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Shopping Father's Day Spending How much will Canadians spend on Father’s Day? 03/06/2020
Internet TV Streaming Statistics Pandemic stay-at-home orders have been a game-changer for streaming in Canada. Finder looked at Canada's top video streaming platforms to see how interest has changed over time. 13/05/2020
Mortgages Generation Rent Around 1 in 10 Canadians believe they will be renting forever. Read the full report to find out who is feeling hopeless about homeownership. 11/05/2020
Shopping Mother's Day Spending Canadians spend an average of $111 on their moms for Mother's Day. Read the full report to find out who spends the most. 30/04/2020
Money Impact of COVID-19 on individual savings Only 12% of Canadians plan to add to their savings during the economic uncertainty of the pandemic. Read the full report here. 27/04/2020
Banking Digital Banking Statistics Find out which generation is most interested in digital banking 20/04/2020
Shopping High shopping Canadians have spent $1 billion on high shopping. So who are the worst offenders: Millennials, or boomers? Finder unpacks the stats. 13/04/2020
Shopping Coronavirus pandemic panic buying Finder survey shows Canadians having difficulty purchasing basic necessities due to COVID-19 pandemic. 27/03/2020
Shopping Doomsday prepper statistics 46% of Canadian adults have prepped for an emergency, but just 4% have prepped for a pandemic specifically, according to the latest data from Finder. 16/03/2020
Insurance Insurance-paid upgrade report From broken bones to lost engagement rings, many Canadians are willing to put it all on the line for an insurance-paid upgrade. How far would you go? 24/02/2020
Internet TV Most popular valentine's day movies around the world Finder research reveals the top Valentine's Day films people are watching around the world and the most popular films by country. 12/02/2020
Shopping Drunk shopping Are we making poor decisions after drinking? It turns out that almost 1 in 3 Canadians admit to shopping under the influence. 18/12/2019
Shopping Christmas cost control calculator Want to buy Christmas presents at a price point your loved ones deserve? Introducing our Christmas Cost Corrector (CCC). Not only does CCC provide an overall recommended present budget, it helps you quantify how much you should spend per gift based on real-life data points. 27/11/2019
Shopping Cost of convenience New research from Finder reveals half of Canadians adults (49.92%, or 14.92 million people) spend $2,459.52 a year on conveniences like food delivery, ride-sharing and subscription boxes. 30/10/2019
Shopping Black Friday statistics Black Friday is synonymous with hoards of Americans busting through the front doors of stores across the country. But as far as the Internet is concerned, the US is no longer the top spot for Black Friday shoppers. 28/10/2019
Shopping Cost of renting your wardrobe New research from Finder reveals whether rental services really provide the best bang for your buck when updating your wardrobe. 30/09/2019
Money transfers Finder's Starbucks Index Report 2019 Ever wondered how much a Starbucks tall latte costs around the world? And what does that say about the value of currency? Finder's Starbucks Index 2019 delves into the data to find out. 26/09/2019
Money Canada's biggest salary increases Recent survey data from Finder reveals more Canadians would move jobs than ask for a raise. So which jobs have the biggest pay bumps? We unpack the stats. 26/08/2019
Money Cost of beauty If you're wondering how much certain beauty treatments will cost you to maintain over a year, then you're in luck as we've researched the cost of nine popular beauty treatments to reveal how much Canadians can expect to spend. 20/08/2019
Shopping Back to school shopping comparison Where can you find the best prices on back to school supplies? We compared three major retailers to find out. 08/07/2019
Shopping Chasing points 22.3 million Canadians are using their credit cards solely for the points. All up, Canada’s credit card points chasers have contributed an estimated $83.2 billion to the economy. 30/06/2019
Money transfers Money transfer nerves Finder's survey of 1,200 Canadian adults found that 22.8 million Canadians are nervous at the thought of sending $10,000 overseas. 28/06/2019
Money Finder's Bank of Canada Interest Rate Forecast Report Read Finder’s Bank of Canada overnight rate survey for forecasts from some of Canada's brightest minds in economics and property as well as their thoughts on how recent rate hikes could affect Canada’s property market. 19/06/2018
Money Moving to buy a home Are Canadians willing to move cities to be able to afford to buy a home? And which cities would they consider moving to? The results might surprise you. 16/06/2019
