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Async Art review

Async Art is an NFT marketplace with “evolving” NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken digital markets by storm, but what makes them so compelling? NFTs are digitally native, so they are not constrained by the physical world as a painting or sculpture might be. Innovative NFT concepts like generative art and mutations are capturing the imagination of a generation of digitally native artists. Async Art is a platform that brands itself as “Art that changes over time,” and is a place where you can create, collect, display and even learn about NFTs.

AsyncArt Homepage

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What are NFTs on Async Art?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets whose ownership is tracked and recorded permanently on a blockchain. NFTs solve a number of interesting ownership dilemmas, but fundamentally what they’re solving is how to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something digital is the original. Minting a digital asset as an NFT (confirming its identity on the blockchain) proves who made the piece and that it is indeed one of a kind (i.e. non-fungible).

Every time the piece changes ownership (someone sells it and someone buys it), its chain of custody is updated on a blockchain. Smart contracts power the sale of NFTs and even allow the original creator to retain a percentage of all future sales as a royalty.

Within the NFT space, there are multiple promising marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare and Async Art. The majority of major NFT projects, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, run on the Ethereum blockchain, but more and more projects are opting for Ethereum competitors like Solana or Polygon.

NFTs are in a position to transform the traditional art market by utilizing innovative concepts like generative art. What makes an NFT valuable is often in the eye of the beholder, but key concepts like rarity, physical appeal and utility (both current and future) are elements of this emerging market.

What NFTs can you buy on Async Art?

In the upper-right menu on Async Art, you will see the “Collect” drop-down tab. You’ll notice that you can either choose the “Art” or “Music” gallery. Each gallery has its own unique NFTs that you can buy immediately or via auction.

NFT art

On Async Art, there are several kinds of art for sale in the gallery.

AsyncArt Gallery

Async Art defaults to the “Notable” collection, but you can also buy work from photographers, painters and illustrators. You can even purchase generative art that evolves over time.


Async Art also makes collaborative music NFTs available.

AsyncArt Music

AsyncArt Music

How to buy NFTs on Async Art

First, sign up to Async Art in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. After you’ve chosen a username, the “advanced” move is to connect using your software wallet. You have the option of simply using your email to create an account, but connecting an existing wallet (or making a new one) will give you a more streamlined experience on most NFT marketplaces and crypto exchanges.

AsyncArt Create Account page

Once your wallet is connected and your account has been created, select the “Collect” drop-down menu and choose the art or music gallery. When you select which gallery you are most interested in, by default you will see a field of filters and some of the most “notable” collections.

AsyncArt Gallery

For example, select the “Art” gallery and navigate to the collection that Async Art is promoting on their homepage. Once you’re interfacing with a collection, you will see relevant details relating to the history of that collection. You will see its reserve price, a detailed description, how many users have clicked on this collection and who the artist and owner of the piece is. Because it’s generative art that evolves over time, if you scroll down on the collection page, you will see its “Latest Activity” and the “Layers” that make up the piece.

AsyncArt Latest Activity

If you’re interested in the piece, place a bid. Be sure to examine the layers. Some are available for immediate purchase and others are in an auction format (“Open to bids”).

How to create and sell an NFT with Async Art

As an NFT creator on Async Art, it is up to you to determine how different layers of the piece alter and change to make up the Master. Each piece is made up of layers that can change over time and combine to form the final cohesive image.

AsyncArt Master

Your first step to becoming a creator on Async Art is to apply to become an artist. You will find the “Apply” function in the drop-down menu of your profile in the top-right corner of the home screen.

AsyncArt Canvas

You will see a fillable form that includes any relevant portfolio of past work and your concept for Async Art’s platform. Once you’re accepted, you’re ready to create on Async Art.

Once you get your acceptance email to become an Async artist, follow the instructions in the email and join the Discord community.

AsyncArt Discord

Once you have been accepted as an artist and have created a custom piece using your tool of choice or using Async Canvas, it’s time to upload your work and sell it to your community. Once you have uploaded your piece, you will see a “Sell” button when selected.

You have 3 options as a seller:

  • Create an auction that is automatically processed if the minimum bid is met.
  • You set a “Buy Now” price. Anyone can buy your piece at that price, at any time.
  • You can sell your piece in a private sale at a predetermined price. This allows you to sell your piece to a specific buyer.
    AsyncArt Sel lOptions

Async Art fees

Async Art claims that its fees on NFT sales are competitive in the industry, going as low as 10% on a primary sale. Fees vary because you can sell custom NFT art or art created with Async Art’s internal tool, Async Canvas. NFTs can also be sold on secondary markets and the original creator can retain a royalty.

Sale TypeAsync ArtArtistOwner
Primary (Canvas Created)10%90%NA
Primary (Custom Created)20-30%70-80%NA

Async Art vs OpenSea

How does Async Art compare to OpenSea? We’ll look at the creation, minting, buying, selling, and fee structure of each platform.

AsyncArt vs OpenSea

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