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How to send money from Canada to Australia

Get the best exchange rates and lowest fees when you send money down under.

If you need to send money to Australia, you could send the funds with your bank. But banks offer poor exchange rates on international transfers, so you’ll typically get a much better rate if you use a specialist money transfer company.

In this guide, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to send money from Canada to Australia. We’ll also explain how to get the best CAD/AUD exchange rate, find the fastest transfer and ensure the safety of your funds.

How to send money to Australia

1. Create an account

Compare money transfer companies that let you send money to Australia. When you find the company that offers the best value for money, sign up for a free account.

It’s easy to sign up online or via the provider’s mobile app. You’ll need to provide:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Proof of ID
  • Your payment method

2. Input your amount

Enter the amount you would like to send in Canadian dollars. Most transfer providers have an exchange rate calculator that will show you how many Australian dollars your recipient will get.

3. Select a delivery method

Choose whether you want to send funds directly to your recipient’s Australian bank account, send a cash pickup transfer or send money to their mobile wallet.

4. Input your recipient’s details

Provide your recipient’s name, address and contact details. If you’re sending money to their bank account, you’ll also need their account name, number, BSB code and SWIFT code.

5. Select a payment method

Supported payment methods vary depending on the transfer company you choose. Common options include debit or credit card, bank transfer, Interac e-Transfer or bill payment.

6. Send

Review the exchange rate and fee that apply to your transaction. Check that all the details are correct before sending your money.

Compare money transfer specialists to send money to Australia

Name Product _compare_ Filter Values Fastest Transfer Speed Fees (Pay by Bank Transfer) Standout Features
Xe Money Transfers
Within minutes
Low cost
Xe has fast transfers with low fees and a range of foreign currency tools.
Finder Award
24 hours
Large business transfers
Exclusive offer: Discounted exchange rates for your first and ongoing transactions. $0 transfer fee.
OFX has no maximum limit transfers, with competitive exchange rates for 50+ currencies.
Wise (TransferWise)
24 hours
From 0.43%
Easy to use
Wise uses the mid-market rate and transparent fees to help you send money in 45+ currencies.
Xe Money Transfers
Within minutes
Xe has fast transfers with low fees and a range of foreign currency tools.
Finder Award
Within minutes
From $4.99
For a limited time, get $0 fees on your first money transfer from Canada. Conditions apply.
MoneyGram has fast cash pick-up transfers to more than 350,000 agent locations worldwide.
Within minutes
From $0
Use code HELLO to get $20 off on first two transfers on a min transfer of $250. Valid until November 30, 2023.
Instarem offers zero transfer fees on all transfers.
Within an hour
Low FX rates
Loop has 1 day transfers and low FX rates.

What’s the best way to send money from Canada to Australia?

On April 11, 2024, we visited several popular money transfer sites to compare the cost of sending $200 to Australia.

The figures in the table below are examples only. How much you’ll pay to send money to Australia depends on several factors such as the exchange rate, transfer amount, payment method, transfer speed, receiving method and any promotional offers that are available.

In this example, we chose the cheapest payment method at each company and selected transfers to an Australian bank account.

ProviderExchange rateFeeRecipient gets
Remitly1 CAD = 1.1170 AUD

(first transfer promotion, not the standard rate)

$2.99 ($0 on first transfer)AUD$223.40 (with $0 fee on first transfer)

AUD$220.06 (without $0 fee promotion)

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Wise1 CAD = 1.1172 AUD$2.60AUD$220.54Go to site
Instarem1 CAD = 1.1127 AUD (first transfer promotion)

1 CAD = 1.1085 (standard rate)

$0AUD$222.54 (with promotion)

AUD$221.70 (without promotion)

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Xe1 CAD = 1.0967 AUD$0$219.34Go to site
WorldRemit1 CAD = 1.0852 AUD$0$217.04
Remitbee1 CAD = 1.1071 AUD$2.99$221.42
Western Union1 CAD = 1.101 AUD$0 on first transfer
$1.99 without promotion
$220.12 (with promotion)

$218.01 (without promotion)

Xoom1 CAD = 1.0949 AUD$2.99$215.71
MoneyGram1 CAD = 1.0722 AUD$4.99$209.09Go to site
Paysend1 CAD = 1.0948 AUD$3$215.68

(illustrative purposes only, minimum transfer amount is $400)

Expert tip: Comparing transfer costs

One thing we noticed when compiling this table is that transfer cost calculators work differently depending on the provider. While some include the transfer fee in their calculations, others quote the fee separately.

