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Compare sports car insurance and coverage

The right policy balances cost with ample coverage for your car's performance parts.

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Name Product Accident Forgiveness Min. Liability Coverage Discounts Available Online Claims Available Provinces
Surex Auto Insurance
Up to 25%
Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, PEI, Yukon
Submit one application and receive quotes from 10+ insurers. Save up to 25% on your car insurance, plus get access to an insurance advisor.

Who it might be good for: Drivers looking to use an insurance broker to compare multiple pricing and coverage options.
Onlia Car Insurance
Over $500*
Get premium auto insurance coverage with Onlia. Save money on your auto insurance through safe driving discounts and bundling insurance options.

Who it might be good for: Drivers in Ontario looking to save on insurance costs by driving safely.
Aviva Car Insurance
Up to 25%
Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Yukon
Aviva car insurance offers customizable policies, discounts and optional insurance coverage add-ons. Get a free quote through Surex.

Who it might be good for: Drivers looking to customize their auto policy.
Travelers Car Insurance
Up to 25%
Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Yukon
Travelers auto insurance offers a selection of coverage options for just about any type of vehicle. Get a free quote through Surex.

Who it might be good for: Drivers looking to get car, motorcycle, classic car, motorhome or recreational vehicle coverage.
Sports cars are notoriously expensive to insure but even more expensive to repair if you don’t have the right coverage. Compare sports car policies that fit your needs and budget, including what to expect for young drivers.

What coverage do sports cars need?

Sports car insurance is designed to cover high-performance cars built to go fast. These compact cars usually have two seats and are set much lower to the ground in order to increase speed and perform better around corners.

The type of coverage you need depends on your budget and car. Coverage options include:

  • Full coverage. A full-coverage policy includes liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. It’s the most expensive option because it provides the most protection for your car.
  • Track days. Standard insurance won’t cover your car while it’s on a racetrack. If you’re feeling the need for serious speed, check with your insurer before hitting the track.
  • Modifications. Your insurer may allow you to make a number of preapproved modifications or agree to insure your already modified car.
  • International coverage. If you’re planning to race in another country, check to make sure your insurance will cover you.

What’s considered a sports car for insurance purposes?

Car insurance companies don’t have an official definition for sports cars that regulate these cars’ premiums. But many companies charge more for cars with high-powered engines, convertible tops and high ticket value. These are often defining characteristics of sports cars, leading to higher rates for this type of car overall.

How much does insurance cost for a sports car?

The average monthly cost of car insurance is in the $250 range, depending on the car model. That puts the average annual insurance cost upwards of $3,000 for most sports cars, much higher than that of most other car models. Compare insurance rates for some of the most popular sports car models.

Average insurance rates for popular sports cars

Sports car make & modelAverage monthly insurance rate
Audi R8$269
Subaru WRX$231
Dodge Challenger$186
Lamborghini Aventador$288
Ford Mustang$237
BMW 3 series$327
Mazda MX-5$136
Nissan GT-R$342

How much is sports car insurance for young drivers?

Young drivers under 25 years old tend to see the highest car insurance premiums across all age groups. For example, an 18 year old might spend $11,100 insuring a non-sports car every year. That price drops to $4,700 per year for a 22 year old. Add to that the high premiums typical of sports cars, and it can get pretty pricey.

How can I get cheap car insurance for a sports car?

To get a lower premium, you can:

  • Increase security. If your car is not fitted with an anti-theft alarm, think about adding one to reduce your premium. Also, cars kept in a locked garage may see cheaper rates.
  • Add experienced drivers. Adding an older and more experienced driver to your policy could lower the premium.
  • Limit modifications. Modifying your car will likely raise your premiums.
  • Advanced driving course. Completing an advanced driving course, also known as a defensive driving course, can earn you discounts with some providers.
  • Shop around. Compare quotes from different insurers to get the best rate. And compare again instead of automatically renewing when your policy is up.

Why is sports car insurance so expensive?

Like traditional car insurance, sports car insurers will look at several factors when calculating the risk and premiums of a sports car and its driver.

Sports cars are more expensive to insure because they can be:

  • Driven faster and are therefore more likely to be involved in accidents
  • More likely to be targeted by thieves
  • More expensive to repair
  • Repaired only by certified or specialized mechanics
  • Imported or modified

    Bottom line

    If you own a sports car, you’ll likely pay more for car insurance than someone who owns a minivan. But that doesn’t mean you should just accept the first quote you see. Save money by learning more and comparing quotes from different insurers before purchasing a policy.

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