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Neon District guide: How to play to earn

A guide to the Dystopian cyberpunk RPG adventure game by Blockade Games.

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What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk, role-playing sci-fi game developed by video game company Blockade Games. In the adventure, teams are composed of 1 to 4 characters, each equipped with armor and weapons. Neon District utilises a deck of cards for every character for going to battle.

This deck of cards grants characters various strengths, abilities, effects, interactions and defense strategies for the battlefield. Players can advance through the dystopia while earning in-game artifacts. Neon District utilises Ethereum’s NFT standard (ERC721) to ensure unique cards for players.

How does play to earn work within Neon District?

Play to earn in Neon District involves the “Neon Pizza” mode within the game. Pizza mode allows players to deliver pizza to hungry residents, thereby solving one of the community’s problems. In turn, they earn Neon and Juice, which they can use to buy gear to level up their characters.

Pizza delivery might be risky – villains can attack delivery teams and make away with their pizza. As such, players must defend their teams to ensure they get the Neon and Juice rewards set aside for pizza delivered.

You can also be a villain and ambush other delivery teams and steal their pizza. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to be a law-abiding citizen and deliver pizza, or go villain and attack other delivery teams. Whichever way, you’ll still earn Neon, Juice, gear parts and more.

What types of game assets are available within Neon District?

Neon District features 3 types of assets, namely Characters, Gear and Shells. Here’s a breakdown of each asset type:


Characters can be either Demons, Docs, Geniuses, Ghosts, Heavies and Jacks. Players can customise characters’ genders and looks.

Demon: Demons are specialists in combat with incredible agility and speed. Demons also have other strengths, such as health, tactics, stealth and hacking.

Docs: These characters are healers. Docs are for “when things go wrong” and can control bacterial nanobots, as well as influence their behaviour.

Genius: Geniuses are “creatively destructive”. They are gifted with incredible intelligence and can solve a wide range of problems.

Ghosts: These are assassins. They can alter perception and cloud a situation to their advantage.

Heavies: Heavies are extremely strong, with their stature alone having the ability to affect how others feel.

Jacks: These are extremely talented hackers with the ability to affect the outcome of events that depend on probability. Those qualities come in handy when they’re hacking through encryptions.


Gear includes anything needed for combat: armour, weapons, costumes and other equipment. As a new player, you get a free character so you might want to buy gear crates to prepare them for missions. To buy gear crates, you need to buy Neon, which can be purchased using ETH or credit card from the top-right corner of the game’s main window. Gears are purchased from the main dashboard by clicking on the “Get Gear” button.


Shells are skins that grant characters or gear boosted capabilities, or the chance to create assets with stronger stats than characters or gear in the same class. A shell allows you to pick the rarest among items, such as tools like weapons, armour or characters in a game.

Where can I buy Neon District NFTs?

You can buy Neon District’s assets on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or Arkane.

Buying Neon District assets on OpenSea

You can buy Neon District assets from OpenSea by visiting the Neon District page. Navigate to the gears tab showing items with their prices and a “Buy Now” button on the main page. There’s a filter to select new items, items on auction, or items on offer. Click “Buy now” on any gear of your choice and select the wallet to pay with. You can pay from MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect or Fortmatic.

Buying Neon District assets on Arkane Market

You can also buy and sell gear and characters on the Arkane Market. Arkane offers cheap and fast transactions so gamers can get their kits fast and without spending too much.

You need a Venly wallet to store purchased NFTs. After opening an account on Venly, search for “Neon District” from the search bar at the top of the page – a grid of ND gears comes up. Buy by clicking on the “Buy” button for the asset you want to purchase.

What are Neon District asset sets?

At the time of writing, there are 3 types of assets in the Neon District game. Assets can either be legendary, ultra-rare, rare, uncommon and common. These are the asset categories:

Season Zero asset set

From characters, gear and shells, only shells were sold in Season Zero. Shells include Demon Dark Legs, Demon Dark Feet, Pistol, Demon Dark Body, Demon Dark Head, Jack Pants, Ghost Head, Riot Shield, Doctor Legs and Jack Body.

Shells are the key to constituting great battle teams. There are currently 45,000 shells in Season Zero.

Season One asset set

Season One assets include characters and gear. Appropriate gear is needed to prepare characters to battle for victory. Gears available in Season One include head armour, body armour, and protection for arms and legs. The effectiveness of gear depends on the mission and the opponent’s weapons, and you will need to evaluate your weapon’s superiority to determine the chances of winning a battle.

End of Days asset set

The End of Days assets include limited-edition loot crates containing all weapons. Like all assets in Neon District, loot crates are NFTs. Loot crates can be acquired for 500 Neon, which can either be purchased or earned through gameplay.

What is Blockade Games?

Blockade Games is a game development studio that focuses on blockchain-based games. The studio has already developed Neon District and Plasma Bears. Neon District is the studio’s flagship game franchise. Although the game is available for play, it is still under active development.

The development team consists of experts from blockchain, art, game design and programmers. Their funding comes from Chain Reaction, XSquared Ventures, BlockTower and other blockchain-focused venture capitalists.

Apart from game development, the company offers other game developers infrastructure on which they can launch their own blockchain games.

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