In our $200 example above, if the company charged a $2 fee:

  • Some sites would include the fee in their calculations. In other words, you pay $200, the $2 fee is deducted and then $198 is converted to AUD.
  • Other sites would add the fee on top of the transfer amount. In other words, you pay $202, the $2 fee is deducted and then $200 is converted to AUD.

While this is a minor difference, it impacts the amount quoted. You aren’t comparing apples with apples. To overcome this, we adjusted the “Recipient gets” figures in the table above to include the fee in our calculations.

What are the best apps to send money to Australia?

Most companies offer money transfer apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps allow you to send money to Australia from your smartphone with just a few taps.

However, the best app for you will depend on factors such as whether you’re looking for the cheapest transfers, the fastest transfers or maybe just the app that’s the most user-friendly. In our guide to the best international money transfer apps, we compiled a list of the best apps based on different transfer needs. The winners are:

  • Best money transfer app for ease of use: Remitly
  • Best cheap money transfer app: Xe
  • Best money transfer app for flexible payment methods: Wise
  • Best money transfer app for flexible delivery methods: WorldRemit
  • Best money transfer app for safety: MoneyGram
  • Best instant money transfer app: Remitly
  • Best app for large money transfers, including business: OFX
  • Best money transfer app for currency options: Western Union
  • Best Canadian money transfer app: RemitBee

Check out the guide to find out why each app is the best in each category, and read Google Play and Apple App Store reviews from other users to find out whether apps are user-friendly.

How to choose the best money transfer specialist

Consider the following factors to find a transfer specialist that offers the best way to send money from Canada to Australia.

Exchange rates

Most money transfer specialists add a markup to the mid-market (or real) exchange rate when converting your Canadian dollars to Aussie dollars. The size of the markup can have a big impact on the total cost of your transaction, particularly for large transfers, so shop around to find the best CAD/AUD exchange rate.

Bear in mind that some companies offer the mid-market rate.


You’ll often pay a transfer fee. This could be a flat fee or a percentage of your transaction amount. It can vary depending on your payment and delivery method as well as where you’re sending money.

Compare money transfer specialists using the specific details of your transaction to get an accurate idea of fees and exchange rates.

Currencies and countries

The provider you choose will obviously need to support Australian dollar transfers to Australia. But if you’re planning on sending money to any other international destinations, it’s worth checking if the company supports those currencies.

Payment methods

Check that the money transfer service supports your preferred payment method. Common options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online bill payment
  • Cash

Delivery methods

Make sure the transfer service offers a convenient way for your recipient to access the money you send. For example, if you need to send a fast transfer, do they offer cash pickups? If your recipient needs the money sent directly to their bank account, does the provider offer bank transfers to Australia?

Transfer speed

Check how long it will take for your recipient to get the money. Cash pickup transfers are generally the quickest option and allow you to send money to Australia in a matter of minutes. Transfers to a bank account often take 1-2 business days to process but may take longer in some cases.

Transaction limits

Many providers have limits on how much money you can send per transaction, per day and per month. The limit may also vary for different currencies, so find out how much you can send to Australia with each service.

Customer support

Check how you can contact customer support if you have a problem with a transfer. Can you contact the support team 24/7, or is service only available during specific hours?

How to get the best rates when sending money from Canada to Australia

There are a few simple things you can do to get the best CAD/AUD exchange rate when you send money to Australia.

  • Check the mid-market rate. Check the current CAD/AUD exchange rate so you know whether you’re getting a good deal.
  • Use advanced transfer tools. Some money transfer companies offer advanced tools to help you get the exchange rate you want. For example, you could use a forward contract to lock in an exchange rate today for a transfer that will be sent in up to 12 months’ time. You could also use a limit order to ensure that your transfer is automatically sent when the rate you want becomes available.
  • Send money to an Australian bank account. While rates vary between providers, you’ll generally get a better exchange rate if you send money to a bank account instead of using a cash pickup transfer service.
  • Shop around. Don’t just settle for the first money transfer company you find. Compare multiple providers to get the best CAD/AUD exchange rate when you send money to Australia.

What’s the fastest way to send money to Australia from Canada?

