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Cargo Guide

The multi-chain NFT management platform for creators.

Cargo is a multi-chain non-fungible token (NFT) management platform. This means you can create, store, sell and buy digital collectibles from Ethereum, xDao, Matic and more. Cargo distinguishes itself from other NFT management platforms by offering the ability to mint in one place and distribute the NFTs to a range of platforms. Part of the problem with NFTs is the technical barrier to entry. Users will typically need to have knowledge of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, in order to mint and sell NFTs. Cargo simplifies this by providing all the tools necessary to buy, collect, create, sell and profit from NFTs.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs, which is shorthand for non-fungible tokens, are digital representations of real-world assets. Such assets can be physical or digital. The actual tokens are cryptographic entities that cannot be replicated. NFTs can be stored on various blockchains, including Ethereum, xDao and Matic. NFTs can be created, shared, sold or bought using different online platforms such as Cargo. While NFTs can exist on dozens of different blockchain platforms, Cargo has opted to focus on the most popular and widely used blockchain, Ethereum.

What is Cargo?

Launched in 2020, Cargo is an NFT platform where users can create, manage and sell NFTs. Users can manage NFTs that are compatible with the platform even if they haven’t been created on Cargo. This means that Cargo can hook into your existing wallets and give you the ability to manage any of the NFTs you may have created elsewhere.

The platform has a free tier, with limited storage and a number of projects supported. For $19.99 per month, you can upgrade your tier to get support for up to 5 projects and 10,000 NFTs per project.

The platform also has a “showcase” feature where you can organize and display a gallery of your digital collectables. Creating a showcase is free.

Other interesting features of the platform include:

  • Content manager – The content manager is a wizard for managing content tied to your NFTs.
  • Multi-wallet support – MetaMask allows wallets from different blockchains to be linked to your Cargo account.
  • Gem rewards program – The gem rewards program is an NFT farming protocol. Users may stake their gems in order to receive rewards in the form of more gems.
  • Developer tools – Cargo provides an NFT infrastructure that dApp developers can use to link their projects to the platform.

Can I buy NFTs on Cargo?

Yes, you can buy NFTs on Cargo. You’ll need to top up your wallet beforehand with a cryptocurrency such as ETH or MATIC. When you purchase an NFT you store it in your Cargo account. So, all the tools you need in your NFT ownership journey are in one place.

Can I sell my NFTs on Cargo?

Cargo allows you to sell NFTs using its project management tools. Platform users can view your showcase and make orders directly from your portfolio. There is an order management tool on the dashboard to help you with handling the flow of business.

Cargo fig 1

Can I mint NFTs on Cargo?

Yes, you can use Cargo’s Magic Minting feature to instantly create NFTs without paying Ethereum gas fees or sending a transaction to the Ethereum network. Magic minted NFTs are stored in your Cargo account, which is essentially a custodial wallet. However, you can send these NFTs to any Ethereum wallet you choose or add them to the marketplace in the view of potential buyers. When you sell minted NFTs, your Cargo account will be automatically credited.

What is the NFT Showcase?

The NFT Showcase is a gallery of your digital collectibles. It allows potential NFT buyers to browse your collection, increasing your chances of selling an NFT from your personal collection. A showcase includes a title for the collection, a description and a cover image. You need an account on Cargo to create a showcase.

How does Cargo help me manage my NFTs?

The Cargo Dashboard offers creators and vendors a powerful tool for managing their digital collectibles. NFT creation on Cargo is a simple process, thanks to their NFT creation wizard. NFTs are organized as projects on the platform.

Cargo’s project creation wizard reduces project management headaches as it allows you to create projects by providing basic details and leaving the platform to handle the technical details. There is an order management tool on the dashboard to help you with handling the flow of business.

cargo fig 2

If you are a developer, Cargo allows you to manage your NFT portfolio by linking your website with the platform.

Does Cargo have a token?

Yes, Cargo has tokens: Cargo Gems and Cargo Credits. Gems are utility and governance tokens. The platform plans to make Gems a payment option in the future. Currently, users can buy Cargo on the site. However, on decentralized exchanges, you can get them for the going market rate.

Cargo also features Cargo credits. These are ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum that allow you to swap and begin creating collectibles. One credit enables you to create one collectible. For instance, 200 credits allow you to create up to 200 collectibles.

Just signing up on Cargo is a ticket to one credit. To purchase more credit packs, navigate to the dashboard and click on “Buy more.” Also, you can send your credits to other Ethereum addresses, sell and trade them for other types of assets.

Buying NFTs on Cargo

To buy NFTs on Cargo, click on “Browse the Marketplace”. Another page opens that displays collectibles from the community. You can choose to display collectibles from either Ethereum, xDai or Matic.

cargo fig 3

Click on a collectible’s thumbnail to view details or purchase it. In order to purchase an NFT, you either need to have funds inside a Cargo account or cryptocurrency within a custodial wallet such as MetaMask.

Creating NFTs on Cargo

You can create NFTs on Cargo using either the Free Tier or the Pro Tier plans. With the Free Tier, you can create one project containing up to 1,000 NFTs. The Pro Tier, which sells for $19.99 per month, gives you access to up to 5 projects that can contain up to 10,000 NFTs per project.

You can start creating NFTs by clicking on the “Start Creating” button.

cargo fig 4

This takes you to the Cargo dashboard where you can choose to create an Ethereum, xDao or Matic project. You can switch between networks using MetaMask to create a project on any of the 3 (currently) supported chains. On this page, you can either create a new project or create a showcase. A showcase is a portfolio of your NFTs consisting of showcase name, description and banner image.

cargo fig 5

Showcasing is a great way of advertising your digital collection to the community.

Cargo frequently asked questions

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