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Compare and save money on your credit card and online shopping purchases is made by the founders of successful Australian comparison website We are busy behind the scenes building to expand our comparison and help more people across the world find better deals. We are preparing to launch globally very soon so stay tuned!

At you will be able to research and compare credit card offers and online shopping coupon codes to help you save money in just a few minutes. The first comparison we have launched on is our New Zealand credit card comparison service helping New Zealanders compare and save money on their credit cards. We also have information on mortgages, travel insurance, personal loans, money transfers and more.

Stay tuned as we plan to launch many more comparisons to assist you in finding the best deals out there!

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Articles and Guides

No, Biden won’t forgive $50K of your student loans; here’s the plan he actually supports


February 17th, 2021

President Biden said he supports offering $10,000 in forgiveness for federal loans, plus a few other options. Here’s what to expect.

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Biden administration extends student loan relief until October


January 21st, 2021

Most federal student loan borrowers now have eight more months of the interest-free payment freeze. 

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Student loan payment pause set to continue: What you need to know


January 12th, 2021

President-elect Joe Biden plans to extend the pause on federal student loan payments and interest past January 31st — and may cancel some debt.

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Student loan relief has been extended one month. Here’s what it means for you.


December 07th, 2020

Here’s what it means for you.

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How to prepare your student loan ahead of big changes to federal servicers


September 04th, 2020

Protect yourself from potential errors before you make the switch to your new student loan servicer over the coming year.

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California passes bill of rights to protect students against predatory loan servicers


September 02nd, 2020

The bill requires servicers to act in the borrower’s best financial interest — or risk being sued.

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What Trump’s executive order means for student loans


August 11th, 2020

Repayments won’t be due until 2021 but other assistance is still set to expire in October.

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1 in 4 borrowers puts at least 11% of paycheck toward student loans – here’s how to lower repayments


August 05th, 2020

Go for a longer term or income-driven repayments if your student loans are eating up too much of your income.

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Most college students are going back to school — but half aren’t prepared for the cost of a degree


July 30th, 2020

A study found that only 7% of students changed plans due to the coronavirus. And nearly half were unsure of how to pay for their degree.

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HEALS Act would slash student loan repayment options


July 29th, 2020

The new coronavirus stimulus proposal would cut out seven student loan repayment plans, giving borrowers less flexibility.

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