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Just Eat at home? A takeaway in the UK costs over 3 times more than a fakeaway

  • The average takeaway in the UK costs £7.93, a 50p jump from 2021’s average of £7.43
  • Fast food favourites have the biggest price disparity between a takeaway and its fakeaway version
  • A family of four could spend up to 657% more on a takeaway than a fakeaway cooked on an air fryer
  • 19, May, 2022 LONDON –

    Buying a takeaway in the UK could cost the average Brit 345% more than a cooked air fryer ‘fakeaway’ meal according to new analysis by the shopping comparison website

    With the food inflation rate standing at a high 6.7% (as of April 2022) the average takeaway in the UK costs an estimated £7.93, a 50p jump from 2021’s average of £7.43. In total, this is 345% higher than buying and cooking a fakeaway in an air fryer which costs just £1.78 on average.

    The research shows that a British classic takeaway of fish and chips could cost on average £8.24, 160% higher than an air fryer meal for one that costs £3.17. If this was multiplied for a household serving of four people, this would cost just £11.53 compared to a huge £32.95 takeaway meal for four.

    For fast food addicts, the price difference is even higher when it comes to burgers and chips (498%), fried chicken (478%), pepperoni pizza (796%) and doner kebab (605%).

    For the national favourite of chicken tikka masala, curry lovers getting a takeaway could find themselves spending up to 333% more than a home-cooked meal for one. Other favourites such as a chicken chow mein takeaway is likely to cost 173% more than cooking a similar take in an air fryer.

    For a household of four, fried chicken has the highest price difference, costing 657% more – £24.97 compared to just a £3.30 fakeaway banquet for four.

    Exploring how cheap an air fryer in the UK really is, Finder’s analysts have delved into the average cost of the most popular British takeaway dishes in comparison to a ready-made version cooked on a standard 1,700-watt air fryer. This includes how much it will cost for one person and for a household of four.

    To view the research, visit here:

    Commenting on the analysis, shopping expert at, Reemul Balla said:

    “With food inflation rate at its highest over the past decade, many people might want to turn towards looking for a cheaper alternative to a takeaway and recreate their favourites at home to help avoid a hard pinch to their wallets.

    “Recently the air fryer trend has exploded in popularity over the past few years with search demand for the term ‘airfryer’ reaching 468k over the past 12 months. Our research shows there’s a multitude of air fryers that can do almost anything (besides getting those crunchy chips) without compromising on quality while producing low cost and healthy meals which could make a great alternative for those wanting to still enjoy a takeaway style dish at home.”

    Finder’s analysts sourced the most popular takeaway costs from from 2021 to determine a projected average cost per takeaway in 2022. The ‘fakeaway’ products were sourced from Iceland.

    These figures were compared against how much a frozen ready meal version would cost if cooked on a standard 1,700W (Medium-sized) airfryer by taking in account the amount of electricity wattage used and the cost per minute, the estimated time it’ll take to cook on an airfryer (this is about a third of the stated oven time per product) and per serving (g) for one person and for a household of four.


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