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Best stock picking services

Compare 15 of the best stock advisors based on unique attributes, cost, pros and cons.

Stock picking services (also known as stock advisor services) can help you find high-growth stocks for your portfolio based on top picks from high-performing analysts or specialized algorithms. This guide is geared toward helping beginner and intermediate stock traders compare the best stock picking service in Canada.

What is a stock picking service?

A stock picking service helps you pick high-performing stocks based on insight from leading analysts or unique algorithms that anticipate which stocks will beat the average market rates. These services give you stock ideas or stock picks to consider to save you from having to do a ton of research on your own.

Stock picking services are different from the following investment tools:

  • Stock screeners. Screeners help you filter your results based on specific criteria but don’t provide recommendations for which stocks to pick.
  • Stock scanners. Scanners are research tools used to consolidate and streamline stock-related data and alerts in real time.
  • Stock brokers. Brokers are the service providers you use to trade stocks – for example, Wealthsimple, Questrade and Qtrade Direct Investing.

Best investment newsletters

Best stock picking services of 2024

The best stock picking service depends on your individual investment style. Here are some of the top services:

Ticker Nerd: Best for those who prefer to do minimal research

  • What to expect. Well-researched stock picks for companies with strong potential to grow quickly. Includes 12 reports per year with 2-3 exclusive stock picks per report.

Ticker Nerd screenshot

  • What makes Ticker Nerd unique? Uses advanced software and custom tools to track hundreds of signals and data points to find stocks before they take off.
  • Cost. Annual fee of $199 or $19.95 per month
  • Free trial. 30-day free trial
  • Detailed reports on stock picks
  • Access to stock pick archives when you sign up
  • Access to crypto insights and picks
  • Founded less than 2 years ago
  • Lack of extensive track record makes it difficult to monitor growth

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Seeking Alpha: Best for those who prefer to do comprehensive stock research

  • What to expect. Stock picks from various authors, customized research tools and commentary, and rating tools such as dividend grades and comparative stock ratings.

Seeking Alpha screenshot

  • What makes Seeking Alpha unique? Allows you to take a research-based and comparative approach to investing in stocks, with stock picks attributed to individual analysts so you can pick your favorite.
  • Cost. Premium is $19.99 per month. There’s also a very basic free version (with no stock picks) and a pro version ($199 per month on an annual plan).
  • Free trial. 14-day free trial for premium and pro
  • Holistic approach to investing
  • Offers a basic free version
  • Built-in research tools
  • Analyst-specific stock picks
  • Well established (founded in 2004)
  • Pro version is more expensive than many other services
  • Premium still has ads

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Best for investing in low-risk, well-known companies

  • What to expect. Regular newsletters outlining which stocks to buy, and real-time emails indicating when to sell certain stocks.

The Motley Fool screenshot

  • What makes Stock Advisor unique? Long-standing company with library of educational resources and expert stock recommendations. Glowing reviews from industry experts such as TIME Magazine and The Economist.
  • Cost. Annual fee of $99 for new members or $199 for existing members
  • Free trial. Pay upfront, but a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Well-established company
  • Reasonable price for new investors
  • High growth (3x the the S&P 500 over the last 20 years)
  • More expensive for long-term members

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers: Best for investing in risky, new companies

  • What to expect. Two stock picks each month plus buy now bonuses. You’ll also get starter stock recommendations for new investors.

The Motley Fool Rule Breakers screenshot

  • What makes Rule Breakers unique? Focuses on picking high-growth stocks from newer companies.
  • Cost. Annual fee of $299
  • Free trial. Pay upfront, but a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Well-established company
  • Strong track record
  • Potential for higher rewards with greater risk (consistently exceeds returns from S&P 500)
  • Can be bundled with other Motley Fool products
  • More expensive than Motley Fool Stock Advisor, with smaller growth
  • Riskier investments

Motley Fool’s Everlasting Stocks: Best for accessing The Motley Fool CEO’s stock picks

  • What to expect. Access to 15 stock recommendations from Tom Gardner’s personal holdings and quarterly recommendations as long as you’re a member.

The Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks screenshot

  • What makes Everlasting Stocks unique? You’ll get members-only access to a proprietary model portfolio allocation guidance tool.
  • Cost. Annual fee of $299
  • Free trial. Pay upfront, but a 30-day money back guarantee
  • 15 stock recommendations instantly
  • Can be bundled with other Motley Fool products
  • Access to CEO’s holdings
  • More expensive than Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  • Less frequent stock picks (quarterly)

Pilot Trading: Best for aligning your investments with trader sentiment

  • What to expect. A mobile app that scans the market to find out what other traders are doing and notifies you when prime trading opportunities are taking place for stocks, forex, futures and crypto.

