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Is Revolut available in Canada?

We take a closer look at the Revolut app that's breaking down borders.

What is Revolut?

Revolut is a digital challenger bank that aims to offer hassle-free global spending. With free international money transfers, fee-free global spending and access to a cryptocurrency exchange, Revolut is aiming to break down the borders of banking.

Revolut is currently not available in Canada

Revolut hasn’t launched in Canada yet, but plans to do so in the near future. In the meantime check out some Revolut alternatives in Canada.

Compare digital banking products that are similar to Revolut

Until Revolut becomes available in Canada, you might like to consider the following digital banking providers which have many of the features that have made the Revolut app so popular in other countries. Some of these features include easy money transfers, spending habits analytics, online card management and the ability to set up monthly budgets.

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Name Product Promo Rate Regular Interest Rate Transaction Fee 1 Year Return Offer
EQ Bank Personal Account
EQ Bank Personal Account
4.00% for 12 months
Simplii High Interest Savings Account
Simplii High Interest Savings Account
6.00% for 5 months
Neo High Interest Savings Account
Neo High Interest Savings Account
KOHO Earn Interest
KOHO Earn Interest

How does Revolut work?

Once the Revolut app is available in the Canada, you’ll be able to sign up and request a contactless Revolut card. Customers have complete control over their card, with the ability to freeze and unfreeze it at the touch of a button — a feature that provides added security and convenience.

The Revlolut app is simple, easy to navigate and streamlined. Features include:

  • Accounts. View the balance and transaction history on your accounts and set up monthly budgets in the app.
  • Payments. The app enables you to transfer money to 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate (the same rates banks give each other). You will have to pay a 0.5% fee for anything above $8,000 a month, and the app may mark up sending on weekends or to certain currencies.
  • Pay friends. Pay friends with ease or use the split bill feature to divide a group spend.
  • Analytics. View your spending habits categorized by type of transaction, merchant or country.
  • Manage your cards. Freeze a card if you lose it, unfreeze your card if you find it, set monthly spending limits and enable additional security.

Revolut also offers a premium tier where users can sign up for the Revolut Metal Card and enjoy additional benefits.

Using Revolut abroad

Revolut‘s most unique and appealing feature is that it enables you to spend at the interbank rate in 150 currencies. You may be charged a fee of 0.5% for payments above a $8,000/month.

You’ll also need to pay a 2% fee on international ATM withdrawals over $400 a month.

Is Revolut safe?

The smartphone app is protected by a password or fingerprint ID. Immediately freeze or unfreeze your card in the app if it’s been misplaced, lost or stolen. Add further control by turning online, ATM and contactless payments on or off.

Revolut also has location-based security — if your card is used in a different location than your phone, you’ll get a notification and the purchase can be blocked.

How does the Revolut app look in other countries?

What is Revolut cryptocurrency?

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Revolut stands out from its competitors. In 2017, it became the first challenger bank to let customers buy cryptos in its app. UK users are currently able to buy and sell five major cryptocurrencies and track market fluctuations in the app, but it’s too early to tell if Canadian users can expect the same features.

Pros and cons of Revolut


  • Spend abroad in 150 currencies with no or low fees.
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • User-friendly app with control over accounts and cards.
  • Transfer money at the interbank exchange rate.
  • Instant top ups from your main account.


  • At weekends, when the markets are closed, Revolut applies an unspecified markup to foreign currency transactions.
  • Some foreign currencies have an additional unspecified markup.
  • Foreign transfers over $8,000 a month come with a 0.5% fee.
  • No physical branches, which can put off those who prefer face-to-face customer service.

If cryptocurrency isn’t what you’re in for, or you just want to get a good look at what your other options are, compare your mobile banking options before joining the waitlist.

How does Revolut compare to other international money transfer services and banks?

What is the Revolut Metal card?

Revolut Metal is the fintech company’s most premium subscription plan. It comes with several exclusive features, including:

  • Airport lounge access
  • A concierge service
  • Cashback on purchases abroad
  • Travel insurance

Of course, customers have to pay for these add-ons. Basic account holders pay no monthly or yearly fee.

Other benefits of Revolut Metal

Revolut Metal gives customers a concierge service. Make requests to the concierge in the app and a member of the team will answer your request via email.

You might want a restaurant suggestion or you need to book a last minute trip. The concierge sets up the transaction, but won’t process the deal until you’ve accepted to the final price.

You also get the same perks of Revolut premium, like its comprehensive travel insurance. This covers worldwide emergency medical and dental treatment. On top of this you get compensation for delayed flights and luggage.

How to order a Revolut Metal card

If you’re already on Revolut Premium, then you can upgrade to Metal instantly. Under the “More” section of the app, go to “Upgrade” and press “Go Metal!”.

Whether you’re on the monthly or annual Premium subscription, Revolut will refund you for the month or months you didn’t use your Premium account.

If you have a Revolut basic account, go to the “Upgrade” section to make the request. However, due to Revolut’s limited number of Metal cards, you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks. Revolut will then get in touch to let you know it’s time to upgrade. At this point you can opt out or go ahead.

Revolut App FAQs

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