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Dodge Charger insurance rates

Average Dodge Charger insurance rates

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How much is car insurance for a Dodge Charger?

The Dodge Charger is a mid-range car that’s somewhat pricey to insure. The average insurance costs for a Dodge Charger is $204 a month, or $2,448 a year. With a base price of $30,895 the annual insurance cost–to–base car price ratio is 7.9%.

Originally released in 1966, there have been seven generations of the Dodge Charger to date. Although the first models of the Charger were produced as a two-door coupe, the modern version is a sedan, the only four-door muscle car currently in production. The large car is known for its spacious interior, sporty handling, strong V8 engine and low base price. Despite its understated design, the Charger can have up to 700 horsepower, which could make it expensive to insure.

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How to compare insurance for the Dodge Charger

Shopping for auto insurance is no fun; coverage can be expensive, industry language can be confusing and let’s face it, nobody wants to pay for something they hope to never use. And to make it worse, coverage is mandatory in every province. So while you won’t be able to avoid buying coverage, you can shop around to get a better price. Here are a few things you should consider.

  • Price. Be sure to use the same details when getting quotes from providers. This will allow you to compare similar coverage to find the best price.
  • Deductible. Choose a deductible that fits your budget but keep in mind that the amount you choose and influence your monthly premiums.
  • Minimum coverage. Every province has minimum coverage requirements. Ensure your provincial minimums are met before purchasing a policy.
  • Additional coverage. Personal injury protection and medical payments coverage are two of many ways you can extend your coverage. Find out what options are available and be sure to include them when getting quotes.
  • Extras. Every policy comes with different features, so it’s important to find out what’s included and what you’ll need to pay extra for.
  • Restrictions. Some providers may have policy restrictions. Find out if any apply to you so that you can avoid gaps in coverage or denied claims.
  • Manufacturer offer or loyalty discount. Manufacturer offers and loyalty discounts can help you save on auto insurance. Find out if Dodge has any partnerships to provide any special offers.
  • Warranty. Find out what’s covered by your manufacturer or extended warranty to avoid paying for overlapping coverage.

What factors affect Dodge Charger insurance rates?

Your auto insurance premiums are largely influenced by your chances of filing claims and the cost to pay them out. Since vehicle performance, theft rates, safety features and other details can vary between makes and models, insurance providers rely on your choice of vehicle when calculating your rates. Here’s how the Dodge Charger measures up.

  • Body type. The Charger is a four-door sedan that’s designed for performance but packed with safety features that make it a great family car. This could bring down the cost of insurance.
  • Type of car. The Dodge Charger is a muscle car is available with a lot of power. It’s potential to be driven at high speeds could make it more expensive to insure.
  • Theft. The Charger has one of the highest theft rates compared to other vehicles, which could increase the cost of coverage.
  • Repairs. Repairs for the Dodge Charger are quite affordable. While this cost may be higher on the more expensive versions, the low cost of repairs could reduce your premiums.
  • Safety ratings. The Dodge Charger has great safety ratings in almost every category, which may bring down the cost of insurance.
  • Fuel type. The Charger runs on gas, which is usually cheaper to insure compared to diesel and hybrid vehicles.
  • Trim & packages. Choosing options that drastically increase the vehicle’s power or value could lead to more expensive insurance. However, features that improve safety or visibility could have the opposite effect.

Dodge Charger money-saving safety features

    You could save money on car insurance for your Dodge Charger if it comes equipped with these safety features.

    • Anti-lock brake discount
    • Anti-theft discount
    • Passive restraint discount (Airbags, motorized seat belts, etc.)
    • Emergency roadside assistance discount

    Dodge Charger reliability & safety ratings

    The 2020 Dodge Charger holds almost near-perfect ratings in almost every category from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

    In terms of reliability, the Charger gets a 89/100 score from J.D. Power, which is above average for other vehicles in its category.

    Dodge Charger maintenance

    While the Charger is designed for performance, it’s the only four-door muscle car in production. This configuration makes it a great option for families or anyone that values the convenience of a sedan with the power of a muscle car. The higher-end models may require regular maintenance if they’re driven aggressively, but the entry-level versions should be fine with routine oil changes and other recommended service appointments. Here’s what to expect.

    • Dodge recommends an oil change every 13,000 kilometres or 6 months, whichever comes first.
    • Oil changes should cost between $100 and $150, but your price may vary depending on how frequently your vehicle is driven and where you bring it for service.
    • Consult your owners manual for more details on the service schedule for the Dodge Charger.

    Is an extended warranty worth it for the Dodge Charger?

    The Charger comes with a standard three-year/60,000-kilomoetre limited warranty and five-year/100,000-kilometre powertrain warranty. New vehicles also include five years of corrosion protection and roadside assistance.

    Dodge doesn’t offer an extended warranty for the Charger but there are two vehicle protection plans available through its parent company, Mopar. Terms are available to covers parts, rental allowances and more. The Charger is rated below average for reliability, so these protection plans can provide peace of mind after the initial warranty runs out.

    Bottom line

    Starting at just under $30,895, the Dodge Charger offers a balance between convenience and power. While the entry-level Charger SXT comes with about 300 horsepower, there are a number of models and options that have the potential to put out over 700. Despite its power, every model comes equipped with great safety and driver assistance features that may be eligible for auto insurance discounts. There are still a number of factors that can influence the cost of insurance, which is why it’s important to compare your options to find the best price for the coverage you need.

    Frequently asked questions about the Dodge Charger

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