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Zak Ali is an assistant publisher for, specializing in life insurance and money-saving strategies. Prior to working at Finder, Zak cofounded a news media website. He thrives on helping people make smart financial decisions. When Zak's not learning the ins and outs of insurance, he can be found soaking up the latest news stories and listening to his fave podcasts.

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Hi Perdo, Transferring money between separate banks is fairly common and can usually be done online. 1) First, you'll want to log into one of your existing banks online banking portal. 2) Once you've logged on, look for an option that allows you to "add an external account." 3) After selecting that option, provide your second bank's account information, and verify that you are the owner. 4) Now you should be able to send and receive the funds. And if you need any further assistance please check out our guide on bank to bank transfers. I hope this helps! Best regards, Zak

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Hi GG, If you'd like to learn more about sending money to the US, please visit our page on How To Send Money To The US. However, here are some quick step-by-step instructions that outline the process: 1) Choose a money transfer provider online. 2) Sign up on their site and enter your information. 3) Make sure the provider you choose offers transfers from Argentina to US 4) Determine the amount you'd like to send and how much it will be worth in USD. 5) Use a tracking number to follow the progress of your transfer and confirm it makes it to the intended recipient. When determining costs, it's important that you make sure that your money transfer provider offers competitive exchange rates, and doesn't charge you too much in fees. I hope this information helped and please reach out if you have any additional questions! Best, Zak

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Hi Judy, I am sorry to hear about the recent premium increase on your life insurance policy, which has now made it unaffordable for you. To help you determine how you should move forward, here are some things for you to consider: 1. You can compare your options on our life insurance page to try to find a better price for the same coverage. 2. If you cancel and use that money to pay $75 a month into an interest bearing savings account instead, within 5 years you would have $5,000. 3. Remember that certain policy rates increase with age, so you may face another increase in the future. Ultimately, assessing your current financial situation will go a long way in helping you decide which course of action is right for you. I hope this helped! And please feel free to reach out with any additional concerns. Best, Zak

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