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My Crypto Heroes guide

My Crypto Heroes is an epic NFT role-playing game with heroes from history.

My Crypto Heroes is a popular blockchain game that offers players an opportunity to earn as they play. The game was launched by, a company that builds NFT based games using blockchain.

Running on Ethereum, the game offers a good way to familiarize yourself with different cryptocurrency concepts like smart contracts, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital wallets.

In this article, we look at everything about My Crypto Heroes including what it is, how to play it and how to make money from playing.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to trade.

What is My Crypto Heroes?

My Crypto Heroes is an RPG (Role Playing Game) battle game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In the game, players collect and train historically inspired heroes like Napoleon and Einstein and send them on quests to find rare items. Players also get to battle other players for rewards and fame.

The game uses blockchain technology to store its digital assets which include heroes, extensions and land. Extensions are the items you equip your heroes with. The digital assets are tradable as NFTs.

What are NFTs in My Crypto Heroes?

NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are special kinds of tokens that represent unique items like art, videos, in-game items, music and even real estate. In the case of My Crypto Heroes, NFTs are historical figures (heroes) and extensions to bolster the strength of the hero. My Crypto Heroes NFTs can be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces.

How to earn while playing My Crypto Heroes

There are several ways you can earn while playing My Crypto Heroes.

  1. You can earn by participating in quests and finding rare items that can be sold for ETH.
  2. You can earn by participating in online battles wherein you can win rare extensions that can be sold for ETH.
  3. If you have some art skills, you can create art and sell it in the Art market for GUM, which is My Crypto Heroes’ in-house currency.
  4. As a player, you can buy and sell your heroes and extensions in the in-game marketplace or third-party markets for a profit.
  5. You can also earn by recycling your extensions for TOKU points. TOKU points rank you higher in the TOKU season earning you different rewards like heroes, extensions, GUM or tickets to be exchanged for rewards.

What is the My Crypto Heroes Coin (MCHC)?

First issued in November 2020, My Crypto Heroes Coin (MCHC) is an ERC-20 governance token for the My Crypto Heroes game. As a governance token, it can be used to decide in-game rules and vote on in-game elections.

The tokens can also be used to pay for My Crypto Heroes NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea.

MCHC tokens are available for purchase in several cryptocurrency exchanges including HotBit, BKEX and CoinW. Besides buying them directly from a cryptocurrency exchange the coins can be earned by playing the My Crypto Heroes game.

How to play My Crypto Heroes

To start playing My Crypto Heroes you will first have to download the game. There is a PC and Mobile version of the game. The game can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

To download My Crypto Heroes go to its official website and click on the “Play Game” button.

My Crypto Heroes website

Once you have downloaded and installed the game you will need a user account to start playing. Creating a user account is a fast and easy process. Once you have an account remember to back it up. A backup is required in case you lose your device and want a way back into your account on the game.

My Crypto Heroes offers 2 ways to sign in. You can sign in with a cryptocurrency wallet or your Google account.

Signing in with a Google account is an option designed for people looking to try out My Crypto Heroes before committing financially. This option has its limitations including not getting tokens for the game. With a Google account, you don’t get to enjoy everything the game has to offer.

Signing in with a cryptocurrency wallet opens up the entire game to you. You will need an ERC-20 compatible wallet like MetaMask to sign in to the game. The wallet will need some ETH, which can be bought from most cryptocurrency exchanges. ETH will enable you to buy GUM, the game’s currency or token. You will need GUM to buy some of the game’s items like heroes and extensions.

What is GUM?

GUM is My Crypto Heroes’ in-game currency or token. GUM is what you use to buy My Crypto Heroes NFTs which include heroes, land and extensions. The token can be traded for ETH making it valuable even outside the My Crypto Heroes World.

Buy heroes

Once you have an account and have signed in to the game, the next step is to get a couple of heroes. Heroes are the main characters of the game. Their names are inspired by historical heroes.

My Crypto Heroes characters

You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to buy heroes from My Crypto Heroes’ in-game marketplace or from third-party marketplaces like OpenSea.

My Crypto Heroes’ marketplace has a good number of heroes to buy. Simply browse the store to find the hero you are looking for. Once you find the hero click on the image and click on “BUY NOW”.