Money Cost of wine markups We compared the average mark-up on wine at popular Toronto wine bars. 22/05/2019
Money transfers Expats in Canada and the falling loonie A weaker loonie affects all Canadians but expats are often hit the hardest. Finder unpacks the data to find out how much money they would lose on remittances if the Canadian dollar falls. 21/05/2019
Travel Best value travel destinations for Canadians A poor exchange rate can easily blow the holiday budget. We ranked 13 popular destinations to find out where you should go for an affordable holiday. 05/09/2019
Money How to save to be a millionaire Looking to join the millionaire's club? If you start saving $1,000 a month today, you could become a millionaire by as early as 2061. If you save $3,000 a month you'll be a millionaire by 2039. 05/07/2019
Personal loans Personal loans statistics From the frivolous big ticket items such as weddings and holidays, to more practical expenses, like higher education and mortgages, Finder surveyed 1,200 Canadian adults to find that 65.33%, or 19.52 million, Canadians have taken out a personal loan. 29/04/2019
Money Best and worst household savers Finder analysis of OECD data found that Canadians rank in the bottom half of 29 countries for saving. 16/04/2019
Energy How Canadians feel about the carbon tax It's one of the hottest topics in the press right now. But what does the everyday Canadian think about the carbon tax? We surveyed 1,200 Canadian adults to find out. 04/10/2019
Money What money problems are Canadians worried about? Finances are a common source of stress, but what specifically is keeping Canadians up at night? We examined the latest release of OECD data to find out. 27/03/2019
Money transfers Canadian dollar forecast report What are the forecasts for the world's most traded currencies? Finder's panel of experts give their forecasts for the Canadian dollar and other G10 currencies. 26/03/2018
TV and streaming Game of thrones statistics How much do you really know about Game of Thrones? Here are the interesting stats and facts about one of the biggest shows of our generation. 22/3/2019
Shopping Duty free shopping While we might think of airports as shopping havens, some items can be up to 177% more expensive than local retail prices. 03/12/2019
Shopping Cost of different diets Finder research reveals that the Atkins diet is the most expensive for adults, costing $4,814 annually. See how other diets rank by cost and weight loss. 19/02/2019
Money Best countries for working women In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), Finder compared how 16 countries rank across 10 metrics to find the best countries to live in for working women. Where would you want to work? 20/02/2019
Money Cost of city living How much can we really save by escaping the city? Finder calculates the price difference between a city and a suburban home in 92 countries. 20/03/2019
Money Property statistics The total Canadian household debt amounts to $2.16 trillion. Read up on these interesting stats and facts on Canada's property market. 20/03/2019
Money Unacceptable Partner Debt Everyone brings baggage to a relationship, but is the weight of your financial baggage heavier than you think? 31/01/2018
Credit cards Credit card statistics Credit cards are convenient, but can lead to a downward debt spiral. Let's take a look at the state of Canada's credit card use. 13/01/2019
Money Cost of a beer around the world Use finder's interactive world map to learn about variations in beer prices globally. Find out where in the world you'd pay a whopping $14.80 for a beer. 16/12/2018
Money Christmas dinner around the world From whale skin in Greenland to fried chicken in Japan, take a look at our map to see what will be on people's plates this Christmas. 13/12/2019
Money Sponge Society 67.7% of Canadian parents give financial help to adult children, but only 47% of adult children surveyed admit to the boost. Introducing, Canada's "Sponge Society". 12/10/2018
Money Biggest money mistakes What are Canada's biggest money regrets? Get the breakdown between generations and genders on what we regret most financially, from weddings to gambling. 14/11/2018
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency money transfers One in three of Canadian adults would consider using cryptocurrency if it were cheaper and faster than traditional service providers. Could cryptocurrency be the future of international transfer payments? 11/09/2018
Money Canada's impulse spending problem 63% of Canadians have fallen prey to impulsive shopping in the past year. But just how much is wasted on impulsive shopping each year? 21/09/2018
Car loans Safe driving report Eating, texting and dozing off — what bad habits do Canadians indulge in behind the wheel? Dig into the details with's 2018 Safe Driving Report. 01/07/2018

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