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How to get the best rate, the lowest commission and the quickest international money transfers.

Are you looking to find the best way to send money overseas? We compare a number of financial institutions which offer some of the best deals on international money transfers on the market. Read on for tips about how to find the best deal you can get.

How to find the best exchange rate

Exchange rate information is for the most part readily available online. Banks publish their rates daily, large financial institutions all have online calculators which make it easy to see what they’re offering, you’ll find it’s less than what you can find from a non-bank international money transfer service. Peer to Peer (P2P) international payments can give you near the market rate, however, you’re still going to pay a margin on the rate plus a commission.

Best rate guarantees and price promises

TorFX offer a best rate guarantee on international money transfers. Just send a photo or a copy of a competitor’s quote and TorFX will beat it up to the market rate. The signup process is more involved than some other companies. Transferwise let you sign up using Facebook, for example, TorFX need to see some paperwork before your registration is complete.

Travelex offer something similar called the International Payments Price Promise which guarantees the best overall quote on international money transfers. You have to contact Travelex within 30 minutes of finding a better deal from a competitor. Like TorFX, Travelex have a 2 step process to sign up. You can make on the spot payments before you speak to Travelex over the phone to complete your registration.

Bank and non-bank 1 AUD / USD comparison


*10.51pm 25/04/16

Some online calculators quote the interbank rate and give you an example figure only. The actual rate you get is shown when you’re given a full quote.
How to get the best exchange rate.

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How to find the lowest commission

There are money transfer companies which won’t charge you a commission, these institutions may include a bigger margin on the exchange rate. Compare the exchange rate of the following no commission international payment companies.

First transfer free

Low transfer fee

  • 1st Contact Forex give you every 5th transfer for free, the usual fee on a transfer to the UK is just $5AUD.
  • Transferwise also give a good rate and charge less than $10AUD for international money transfers.
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Free global transfers using the Citibank Plus

If you have a Citibank Plus Transaction Account, you can make free international money transfers to Citibank accounts in about 20 countries. Citibank offer slightly better rates than other financial institutions but still less than non-bank money transfer companies.

No commission international money transfers.

How to find the transfer speed you want

Many of the money transfer companies we compare can send money overseas at a good rate and a good price, but the process will take a couple of days and even longer still if you’re paying for the international transfer using BPAY.

There are 3 companies which can send money overseas to collect in just minutes. If you need to get emergency cash overseas quickly, Worldremit, Western Union and MoneyGram are the companies to compare. They have the highest transfer fees and you can find a better rate elsewhere; however, Western Union and MoneyGram have hundreds of thousands cash collection points all over the world.

International cash payment companies.

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How to find the money transfer features you want

Different companies have different strengths, for example Western Union is good for speed and accessibility and not so good on fees; whereas a company such as TorFX or HiFX can help with purchasing overseas property and emigrating to another country. From the products we compare:

If you’re looking for more transfer options like market and limit orders have a look at these companies.

  • TorFX
  • 1st Contact Forex
  • Moneycorp
  • FC Exchange
  • Currency Online
  • Currency Solutions
  • Compass Global Markets
  • HiFX
  • Worldfirst
  • OFX

If you’re looking for business international money transfer services then consider these companies.

  • 1st Contact Forex
  • TorFX
  • Compass Global Markets
  • Currency Online
  • HiFX
  • Worldfirst
  • OFX
  • Transferwise
  • PayPal

Compare business international money transfers.

If you want to make regular international money transfers have a look at these companies.

  • TorFX
  • OFX
  • Currency Online
  • Currency Solutions
  • Compass Global Markets
  • HiFX

Make regular international money transfers.

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Where are you sending money to?

Read specific information to find the best way to send money to different countries on this page. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, find out which companies support which currencies as well as Western Union locations and more.

How to compare international money transfer companies.

  • Transfer fee. The price of the international money transfer.
  • The exchange rate. The rate of exchange between Australian dollars and the foreign currency.
  • Transfer speed. The time it takes for the money to reach the recipient. Transfer time ranges from minutes to half a week.
  • Payment methods. Whether you can pay using your credit card, debit card or BPAY. BPAY payments take a number of business days to clear.
  • Collection options. Will the money be collected as cash or deposited into a bank account.
  • Customer service. Can you contact a customer service representative if you have a question about your international money transfer.

If you have any questions about comparing international money transfer companies get in touch with us using the form below.

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