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Finder’s Travel Index

1 in 3 Canadians plan to travel this summer

Is the impact of the pandemic on travel finally coming to an end? Based on Canadian’s travel plans seen in Finder’s travel index report, it would certainly seem to be. After years of dampened demand, the sunny days are inspiring 1 in 3 Canadians (35%) to plan summer trips.

We asked Canadians if they were planning to travel during the months of June, July and August. It turns out nearly 11 million Canadians are planning trips this summer. Nearly 4 million more than were planning to travel when we asked a similar question last summer!

While 35% of Canadians said they will be travelling, would these trips be home, abroad or both?

While a quarter of Canadians (25%) said they were only planning on travelling within Canada. Another 5% said they were just planning on travelling internationally. Finally, there is the lucky group of Canadians (5%) who plan to travel both domestically and abroad this summer.

Men more likely to travel

When it comes to gender, men are planning to travel more than women this summer. In fact, 8% more men than women.

When you break it down, men are equally as likely (4% more likely) to travel abroad (13% of men vs. 9% of women) as those just planning to travel within Canada this summer (27% of men vs 23% for women).

Millennials and Gen Z travelling more this summer

Younger Canadians are most eager to hit the road or board a plane. The summer of 2022 is clearly the time to enjoy and explore after year’s of travel restrictions.

Travel Index: Key findings by generation;

  • Young Canadians aged 25 – 44 are 4% more likely to travel (39%) compared to the average 35%
  • Most Gen X’ers (aged 45 – 54) and Canadian seniors (65+) are planning to stay home for summer. With just 30% planning to travel in each age group
  • While Canada’s youngest adults (aged 18 – 24) are about average in their plans to travel in general, they are most likely to be travelling abroad at 14% (national average 10%)

Travel interest by province/region

Where you live in Canada has some influence on how likely you are to travel this summer. Check out the insights below to see how your province ranks.

Travel Index: Key findings by province/region;

  • Quebecers are least likely to travel in general at just 27%
  • Ontarians, British Columbians and Albertans most likely to travel Manitobans are twice as likely to travel abroad at 20%, as compared to the national average of 10%
  • Atlantic Canadians and Saskatchewanians most likely to just explore Canada at 30% and 31% respectively
  • Atlantic Canadians least likely to travel abroad at just 6%

4 Travel Tips to Help Cut Stress and Costs This Summer

Given the ongoing uncertainty around Covid, skyrocketing gas prices, and massive airport delays, Canadian travellers will need to be savvy planners to enjoy stress-free and wallet-friendly summer vacations this year. To help, here are four tips to help cut costs and alleviate stress:

  • Dive Into Deals — All travel related industries took a big hit during the pandemic restrictions. Any companies that did survive are now back in full-force trying to attract your business. Use this to your advantage. Shop for online deals, check out forums and community travel pages and review comparison sites, like Finder, to find deep discounts on all things travel-related.
  • Cash-in Points — Inflation is really taking a bite out of everyone’s budget and the longer it persists, the more it eats into your purchasing power. Consider cashing in your reward points or other customer appreciation bonuses. By using these rewards to offset the cost of the trip, today, you save on travel costs and maximize their cash value.
  • Use Apps to Save on Fuel Costs — Gas prices keep going up, so it makes sense to do a bit of math before hitting the road. Use an online tool to calculate the cost of your road trip and then use apps, like Gasbuddy, to help you find the best deals at the pump.
  • Check Covid testing requirements — Covid-19 safety measures, like mandatory masking and testing, are constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay current. If travelling internationally be sure to download and update the ArriveCan app before your trip so you can stay up to date on what is required by the government.


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