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How to play and earn with DeathRoad

Race weaponized cars and earn crypto assets in a variety of ways by playing DeathRoad, the first NFT car racing game on Binance Smart Chain.

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What is DeathRoad?

DeathRoad is a new play-to-earn (P2E) game, billed as the first metaverse racing game to be released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Its gameplay is simple, allowing players to race against the AI or each other and build their own garage full of fast and deadly NFT (non-fungible token) cars. DeathRoad offers a wide variety of racing tracks and weapons, which are attached to the vehicles and can be used to cause further mayhem and destruction.

Featuring colorful 2D graphics, fun shooting mechanics and its own metaverse city, DeathRoad aims to build a comprehensive gaming ecosystem for the next generation of racers and blockchain gaming enthusiasts.


What is the DeathRoad metaverse?

The DeathRoad metaverse is a virtual city where players are free to roam and explore buildings such as garages and rent-a-car shops. Land and property buildings, like the garage, can be bought and used to park vehicles or rent cars to other players and generate income.

Other buildings and functions available in the DeathRoad metaverse include the marketplace, where users can buy, sell and trade NFT cars and weapons, and the showroom, where boxes of random NFT cars and weapons can be acquired.

The city hall is where all racers can vote for the development of the metaverse, with the weight of each vote depending on the number of cars owned. The battle mode, player vs player (PvP) and player vs environment (PvE), can also be found in the city.

DeathRoad Metaverse

What are NFTs on DeathRoad?

Every in-game vehicle and weapon is a unique NFT. All the other pieces of virtual real estate, like garages, in the DeathRoad metaverse city are also NFTs. Property NFTs enable players to establish a source of passive income as users can rent cars out and have other players pay for space.

DeathRoad Game Menu

How does play to earn work within DeathRoad?

The play-to-earn model on DeathRoad is two-fold: users can either earn by waging bets and beating other players in the battle arena (PvP) or playing against the AI in the PvE mode.

The PvP mode is available Monday through Saturday and rewards the top 10 players on the leaderboard from each competition. Racers will need to own at least 5 cars to participate in PvP races.

Players will earn DRACE tokens, which can be used to invest in new cars or upgrades to old ones, new weapons and property NFTs. In-depth information about the play-to-earn reward system can be found here.

Out of the total supply of 1,000,000,000 DRACE tokens, an allocation of 53.8% is dedicated to the play-to-earn model. This gives players extra incentive to earn while playing the game rather than speculating on which NFTs will be valuable within the metaverse.

What is the DeathRoad token (DRACE)?

Two tokens fuel the DeathRoad metaverse: DRACE and xDRACE. While they are both utility tokens, there are some differences between them.

xDRACE is exclusively a utility token, which can be used to buy packs, protection cards, more turns for cars, land and fees to upgrade cars. xDRACE is indispensable for players who want to get the most out of DeathRoad.

DRACE also has immense utility within the ecosystem, with the added advantage of being a governance token. DRACE is used in almost every transaction and allows holders to vote on the governance of the ecosystem, and how it will be developed and upgraded in the years to come.

DeathRoad Tokenomics Distribution

Where can I buy DRACE?

The DRACE token is currently available on PancakeSwap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) of the BSC ecosystem. Gamers and investors can buy DRACE in exchange for any other BSC asset through PancakeSwap.

How to earn DRACE tokens

DRACE tokens can be won or earned by winning races against other players or by playing the PvE mode, which awards DRACE depending on the score achieved. Playing the game is the only way to earn DRACE other than selling NFTs on the marketplace or buying the asset on the secondary market.

How to play DeathRoad

DeathRoad can be played against other players in the PvP battle mode or computer-controlled adversaries in the PvE mode.

DeathRoad How To Play Step 1

In the PvE mode, racers will battle against other AI-controlled cars to reach the highest score possible. At the end of each level, a boss battle forces players to duke it out with a large truck.

Racers will need to keep an eye out for the health and fuel meters. In terms of weapons, it’s advisable to bring rockets beyond the required machine gun, as it will improve the chances of success. Players should also try to catch all the health icons and upgrades that often show up on the road.

DeathRoad How To Play Step 2

Cars have 5 different levels, from weakest (1) to strongest (5). The strongest cars are more challenging to handle and expensive to manage but promise greater returns as they allow participation in higher-level tracks.

Cars also get damaged with each race and have 3 damage stages: normal, damaged and destroyed. They can be upgraded through the mixing feature, which allows the combination of several cars into a more powerful one. A protection card can be bought, eliminating the risk of losing cars if the mixing process fails.

DeathRoad How To Play Step 3

Land property

Purchasing land property, like garages, is only available for players who own 5 or more cars. Once purchased, users can rent cars in their garage to other players.


The DeathRoad marketplace allows anyone to buy or sell used cars, weapons or any other NFT within the metaverse. Players trade with each other as the marketplace is peer-to-peer (P2P).


The showroom allows users to buy secret boxes containing random cars and weapons. The showroom is open for sale for 15 minutes on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 14:00 UTC.

Car rental

Once players own a garage, they can provide car rental services to other players that might need a vehicle. Users can choose how much they charge and for how long.

Race vote

On the DeathRoad metaverse, racers can vote and create more land or enact other changes to the virtual city. Voting is done at the city hall and is only available to token holders and landowners.

DeathRoad frequently asked questions

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