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Order high-quality gold straight from the Royal Canadian Mint using this reputable US-based online mobile app. 

Vaulted is a trusted US-based online gold dealer that will let you buy and sell gold with ease using its innovative online app.

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Product details

Available metals Gold
Product types Bars
Locations Online
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Standard delivery fee N/A
Standard storage fees N/A
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When you place an order via the Vaulted app, your gold bars will come directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. You’ll just need to send Vaulted a wire transfer or online money transfer to load funds into your account.

Once your order has been approved through the online app, it will be packed up for delivery using a registered courier. Your order can also be stored at the Royal Canadian Mint for safekeeping if you don’t mind paying an additional fee. As an added bonus, any order you place for gold will be fully insured, audited and tracked using a unique serial number.

30-second take

  • Think about this gold dealer if you want to order Canadian Mint products using an innovative mobile web app.
  • Choose something else if you don’t want to pay an annual maintenance fee or you’d rather not have to deal in US dollars.
  • You’ll need to pay a N/A fee to sell or purchase gold, along with an annual maintenance fee of 0.4% on the value of any gold you’ve purchased with your account.

What does Vaulted sell?

Vaulted sells 99.99% fine gold bars that come directly from the Royal Canadian Mint. They come bearing the Royal Canadian Mint’s hallmark as well as an imprint certifying their weight and fineness. The Mint also participates in the Responsible Gold Certificate program, which means that they’ll only purchase gold that’s certified conflict-free.

How does buying from Vaulted work?

Vaulted is an online mobile web app that allows you to purchase physical gold. All you need to do to purchase your gold is send a wire transfer to Vaulted to input money into your account. You can also send money via an online transfer company like TransferWise. If you have a US bank account, you’ll be able to link this directly to the app to fund your account.

What payment methods can I use?

There are only two ways that you can put money into your Vaulted account to fund your purchases:

  • Wire transfer. You’ll be able to fund your account with a wire transfer from your bank, though this is a relatively expensive option.
  • Online money transfer. You can use an online money transfer company like TransferWise to send funds to Vaulted.

Unlike other providers, Vaulted won’t allow you to make your payments through credit card, PayPal transfer or Interac online transfer. You’ll also have to pay to exchange your Canadian dollars into US dollars (and vice versa) whenever you want to buy or sell gold.

Shipping information

Once you place an order through Vaulted‘s web app, it will be sent to you by courier or stored in a secured vault at the Royal Canadian Mint. If it’s sent to you via courier, your package will be fully insured and you’ll get a specific tracking number to track your order. If it’s stored at the Mint, it will be kept in a secured vault that’s insured by Lloyds of London.

Does shipping cost extra?

If you decide to have your gold delivered to your home address, you’ll have to pay shipping costs from the Royal Canadian Mint as well as your courier. Average shipping costs are outlined below and are listed in US dollars.

  • Royal Canadian Mint. N/A
  • Courier. Shipping varies depending on the carrier and delivery location, with average costs around $100 for delivery within a week

How much will I have to pay for my order?

The price you’ll have to pay for your order will depend on how much gold you buy. It will also depend on the premium over spot price that you have to pay your dealer. This is the amount you’ll pay on top of the market price of gold to facilitate the exchange with your dealer.

Vaulted charges a fee of 1.8% on the price of the gold you’re purchasing or selling to facilitate any transaction. This means you’ll pay around $18 in fees for every $1,000 you spend on gold. You’ll also have to pay an annual account maintenance fee of 0.4% on the cumulative worth of all of the gold you’ve purchased with your account.

What types of orders can I place?

You can choose to order gold for delivery or storage, depending on your preferences. Both order types come with fees and both are protected by insurance.

  • Doorstep orders. You can get gold bars delivered discreetly to your front door. These orders are delivered by a registered courier and are fully insured up until the moment you sign for your package.
  • Storage orders. You can choose to store your gold in a secured vault at the Royal Canadian Mint. These facilities charge a fee for storage but you won’t have to pay for shipping and your gold will be fully insured for the entire term of your investment.