Pilot Trading screenshot

  • What makes Pilot Trading unique? The service doesn’t depend on news or social sentiment signals to determine stock picks, but instead analyzes how other traders are feeling and behaving in the market to identify high-value stocks.
  • Cost. USD $19.99 per month, test it out with a free demo version
  • Free trial. 14 days
  • Psychology-based algorithms
  • Real-time alerts and stock picks
  • Demo lets you try the service for free
  • Mobile app only
  • Reviews under 4 stars on Google Play and the Apple Store
  • Monthly fee even though service claims to be free

Elon stocks: Best for investing in stocks mentioned by Elon Musk

  • What to expect. A very simple service that sends you a text whenever Elon Musk tweets about a stock. This allows you to buy that stock immediately before it gains traction with other investors.

Elon Stocks screenshot

  • What makes Elon stocks unique? Gives you a head start on the market if you aren’t on Twitter but want to take advantage of market increases which usually occur when Elon Musk tweets about a stock.
  • Cost. $10 per month
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Very easy to use and understand
  • Gives you a headstart on the market
  • Only $10 per month
  • No research or analysis tools
  • Stock picks strictly related to Elon Musk’s Twitter activity

Financhill Smart Money: Best for following billionaires’ investments

  • What to expect. Look inside the portfolios of stock trading legends including Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, Steven Cohen and Eddie Lampert to see how they’re investing and which strategy you might like to follow.

Financhill Smart Money screenshot

  • What makes Financhill Smart Money unique? Access billionaire portfolios and mix and match stocks or replicate one person’s holdings exactly to build your own portfolio.
  • Cost. $497 per year
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Access to reputable and in-demand portfolios
  • Mix and match or replicate stocks
  • Learn from self-made billionaires
  • No real-time stock picks
  • Annual fee paid upfront
  • No research or analysis tools

Zacks Ultimate: Best for diversifying your investments

  • What to expect. Real-time buy and sell alerts from private portfolios, daily briefings on key developments and portfolio changes, research tools/market insights, and a wide variety of stock picks.

Zachs Ultimate screenshot

  • What makes Zacks Ultimate unique? Maintains lists of stock picks based on your area of interest. Some categories include stocks under $10, healthcare innovators, commodity innovators, Zacks top 10 stocks and Zacks short sell list (plus many more).
  • Cost. $299 per month, basic version with no stock picks is free
  • Free trial. 30 days for $1, with money-back guarantee for up to 90 days
  • Stock picks by sector or interest
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Diverse research tools
  • High growth potential
  • Expensive monthly fee
  • So many stock picks can be hard to narrow down

The Maley Report: Best for getting stock picks from a seasoned Wall Street veteran

  • What to expect. Email newsletters, educational resources, blog posts, videos and stock picks based on Matt Maley’s predictions and formed by in-depth macro, fundamental and technical analysis of the market.

The Maley Report screenshot

  • What makes The Maley Report unique? Get stock picks and market insights from a long-time Wall Street analyst and market strategist seen as an industry expert by news agencies such as CNBC, Bloomberg, the New York Times and more.
  • Cost. $49 per month or get two months free on an annual subscription ($490)
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Less expensive than other services
  • Stock picks based on long-term industry expertise
  • Decent average growth profile
  • Array of educational resources
  • No research or analysis tools
  • Stock picks aren’t vetted by a team of analysts (like with many other services)
  • No free trial

WallStreetZen: Best for getting Wall Street analyst stock picks for a low monthly fee

  • What to expect. Top analyst ratings, stock picks from the top 25% of best performing analysts on Wall Street, library of free stock ideas, forecasts and price targets for US stocks, insider buys and stock screening tools.

WallStreetZen screenshot

  • What makes WallStreetZen unique? Offers stock picks from leading Wall Street analysts for a low annual fee. You can also take advantage of a solid array of stock picks and basic features for free.
  • Cost. $19 per month or $150 per year – there’s also a basic free version
  • Free trial. 14-day trial for $1
  • Reliable stock picks
  • Affordable monthly or yearly fee
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Data-driven
  • No in-depth research reports
  • Annual fee must be paid upfront Best for accessing lots of stock picks and dedicated customer service

  • What to expect. Access 9 model portfolios, Canadian and US foundational stock picks, individual growth and dividend stock picks, in-depth stock reports, screening tools and a members-only discord channel. screenshot

  • What makes unique? Highly-rated and low-cost Canada-based service that’s mentioned on prominent publications such as Forbes, MoneySense, Forbes, CBC and the Globe and Mail.
  • Cost. $30 per month or $300 per year
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Affordable monthly and annual fee
  • 30–day money back guarantee
  • Variety of stock picks
  • Special discord channel
  • High ratings on TrustPilot (4.7)
  • Not as established (only founded in 2016)
  • No mobile app

Simply Wall St: Best for getting free stock picks

  • What to expect. Get dozens of lists outlining stock picks by sector or area of interest plus five company reports per month, five analyses of portfolio stocks and five watchlists. You can also pay more to get additional features with premium or unlimited.

