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Terra Virtua Review and Guide

Learn how to buy, sell and create NFTs on the Terra Virtua marketplace

Terra Virtua is creating an NFT marketplace that combines augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) with blockchain and applies it to unique digital assets. It is a place to buy, sell and swap NFTs with a focus on entertainment and an immersive environment. Through the involvement of high-powered players such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Paramount Pictures, it is creating a next-generation playground for users interested not only in digital objects but in the entire online experience.

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What is Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua (TVK) hopes to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its environment. NFTs are cryptographic “proof” that you own a certain digital or physical item. They’re not the actual item, but rather a digital signature that implies ownership over the item. With an NFT, you can own a digital object, like a sword from World of Warcraft, or a physical object, such as a photo of Mohammed Ali, that lives on the blockchain. To understand more, head over to our in-depth guide on NFTs.

The community behind Terra Virtua includes important players within the entertainment and computer industry such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts (EA), Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures. Terra Virtua is uniting blockchain and VR/AR to develop a next-gen NFT platform to highlight carefully curated collectibles from famous studios.

Terra Virtua is looking to become the premier spot for collectors and to go beyond the classic jpeg non-fungible tokens that are currently abundant in the crypto industry by filtering the items on their marketplace. Uniqueness and singularity are important components of the platform, which also looks to build a complete digital ecosystem through VR/AR components.

It offers a wide array of environments and benefits. It is building the Terra Virtua Fancave where you will be able to view and interact with your collectibles. You will also be able to host social interactions in the future. The team has also created the Terra Virtua Gallery to host artistic creations, allowing creators to monetize their content and visitors to buy or swap art pieces.

How to buy NFTs on Terra Virtua

To buy NFTs on Terra Virtua, visit the official website at and click the top right figurehead, also known as a vFlect, and go to Login/Register. Once your account has been created, you will be prompted to pick one of these vFlects. These are 3D robot characters created to interact inside the Terra Virtua digital environment.

Terra Virtua log in

After picking your vFlect, an email will be sent to confirm your account and you will then be able to access the entire Terra Virtua website. Click on your vFlect in the top right corner and the dropdown menu will provide easy direction to what you are looking for. Everything from your inventory to collections and transactions will appear here.

Click on Marketplace to buy NFTs. There are hundreds of different options available, and they are priced in both US dollars and ETH. To buy them, you will need to connect a web3.0 wallet such as MetaMask.

Tierra Virtua marketplace

These NFTs are all part of a collection, volume or issue. Once you click on the image, you will be redirected to all the information needed to learn more about the piece. Data points regarding the genre, artist and whether it is 2D or 3D will appear, helping to make an informed decision about your purchase.

To get fully involved in the Terra Virtua NFT marketplace, check out its Collections category on the top banner. The team has a specially curated section for movies such as Pacific Rim, The Godfather and Top Gun. You can also find these when clicking your vFlect icon in the top right corner and linking to Inventory.

How to sell NFTs on Terra Virtua

There are 2 different options for selling NFTs on Terra Virtua. There is a curated art gallery where a select number of artists can offer their creations. Only selected artists can showcase and sell their pieces here. Other users can fill out the Terra Virtua Artists´ Registration Form and apply to feature and sell their digital artwork.

How to create an NFT on Terra Virtua

Terra Virtua is a completely curated platform. The team reviews and filters the artists that are allowed to create, offer and sell NFTs. To create an NFT, you will need to fill out the Terra Virtua Artists Registration Form to apply.

Is Terra Virtua safe to use?

It’s important to keep in mind that cryptocurrency continues to be an experimental industry. There are commonplace issues, such as malicious developers and unexploited codes, that can appear at any given moment. However, Terra Virtua has yet to see any issues with its project. The protocol is also backed by some big entertainment players, such as Entertainment Arts and Paramount Pictures, which should bring a degree of legitimacy to the project.

What NFTs can you buy on Terra Virtua?

There is a wide range of NFTs that you can purchase and interact with on the Terra Virtua marketplace. However, they are mainly geared towards the entertainment industry and focus on famous shows such as Top Gun and The Godfather. It’s important to remember that most of the NFTs on Terra Virtua are curated by the team, although there are still several options that go beyond entertainment.

  • Collectibles. Terra Virtua focuses on collectibles from important movies. For example, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a popular science fiction action film that has a series of collectibles on the Terra Virtua marketplace. You can find a number of different characters and items from the series, including Gipsy Avenger’s classic chainsword.
  • Crypto art. The gallery is curated by the Terra Virtua team, but there are some notable artists on the platforms. Creations by Amrita Sethi are currently available on the Terra Virtua Art Gallery, where she has created a series of voice art notes – you receive an art piece along with a voice note of the background behind the piece.
  • Metaverse. Terra Virtua is focused on building an all-encompassing AR/VR platform where you can fully immerse yourself in the project. The team has built the Fancave and Terradome where you can hang out and interact with your NFTs and other users.

What is the Terra Virtua Kolect token (TVK)?

TVK is the token that powers the Terra Virtua platform and comes with a series of rewards. By holding a certain amount of TVK, you will become a member of the Terra Virtua Prestige Club, which unlocks a number of benefits. These include governance options, so you can vote on which collectibles you want to see, discounts on selected pieces, early access to unique collections, free NFT airdrops and invitations to events with artists and creators.

You can also use the token to farm exclusive NFTs not available anywhere else, create your own digital collectibles and help curate exhibitions. The Terra Virtua team has built a fancentric ecosystem and is looking to make its users a core component of the project.

Terra Virtua vs OpenSea

OpenSea is by far the most popular NFT platform on the market. Reports of over US$1 billion in trading volume, along with over 23 million NFTs being actively traded, bought and sold, confirm its enormous market share. It holds an immense library, offering everything from photographs to memes and unique digital collectibles.

Although it is difficult to compare the two, Terra Virtua does offer 2 interesting features that OpenSea does not. Terra Virtua is geared towards the entertainment industry and has made NFTs of popular movies. Items from the movies themselves are also being offered. On top of that, Terra Virtua is an immersive platform, leveraging the use of augmented and virtual reality to make the metaverse real.


Terra Virtua is creating a unique and exciting platform for movie buffs and those interested in the entertainment industry. Backed by large players such as Paramount Pictures and Entertainment Arts, it is rapidly building an all-encompassing immersive place for users interested in interacting with a number of different movies. Using the metaverse as a backdrop, Terra Virtua’s AR/VR focus is quickly gaining traction and is a unique standalone point that might attract users looking for something more than just buying and selling NFTs.

Pros and Cons


  • All-encompassing platform. The Terra Virtua marketplace is more than a place to buy and sell NFTs. Terra Virtua has created the Fancave and the Terradome to entice you to spend your leisure time on the platform.
  • Top industry partners. The team has built an alliance with some of the biggest names in show business to bring fans NFTs of a number of movies.
  • Augmented and virtual reality. In a bid to create the metaverse, Terra Virtua is focused on bringing AR and VR options to its users.


  • Curated collections. The Terra Virtua team only offers curated pieces, and if you are an artist looking to share your creations, you must apply to do so.
  • Limited for regular users. Unless you have an AR or VR headset, there are a number of features that you won’t be able to fully enjoy.
  • Limited options. Terra Virtua is mostly an entertainment-focused platform, and although it offers some art creations, the majority is aimed at movies or shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

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