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How to play to earn with Sipher

A community-driven NFT play-to-earn game with digital combat.

What is Sipher?

Sipher is a crypto video game created as part of the Sipher metaverse where players control cybernetic organisms called “Siphers”. Each player participates through their ownership of a Sipher. Each Sipher is represented as an NFT. Players own their Siphers outright, and also have the opportunity to acquire other in-game assets. Your character acts as your avatar as you explore, battle, socialise and invest in the game. In this world of CRISPR-enabled digital organisms, there is no telling the adventures you may find yourself in.

The “World of Sipher” (the Sipher metaverse or the “World of Sipheria”) adopts a cyberpunk style. Players also have the opportunity to participate in competitions, trade within the game and acquire land. The world of Sipher will grow and evolve with time, and players have the opportunity to grow with it.

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What are NFTs on Sipher?

NFTs on Sipher are representations of in-game digital assets. This encompasses a very wide range of digital objects. The most crucial NFTs on Sipher are the characters. The characters are the avatars of the players, and are necessary for participation in the game. The Sipher creators are inspired to make the game as engaging as possible. By allowing players to own many aspects of the Sipher metaverse in the form of NFTs, players get to be more involved. Eventually, players will even be able to own almost every aspect of the game, even trees and stones.

Sipher is rooted in a deep storyline. As players accumulate NFTs and engage with the various aspects of the Sipher metaverse, they are encouraged to create “their own metaverse”. Remember, acquiring NFTs means that you are the only owner of the item that any respective NFT represents. Given this, you reserve the right to sell your NFTs within Sipher, and on any secondary market outside of Sipher. Sipher NFTs give you the power to earn while you play, which means you get to have fun while growing in both the digital and physical worlds.

What are Nekos?

Nekos are a special series of characters that will be available on Sipher. Nekos are characterised by their feline heads with the body of a human. Each one is designed with unique characteristics so that no two are alike. Each Neko is represented as an NFT, and they are currently being sold as 2D avatars to be developed into 3D characters used during gameplay.

How does play to earn work within Sipher?

There are various ways that you can earn while you play Sipher. One way is to earn rewards in the form of NFTs by completing daily challenges. Another way is to “craft” and “fuse” items and pets that hold value in the game. Finally, you can earn SIPHER tokens through competitions that you can choose to hold as the value of the Sipher game increases.

What is the Sipher token (SIPHER)?

Sipher will be making use of its own token: SIPHER. It will be used as an in-game currency that can also be staked to earn more SIPHER tokens, and other in-game rewards. You can use SIPHER tokens to buy other in-game assets and participate in the governance of Sipher.

Where can I buy Sipher tokens?

SIPHER tokens have not been made available yet (24 November, 2021). At this time, the best way to buy into Sipher is to purchase one of its character NFTs. You can do so on the OpenSea secondary market. Each series of characters has a respective name. Sipher Neko characters are sold as part of the Sipherian Flash series and Sipher Inu characters are sold as part of the Sipherian Surge series. See below for more about characters that will be available on Sipher.

Sipher Neko characters in the Sipherian Flash series for sale on the OpenSea marketplace:

Sipher Neko characters

Sipher Inu characters in the Sipherian Surge series for sale on the OpenSea marketplace:

Sipher Inu characters

How to play Sipher

Sipher is still in the early stages of development and is not yet available to play (November 2021).

​​Sipher vision and roadmap

Sipher’s vision has 3 parts: “a community-driven game”, “a game that you and we want to play”, and “blockchain technology knowledge”. Sipher is striving to be a community-driven game by empowering players to be owners/investors. The developers intend to make Sipher a game that both the creators and consumers want to play by incorporating beautiful design, and allowing players to have input on future designs. They hope to bring awareness to blockchain technology through gameplay.

Sipher has split its roadmap into 9 stages, 2 of which have been completed. It’s currently in its third stage. The first playable demo of the game is planned to take place during the fifth stage in January to March of 2022. The first public sale of the SIPHER token is also planned to take place during the fifth stage. Stages will offer sales of new characters and newly implemented gameplay features. The final stage is stated as taking place in “January 2023 and beyond”.

Hand crafted digital characters

Sipher’s “hand crafted” digital characters are each designed by the Sipher team and come in 4 generalised themes. There are 2 themes of characters that have already been minted and put up for sale: the Sipher Inu and Sipher Neko characters. The remaining 2 themes of characters are known as the Sipher Buru and Sipher Tori characters. Sipher Buru will be made available during January – March of 2022 and Sipher Tori during April – May of 2022.

Genesis Sipher owner benefits

Genesis Sipher owners benefit from having characters with special traits, armour and equipment that are guaranteed to be limited editions.

Sipher community

The Sipher team engages with its community through email, Medium, Twitter and Discord. Its Discord community has grown quite quickly, and is the most comprehensive means to engage with the Sipher team and their community members.

The world of Sipher

The “World of Sipher”, also referred to as the “World of Sipheria”, is made up of a “Moonbase” where characters are based, and a trading “Bazaar”. Commerce is a key element of the game. Non-fighting mechanics and land ownership will be a central part of players’ activities. Players can take on roles as architects to create items and will need to develop facilities on their land to expand their gameplay potential.

Sipher gameplay

Sipher doesn’t have an active demo ready to play yet, but promises a range of features for its gameplay. Expect a rich storyline that incorporates community generated content, and a “casual to start, hard to master” philosophy. Also, there will be a focus on advancing the skills of your character for use on expeditions that promise rewards.

Sipher factions

Players will have the choice to join 1 of 3 “factions” in the World of Sipher. Each faction follows a different narrative and adds an extra element to the community-building element of the game.

Sipher frequently asked questions

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