personal finances in order, budgeting software can help make the process smoother and quicker.

Benefits of budgeting software include:

  • Forecasting. One of the most useful features of budgeting software is accurate forecasting of future expenses and income. Forecasting can help you achieve more financial goals in your personal life and more growth for your business.
  • Collaboration. If you own a business, budgeting software can help different teams or departments work together within one budget. It can also improve collaboration in your personal life. You can share the software with your partner, roommate, parent or child to keep track of all your expenses in one place.
  • Accuracy. Budgeting software allows you to reduce human error and increase the accuracy of calculations, enabling you to create a more effective budget.
  • Time-saving. Manage your personal or corporate finances much quicker than you would without budgeting software.

What to look for when choosing budgeting software

Start by thinking about what you need from the software and how much you’re willing to pay. If you want to use an app to track your spending and help save more towards, say, a deposit on a home, you don’t need to pay for additional features such as business forecasting.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for corporate budgeting software, the cheapest option might not offer everything you need. Consider these features when purchasing budgeting software:

  • Free trial. Look for vendors that offer a free trial so you can test the software before you commit to a subscription.
  • Manual vs automatic input. Once you’ve chosen your software, you’ll need to input your financial data. Many budgeting software vendors have file import or bank syncing tools that allow you to quickly import your bank statements or sync directly with your bank account.
  • Multi-platform. Most budgeting software programs are compatible across multiple platforms and can be available on multiple devices. Look for software offering desktop and mobile options. If you need budgeting software for your business, pick one that can be used on multiple devices at once and is compatible with any systems that your business uses.

2 tips for using budgeting software

  • Make sure it’s secure. Any financial information you trust to third-party software or online stores is vulnerable to cyber threats and identity theft. To help protect your money, only give your financial information to reputable vendors.
  • Let it guide your spending habits. Whether you’re using budgeting software for personal or business use, stick to the budget. Your software will track your spending and send you notifications if you’re over budget — and you may have to adjust your spending habits to stick to that budget.

Bottom line

Budgeting software is available for individuals and businesses to track spending. With the right program, you can make accurate predictions about the future and reach your financial targets.

How did we choose these products?

To choose our list of the best budgeting software, we considered the price, type and overall features. We also took into consideration our own online research and third-part reviews.

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