Simply Wall St. screenshot

  • What makes Simply Wall St. unique? Maintains lists of free stock picks based on your area of interest. Some categories include tech, oil, energy, airline, dividend, top growth and trending stocks.
  • Cost. Free for limited service, USD$10 per month for premium or USD$20 per month for unlimited.
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Free service for basic access
  • 14-day money back guarantee for pro and unlimited
  • High ratings on Google Reviews (4.4 out of 300+ reviews)
  • Lists of stock pics by sector
  • So many stock picks can be hard to narrow down

Tim Alerts: Best for investing in penny stocks

  • What to expect. A daily newsletter from penny stock trader and self-made millionaire Timothy Sykes, outlining his stock picks. You’ll also get real-time emails notifying you whenever he executes a trade throughout the day.

Tim Alerts screenshot

  • What makes Tim Alerts unique? Provides daily emails with high-value penny stock picks to help you increase your profits without spending beyond your means.
  • Cost. $74.95 per month or $697 per year.
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Focuses on penny stock picks
  • Real-time emails for on-the-spot trades
  • Many free educational resources
  • Expensive monthly fee for limited services
  • No free trial or money back guarantee
  • Lack of research tools

Super Trades with Paul Scolardi: Best for swing traders

  • What to expect. Daily market commentary, daily stock watchlists, email and text alerts for trade picks and stocks to watch.

Super Trades Paul Scolardi screenshot

  • What makes Superman Trades unique? Provides stock picks from a veteran swing trader who focuses on buying stocks with high-growth potential.
  • Cost. $550 per quarter (or $1,997 per year)
  • Free trial. No free trial
  • Focused on short to medium term investments with high-growth potential
  • Dedicated to part-time traders
  • Real-time emails for instant trades
  • Expensive quarterly and annual fee
  • Fee must be paid upfront
  • No free trial or money back guarantee
  • Lack of research tools

What to look for in a stock picking service

Look for the following features when selecting the best stock picking service or the best stock advisor service for your needs:

  • Aligns with your strategy. Some stock picking services are targeted towards day traders or penny stock holders while others are for long-term investors. Pick the service that best fits your needs and investment goals.
  • Strong track record. Make sure the service you pick has solid reviews and a good eye for picking stocks that beat the market. The longer the track record the better.
  • Transparent and honest. Pick a service that’s honest about its wins and losses. Avoid signing up without testing the service with a free trial period, and look for money-back guarantees so you can cancel if you’re not satisfied with your results.
  • Affordable. Some stock picking services are free but most cost money – ranging between $10 and $300 per month. You can mix and match a paid service with a free service to get the best repertoire of stock picks without spending a fortune.

Want to start investing? Open a stock trading account

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Name Product Finder Rating Available Asset Types Stock Trading Fee Account Fee Signup Offer Table description
Interactive Brokers
Finder Score:
4.2 / 5
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Index Funds, ETFs, Currencies, Futures
min $1.00, max 0.5%
Winner for Best Overall Broker in the Finder Stock Trading Platform Awards.
Moomoo Financial Canada
Finder Score:
3.9 / 5
Stocks, Options, ETFs
Get up to $1,200 or a $1,200 Apple gift card
Trade US stocks for up to 90% less and access free real time stock quotes and level 2 market data. T&C's Apply.
CIBC Investor's Edge
Finder Score:
3.7 / 5
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs, GICs, Precious Metals, IPOs
$0 if conditions met, or $100
100 free trades + up to $4,500 cash back with Premium Edge
An easy-to-use platform with access to a variety of tools to help you trade with confidence.
RBC Direct Investing
Finder Score:
3.8 / 5
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs, GICs
$6.95 - $9.95
$0 if conditions met, otherwise $25/quarter
Enjoy no minimum trading activity requirements and pay just $9.95 per trade or $6.95 if making 150 trades per quarter.
Finder Score:
3.9 / 5
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs, GICs, International Equities, Precious Metals
$4.95 - $9.95
Get $50 in free trades when you fund your account with a minimum of $1,000.
Opt for self-directed investing and save on fees or get a pre-built portfolio to take out some of the guesswork.
Qtrade Direct Investing
Finder Score:
3.6 / 5
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs, GICs
$6.95 - $8.75
$0 if conditions met, otherwise $25/quarter
Get up to a $150 sign-up bonus. Use code OFFER2024. Ends October 31, 2024.
Low trading commissions and an easy-to-use platform with access to powerful tools and a wide selection of investment options.

Bottom line

The stock picking services outlined in this post are designed for beginner and intermediate investors trading non-professionally. Use this post to compare the best stock picking service for your needs based on features such as best fit, cost, availability of free trial, pros and cons.

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