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TD Bank Credit Cards

TD offers a variety of credit cards that allow you to earn cash back and Aeroplan points which can be used towards discounts on travel and merchandise.

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TD Bank has hundreds of branches across Canada and provides a range of different credit cards including rewards, premium, student, business, balance transfer, no annual fee and travel cards. Whether you’re a student, business owner, frequent traveller or big spender, there are credit cards suited for your spending needs. Many TD Bank credit cards also come with additional features such as complimentary travel insurance, the ability to earn points, miles or cash back, and even premium features such as airport lounge access. Learn how to apply for a TD Bank credit card below and discover the eligibility requirements.

Types of TD Bank credit cards available

TD Bank offer credit cards that suit a variety of different financial situations. Choose from credit cards that each offer specific benefits like extra perks, complimentary insurance, Aeroplan Miles, TD Bank travel rewards, cash back, student benefits, low rates and zero fees. Here’s a summary of each of the main types of TD Bank credit cards that are offered:

  • Travel Rewards credit cards
TD Bank offer a few different travel rewards credit cards that allow you to earn points per dollar spent. These cards offer travel insurance, flexibility and plenty of perks. You can redeem points for flights, hotels and other travel related expenses.

  • Aeroplan points credit cards

In addition to earning Aeroplan points with every dollar spent, you can earn more miles on eligible purchases which include gas and groceries. These cards typically come with a high annual fee, however they offer frequent travellers a suite of travel insurance, access to airport lounges and luxury travel experiences, plus thousands of welcome bonus points.

  • Cash Back credit cards
TD Bank Cash Back credit cards give you cash back on all of your purchases. Once you reach a certain threshold of rewards, you can redeem the cash back to pay down your credit card balance. Cash back cards allow you to earn even more cash back dollars on eligible purchases, like gas and groceries, and they typically come with complimentary insurance.

  • No Annual Fee credit cards

Whether you want to earn cash back dollars or points that you can use toward merchandise, you can reap the benefits you want from a no annual fee credit card. With a $0 annual fee, these cards typically come with complimentary insurance.

  • Low Rate credit cards

If you tend to carry a balance from month to month, you may consider a low rate credit card. You can typically choose from cards that offer both low purchase and cash advance interest rates.

  • Student credit cards
TD Bank offer a host of credit cards tailored specifically for students. These cards typically come with zero or low annual fees and allow you to tailor the card for your spending needs and habits. Choose from cash back, rewards, travel perks and more with TD Bank student credit cards.

  • Business credit cards

A variety of business credit cards are offered by TD Bank, alongside dedicated business solutions including advice from TD Bank advisors. These cards generally provide discounts, complimentary insurance, as well as protection and security.

  • US dollar credit cards
TD Bank offer a US dollar credit card that allows you to make purchases in US dollars without facing any foreign currency conversion fees. This credit card comes with a host of different insurances including travel, auto rental and collision insurance. Furthermore, this card comes with Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection.

The benefits of banking with TD Bank

Some of the features you can enjoy when you get a TD Bank credit card include:

  • TD Bank rewards

TD Bank typically offer a specific type of reward depending on the credit card you choose. These rewards include cash back, points per dollar that you can use toward merchandise, Aeroplan Miles, TD Bank travel rewards and more.

  • TD Bank Internet and mobile banking

If you have a TD Bank credit card, you can access your account online through TD Bank Online Banking. You can also download the TD Bank mobile app and access your credit card accounts via your smartphone. This means you can manage your credit card account, pay bills, send money transfers domestically and overseas, request a credit limit increase on your card or apply for another TD Bank product at any time, either online or via the app.

  • TD Bank credit card complimentary extras

Many TD Bank credit cards come with complimentary extras including Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection. Premium cards, such as platinum credit cards, tend to come with additional complimentary extras which may include travel insurance, auto rental and collision insurance, concierge services, airport lounge access, luxury travel benefits and a suite of other extensive insurance coverage.

  • TD Bank credit cards security

TD Bank offers a host of security products with credit cards including Instant Alerts for fraudulent activity on your account, Chip & PIN technology, Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection. You can receive alerts on your phone from TD Bank if there is any suspicious or unusual activity on your account.

How to apply for a TD Bank credit card

Before you get started on your application, you should make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the specific credit card that you are interested in. Furthermore, have the necessary documents on hand so that you can correctly fill out the application form. Eligibility requirements can sometimes vary between credit cards but generally include the following:

Eligibility requirements

  • Your age. You should be the age of majority in your province or territory.
  • Your residency status. You typically need to be a Canadian resident to apply for a Canadian credit card.
  • Your credit history. Check your credit score if you are unsure of your credit history before applying for a credit card. Most credit cards will require you to have good to excellent credit, while some may accept fair to poor credit, depending on the specific credit card.

Information you will need for your application

After checking that you are eligible for the credit card, you will need to gather the following information in order to proceed with the application process:

  • Personal information. You’ll need to provide personal information such as your address and your contact information. You’ll also need to verify your identity by providing an accepted form of identification, such as your driver’s license number or passport number.
  • Financial information. You will need information about your current employment, income and assets like shares or property and your employer’s contact details. If you are self-employed, you may need to provide information regarding your expenses, liabilities and your accountant’s contact information.
TD Bank offers a range of credit cards that suit all types of spending habits and financial situations. Whether you are an avid traveller or paying down a big debt, there are plenty of different credit card options that could work for you.

Frequently asked questions about TD Bank credit cards

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