If you buy your heroes from OpenSea or other crypto collectible marketplaces you can check them out at your “Inventory”, which is located in the Menu section.

Build your team

At the beginning of the game, you will need a team of at least 3 heroes to start playing. You can always go for a higher number of heroes later. Battles in the game happen after you’ve built your team.

Hero Settings

Once you have a team, head on to Hero Settings to see if you can upgrade your heroes for better gameplay. Hero Settings has 3 components: extensions, art edit and setting skill sets.


My Crypto Heroes extension

These are items used to equip your heroes. They include weapons and other in-game items. Extensions help with your gameplay by upgrading the stats of heroes. They also make completing some challenges a little easier.

Extensions may be earned or collected. They can be bought in marketplaces or found in dungeons where enemies drop them. Your heroes will have to venture into the dungeons to collect them.

Note that there are 2 types of extensions: original and replica. Original extensions can be upgraded and traded. The same cannot be said about replica extensions.

About art edit

Here you have the option to change the graphics of your hero.

Edit hero

By changing your hero’s graphics you can replace their default active skill with a better one.

Setting skill sets

Heroes in My Crypto Heroes’ game have 2 types of skills: active skills and passive skills. Each hero has a unique active and passive skill. Active skills can deal damage and debuff enemies. They can also heal and buff heroes. Passive skills are more powerful than active skills and are triggered under certain conditions.

My Crypto Heroes game modes

You have 2 main game modes to choose from, the PvE mode and PvP mode.

  • The PvE (player versus environment) game mode is where your heroes work their way through dungeons collecting EXP and finding original extensions. They also get to earn extensions.
  • The PvP (player vs player) game mode is where you get to compete with other players in competitive tournaments. Winners and top players earn original extensions and eternal fame.

Time to play

Once you are done building your team it’s time to play. You have 2 options when it comes to gameplay: quest, or player vs player battles.


Pursuing a quest will involve your heroes fighting against enemies in lands called “nodes”.

My Crypto Heroes quests


All lands within My Crypto Heroes are ERC721 tokens that can be traded for ETH on various marketplaces including OpenSea.

My Crypto Heroes land

There are 9 lands in the My Crypto Heroes game. In quest game play there are 4 types of nodes (land) each divided into 6 levels. The nodes include:

  • Antanasoff. Here enemies attack by physical types. You can earn physical type extensions.
  • Antikythera. Here enemies attack by intelligence types. You can earn intelligence-type extensions.
  • Hollerith. Here enemies attack by physical types. You can earn recovery type extensions dropped by the enemies.
  • Turing. Here enemies attack and recover by special types. You can earn defense-type extensions.

Player vs player battles involve different types of battles including arena battles, colosseum battles, land battles, duel cup, and raids where you can loot limited edition extensions. All player vs player battles take place online.

My Crypto Heroes virtual assets


Farmers go on quests to find original extensions they can sell for ETH. They also buy low-level heroes and extensions so they can upgrade them and sell them for a profit. They try to ensure that the My Crypto Heroes ecosystem has a steady supply of high-level assets.


Warriors are all about PvP battles and competitions. This is the only way they can earn. They are rewarded with extensions for every competition won. They invest their ETH and GUM in the best heroes and extensions. Only the best heroes armed with the best extensions can win battles.


Artists are the creative characters in the My Crypto Heroes space. They create custom hero skins that can be purchased by other players using GUM. As an artist you have an opportunity to exploit your creative side and come up with unique hero skins that can fetch you a pretty penny.


Merchants are the business minded characters. They buy and sell assets for a profit. They will buy items cheaply from farmers and sell them to warriors in need of such items at a higher price. They profit from buying low and selling high. It all comes down to timing the market, and understanding supply and demand.


Extensions are tradable items that can be earned or collected. They are available in 2 types, original and replica. Original extensions have more benefits than replica extensions. Original extensions can be upgraded and traded on various NFT marketplaces. Replica extensions cannot.


Land is another tradable item that can be bought from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Owning a land comes with several benefits, which include having a share of GUM rewards generated by members of the land. There are not many lands up for sale but owning one is worth it.

My Crypto Heroes frequently asked questions

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