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Running out of gas? UK petrol prices are 58% more expensive than the global average – with the average tank now costing almost £82 to fill!

  • The average cost per litre of unleaded petrol in the UK is currently 163.2p
  • Out of 171 countries, the UK is the 15th most expensive country to get petrol
  • The average global cost to fill a car with a tank size of 50 litres is £51.72
  • 12, April, 2022, LONDON –

    A full tank of petrol in the UK for a typical family car (50 litres) costs drivers a staggering £81.60 according to an analysis by the personal finance comparison website That’s 58% more expensive than the global average cost of petrol (£51.72)!

    With UK unleaded petrol prices standing at an average of 163.2p per litre, the research shows the nation is currently the 15th most expensive country in the world to get petrol. This is based on a global analysis of gasoline prices around the world as of the past week (4th April).

    While it certainly isn’t cheap to fill the average car in the UK, there are numerous countries across the world that will burn a larger hole in your pocket if the same 50 litre car was filled.

    Out of the 171 countries analysed, Hong Kong hails as the most expensive country in the world where just one litre of petrol costs 219.4p. In total, the average Hongkonger could be paying an extortionate £109.70 on a full tank of petrol.

    In Europe, filling up a full tank in Iceland, Finland, Monaco and Norway costs between £87 – £95 but the dearest was found in the Netherlands, costing the average local driver a huge £97.40 (194.8p per litre) for a full tank of petrol.

    In contrast, the cheapest place in the world to fill up a family car is found in Venezuela where it costs just 95p (1.9p per litre). This is closely followed by Libya at £1.25 (2.5p per litre), while those driving in Iran can purchase a whole tank for only £1.95 (3.9p per litre).

    In the UK, the most expensive region to get petrol is the South East where just one litre of fuel costs 164p. If the average driver fills a full medium-sized tank in the area, this can amount to a costly £81.98. On the other side, Wales is the cheapest region to get petrol at £80.98 a tank (162p per litre), just £1 behind the highest amount.

    For a full breakdown of the research, including data for all countries and an interactive world map, visit:

    Commenting on the research, car insurance specialist at, Danny Butler gives his advice on how UK drivers can reduce fuel consumption during these difficult times:

    “In addition to the current cost of living crisis, the soaring fuel prices are likely to be adding extra pressure for many UK drivers and unfortunately it’s not looking to stall any time soon. However, during these difficult times, it’s now more important than ever for drivers to consider efficient ways to reduce fuel consumption and avoid burning a hole in their wallets.

    “It can be as simple as turning off your engine while stuck in a traffic queue. If you are remaining idle for more than 60 seconds with your engine running, a wasteful amount of fuel will be consumed so make the habit of turning it off when you aren’t moving.

    “When you’re on the move, avoid accelerating harshly and stick to driving in the highest possible gear for your vehicle while keeping within the speed limit. Driving with a heavy foot can often result in poor fuel consumption and reduced gas mileage.

    “Importantly, make sure your tyres are inflated at the right PSI level as the more underinflated they are, the more work your car has to put in which results in reduced fuel efficiency.

    “By making these simple changes to your car journey, you can improve the fuel consumption of your vehicle and save pennies on your fuel bill.”


    The numbers in this piece are based on global data from and UK data from Forecourt trader as of 4 April 2022. By looking at the average medium-sized car tank size (50 litres), Finder’s analysts have calculated the current price per litre from 171 countries and multiplied it to reveal the most expensive and cheapest places to fill a full 50L car.


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