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Work from home Canada statistics

Work from home Canada statistics

Work-from-home, or remote work, was once a digital nomad’s dream. These days, work-from-home is a key bargaining tool for both employers and employees. Here are key facts and statistics regarding the work-from-home in Canada trend.

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Category Publish Date Article Description
Core Finance 1/23/2023 Bank of Canada Interest Rate Forecast Nearly three quarters of economists predict the BoC will increase the overnight rate by 25 basis points (bps) on January 25.
Savings Accounts 12/15/2022 Cash for Christmas Half of Canadians (49%) want to receive cash instead of gifts this holiday season to help them pay for bills or build up savings.
Shopping 9/29/2022 Food Prices in Canada Key statistics on grocery shopping show that food prices in Canada are rising quickly and the impact will be costlier meals.
Stock Trading 9/22/2022 Bear Market Blues 7.5 million Canadians have no confidence in stocks and plan to ‘cash out’ in 2022
Investing 9/20/2022 Stock trading statistics Get facts and insight on the history of the stock market, average stock market returns and global stock market trading stats.
Personal Loans 8/16/2022 Impact of Inflation More than 7 million Canadians confess to taking out loans in order to cover the rising cost of living.
Streaming 8/11/2022 Streaming Statistics Canadian streaming subscribers now spend an average of $157 per year. More statistics on the streaming services in Canada.
Mortgages 7/4/2022 Generation Rent Nearly 1 in 3 Canadians – approximately 9 million adults (18+) – have either given up on the homeownership dream or resigned themselves to being 'forever renters'.
Shopping 3/11/2022 Rapid Antigen Test Statistics Finder asked Canadians why they would buy a rapid antigen Covid-19 test and how much they would spend on one.
Investing 2/11/2022 Investing Statistics One third of Canadians unwilling to take a chance with their savings in 2022
Cryptocurrency 2/11/2022 Binance Coin Price Prediction Get an expert outlook with our BNB (BNB) price prediction, forecast & analysis report.
Cryptocurrency 11/23/2021 NFT Statistics Finder polled over 28,000 people in an online survey across 20 countries and found that Canada ranks 6th last for NFT adoption.
Personal Loans 11/23/2021 Buy now pay later statistics The Finder Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) report looks into the biggest regrets people have using BNPL services in 23 countries.
Cryptocurrency 12/29/2021 Cryptocurrency Statistics The 75+ most important cryptocurrency statistics you need to know to truly understand the state of crypto and NFT markets.
Awards 11/25/2021 Finder Awards Canada The Finder Awards brings Canadians the best and most innovative financial products and services on the market.
Awards 11/25/2021 Finder's Credit Card Awards Finder's Credit Card Awards ranks the best cards on the market across travel, rewards, cash back, low rates and low fees and balance transfer.
Cryptocurrency 10/17/2021 Cryptocurrency Adoption Index The definitive ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies across 22 countries.
Mortgages 7/29/2021 Canada Housing Market Trends About 15 million Canadians want to "upsize" in their next home. Trends topping wish lists are space, style, luxury and outdoor space.
Travel 4/22/2021 Finder's Travel Index Finder's Travel Index is an ongoing series of surveys conducted in 18 countries to get a beat on the global travel pulse.
Car loans 7/21/2021 Car Loan Statistics Canadians pay an average of $300 to $600 for car loans every month. Learn about the interest they pay, how they get their loans, and more.
Stock Trading 06/18/2021 Financial Advisor Report 3 million Canadians to stop using a financial advisor in 2021
Divorce 3/11/2021 Divorce Statistics Nearly 5 million Canadians have experienced a breakup since the start of the pandemic. Read more to find out tips for the suddenly single.
Credit Cards 2/15/2021 Credit Card Crunch 10.5 million Canadians are stressed about their pandemic credit card debt.
Savings Accounts 01/252021 Canada household savings statistics Canadian households are forecast to have saved 27.4% of their income in 2020. Find out how Canadians saved in 2020.
Cryptocurrency 11/2/2021 Solona Price Predictions What's in store for the price of SOL this year and beyond?