How does selling to Vaulted work?

You can sell your gold quickly and easily using Vaulted‘s online app. All you need to do is log in to your Vaulted account, click “Sell Gold” and enter the amount of gold you want to sell. From there, your order will be processed during the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) opening hours. You can also call in to speak with a Vaulted advisor if you don’t feel comfortable selling your gold on the web app.

How do Vaulted prices compare to competitors?

Vaulted offers a competitive mark-up on its gold products, but it also charges an account maintenance fee that can eat into your profits.

  • Buy prices. Vaulted‘s prices are very competitive compared to the industry standard for online gold sellers. It only charges a markup of N/A over the spot rate of gold (which is the rate that gold sells at on the global market). This is low compared to the industry average mark-up, which can be as high as 8%.
  • Sell prices. Your sell rate will typically be the spot price of gold minus a fee of N/A. This is a fairly competitive sell rate since many competitors will offer a lower return rate on your gold products.

One feature to keep in mind for both buy and sell rates is that any money you spend or make on gold sales will be in US dollars. This means you may lose money on the exchange fee you need to pay to convert between US and Canadian dollars.

Is Vaulted safe?

Vaulted is a reputable gold seller that’s backed by McAlvany Financial Group, which is the parent company of one of the oldest and largest gold brokerage firms in the United States.

How does Vaulted keep my money safe?

Vaulted offers full insurance on all of its gold products that are shipped out or held in storage with the Royal Canadian Mint.

As for data protection, Vaulted follows rigorous data-management policies to ensure the security of your purchase history and personal information. It encrypts any data you put into the system and backs up your data in multiple locations to reduce risk. It also follows strict policies on internal and external data access in compliance with industry-leading best practices.

Customer reviews and complaints

Vaulted doesn’t seem to have a significant number of customer ratings on pages like Google or Trustpilot. That said, the service is reviewed by several independent review sites. These sites praise the low fee that Vaulted charges to buy and sell gold. They also seem to appreciate how easy it is to purchase gold using the online web app.

One of the main complaints that reviewers seem to have is that you have to pay a maintenance fee on your account. They also seem unhappy about the lack of tax-free or registered investment plans on offer.

Pros and cons


  • Up-to-the-minute pricing. Gold prices update regularly so you know your pricing is always current and up to the market standard.
  • Low fees. You’ll only have to pay a N/A markup on any gold you purchase.
  • Mint-direct products. The products you buy are ethically sourced directly from the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Storage options. You can choose to keep the gold you buy in a fully-insured vault at the Royal Canadian Mint if you don’t want it shipped to your house.
  • Expert advice. You can speak to an expert for guidance on how and when it’s best to purchase gold.
  • Secure data. The cybersecurity of the app is regularly audited and any personal information you submit will be subject to strict data access policies.


  • US-based company. Vaulted is a US company, which means all the transactions you make will be carried out in US dollars.
  • No cancellations. You won’t be able to cancel your order once it’s placed and you may incur market losses if you choose to sell your gold quickly.
  • Account maintenance fee. You’ll have to pay a fee of 0.4% on the total amount of gold you purchase, which can add up if you make multiple purchases.
  • No in-person service. You won’t be able to pick up your gold in person, so you’ll need to rely on a courier service to get it delivered to you.
  • Computer-based. You’ll have to be somewhat computer literate to navigate the purchasing process since it’s all carried out online.
  • Extra fee for storage. You’ll have to pay an additional fee if you want to store your gold at the Royal Canadian Mint.

How do I contact Vaulted support?

You can contact Vaulted by calling into its customer service line at 844-288-8024. Just keep in mind that this is a US number and may incur service charges. You can also send Vaulted an email through its dedicated business account at You may also be able to take advantage of live chat options through its online app.

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Bottom line

Vaulted is a reputable online gold dealer based in the United States and offers gold sales to Canada. This dealer offers competitive prices, quality products and extensive insurance on any order you place. You’ll be able to get your gold shipped straight to your door, or you can pay a fee to store it in a secured vault at the Royal Canadian Mint.

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