Cash pickup transfers are the fastest way to send money to Australia from Canada. You can pay for your transfer online or via an app, and the person you’re sending money to will be able to collect the cash in Australia almost instantly.

Make sure you choose a money transfer service with convenient agent locations. Providers with a large network of cash pickup locations in Australia include:

Visit each transfer company’s website to search for cash pickup locations near your recipient.

What’s the safest way to send money to Australia?

The safest way to send money to Australia from Canada is to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate, regulated company. Use a provider that’s registered with Canada’s industry regulators. For private money transfer services, this is the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). For federally regulated financial institutions like banks, it’s the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC).

You can also check what security measures transfer companies have in place to protect your funds such as fraud monitoring and multi-factor authentication. If you check customer reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot, you’ll get a clearer idea of whether you’re dealing with a company you can trust.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed reviews of each transfer service when comparing your options.

How to send a large money transfer to Australia

If you need to send a large amount of money to Australia, for example to buy a house, your options are a little more restricted. Some transfer companies offer lower transaction limits, so you’ll need to consider providers like OFX that specialize in transferring large amounts.

When comparing money transfer services, look for a provider that offers:

  • A high transfer limit. While some providers limit you to a few thousand dollars per transaction, others have no upper limit or let you send in excess of $1 million.
  • Waived fees on large transfers. The transfer company may not charge you any fees on transfers above a certain minimum amount.
  • Better exchange rates for large transactions. You may be able to access a better exchange rate if you send transfers that exceed a minimum limit.
  • Advanced transfer tools. Forward contracts, limit orders and stop-loss orders can help you get a better CAD/AUD exchange rate for your transfer.
  • Account manager. Some transfer companies provide access to a dedicated account manager who can help you time your transfer to get the best rate.
  • Customer support. If there are any issues with your transfer, knowing that you can get instant access to the transfer service’s support team provides added peace of mind.

Ways to receive your money in Australia

There are three ways someone in Australia can access the money you send:

  • Bank account deposit. This is the most widely available payout method and allows you to get the best exchange rate, but it’s also the slowest. It’ll usually take at least 1-2 business days for the money to arrive.
  • Cash pickup. Cash pickup transfers can be collected in Australia almost instantly. The downside is that they may have slightly worse exchange rates than bank transfers, and your recipient will need to do some legwork to get the money.
  • Mobile wallet transfer. This is not as widely available as other options, but it allows you to get money to your recipient within minutes.

Did you know?

Australia received a total of $1.298 billion in remittances in 2022. That’s significantly less than the outward flow of remittances from Australia, which totaled $6.350 billion the same year.

Example: Charlotte sends money to Australia from Canada

Charlotte is working in Canada as a software engineer and she stays in regular contact with her elderly parents living in Australia. Her parents need funds to help pay off a mortgage, so Charlotte plans to send them $2,000 from Canada.

She decides to compare two money transfer specialists to see which one can save her the most money.

Money Transfer Company 1Money Transfer Company 2
Exchange rate1 CAD = 1.0851 AUD1 CAD = 1.1180 AUD
Transfer fee$2.99$13.37
Transfer methodBank account depositBank account deposit
Processing time1-2 days1-2 days
Amount receivedAUD$2,166.96AUD$2,221.11

Charlotte decides to send the funds with Money Transfer Company 2. Despite charging a higher fee, the company’s strong exchange rate allows Charlotte to send an extra AUD$54.15 to her parents.

Is it a good time to send money to Australia?

As of mid-April 2024, the exchange rate is 1 CAD = 1.12 AUD. From a historical perspective, this is a reasonably attractive exchange rate. If you look back at the CAD/AUD rate since the turn of the century, 1 Canadian dollar has traded at between 0.94 and 1.28 AUD. Looking back at the past year, the exchange rate has fluctuated between 1.10 and 1.17 AUD.

That being said, sending money to Australia at the start of April would have been better as the exchange rate was higher at 1 CAD = 1.15 AUD. It might not seem like a huge difference, but if you’re sending $5,000, the higher exchange rate would allow you to send $5,750, which is $150 more than if you sent at the mid-month exchange rate.

Bottom line

You can take advantage of big savings if you send money to Australia with a money transfer company instead of your bank. But it’s still important to compare money transfer services and shop around for the best exchange rates, fastest transfers and the most flexible payment and delivery methods.

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