Cryptocurrency 7/14/2021 Dogecoin Price Predictions What does the future hold for the value of Dogecoin (DOGE)? Nothing bright, according to the panel.
Cryptocurrency 7/14/2021 Ethereum Price Predictions Ethereum to be worth $15,364 by 2025.
Cryptocurrency 17/12/2020 Bitcoin Price Predictions We asked 47 experts for their cryptocurrency price predictions and took a deep dive into the Bitcoin price rally.
Shopping 14/12/2020 Porch Pirates An estimated 6.9 million adults (nearly 1 in 4 Canadians) admit to being victims of porch pirates!
Mortgages 16/12/2020 Canadian mortgage statistics Discover average mortgage sizes around Canada and much more with our comprehensive guide to mortgage statistics.
Car insurance 28/09/2020 Road Safety Statistics From texting and driving to running red lights, an estimated 19.1 million Canadians adults admit to dangerous driving in the last year.
Shopping 14/10/2020 Halloween statistics 2020 62% of Canadians won’t celebrate, while 9 out of 10 say no to trick or treating.
Insurance 28/09/2020 Car Insurance Statistics Canadians want to know what car insurance policy is right for them. But what factors really determine what they pay? Read more and find out.
Business loan statistics 28/08/2020 Car Insurance Statistics Is now the time to get a business loan? Find out how much debt business owners take on each year, approval rates and more.
Investing 28/08/2020 Stock trading statistics Economic shutdowns impact Canadians' interest in stock trading, with traffic to popular share trading sites doubling (117%) from May 2019 to May 2020.
Student Loan Regret 25/08/2020 Student loan regret While about 73% of Canadians said they attended a post-secondary institution at some point, 81% who took out a loan have some regrets.
Home Loans 21/07/2020 Generation Boomerang About 1.5 million Canadians have moved back in with their parents due to COVID-19. Read the full report and see who else has made a move.
Banking 20/04/2020 Digital Banking Statistics Find out which generation is most interested in digital banking
Shopping 16/03/2020 Doomsday prepper statistics 46% of Canadian adults have prepped for an emergency, but just 4% have prepped for a pandemic specifically, according to the latest data from Finder.
Insurance 24/02/2020 Insurance-paid upgrade report From broken bones to lost engagement rings, many Canadians are willing to put it all on the line for an insurance-paid upgrade. How far would you go?
Partner Debt 1/2/2020 Sexually transmitted debt Nearly one in three Canadians have contracted an average of $17,417 in sexually transmitted debt.
Shopping 18/12/2019 Drunk shopping Are we making poor decisions after drinking? It turns out that almost 1 in 3 Canadians admit to shopping under the influence.
Shopping 30/10/2019 Cost of convenience New research from Finder reveals half of Canadians adults (49.92%, or 14.92 million people) spend $2,459.52 a year on conveniences like food delivery, ride-sharing and subscription boxes.
Money transfers 26/09/2019 Finder's Starbucks Index Report 2019 Ever wondered how much a Starbucks tall latte costs around the world? And what does that say about the value of currency? Finder's Starbucks Index 2019 delves into the data to find out.
Money 22/05/2019 Cost of wine markups We compared the average mark-up on wine at popular Toronto wine bars.
Personal loans 5/1/2021 Personal loans statistics From the frivolous big ticket items such as weddings and holidays, to more practical expenses, like higher education and mortgages, Finder surveyed 1,200 Canadian adults to find that 65.33%, or 19.52 million, Canadians have taken out a personal loan.
Money 16/04/2019 Best and worst household savers Finder analysis of OECD data found that Canadians rank in the bottom half of 29 countries for saving.
Shopping 19/02/2019 Cost of different diets Finder research reveals that the Atkins diet is the most expensive for adults, costing $4,814 annually. See how other diets rank by cost and weight loss.
Money 20/03/2019 Cost of city living How much can we really save by escaping the city? Finder calculates the price difference between a city and a suburban home in 92 countries.
Credit cards 13/01/2019 Credit card statistics Credit cards are convenient, but can lead to a downward debt spiral. Let's take a look at the state of Canada's credit card use.

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