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Carity review: Online car-selling platform

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Carity Car-selling Platform
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Get dozens of offers for your used car from Ontario dealerships with this innovative car-selling site. 

Carity is a car-selling platform that connects you with car dealers in Ontario. Fill out a car profile to list your car in Carity's inventory and receive offers from multiple dealers. When you're ready to sell, arrange to get your car to the dealer and receive payment through an electronic transfer in most cases.

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30-second take

  • Think about this platform if you want to sell your car to a dealer through an online platform.
  • Consider something else if you live outside of Ontario or you’d prefer to sell your car in person or through a private sale.
  • The platform doesn’t charge fees and you can list your vehicle for sale in under 15 minutes.

What is Carity?

Carity is a Toronto-based start-up that lets you sell your used car to dealerships in Ontario. This tech-driven platform partners with over 1,700 dealers to make sure you get matched up with the best offer for your vehicle. You have the power to choose which dealer you want to work with and to specify how you want to deliver the vehicle and get paid.

What are the benefits of the Carity platform?

Take advantage of the following benefits with Carity:

  • Easy application. List your vehicle in under 15 minutes if you have information such as your VIN and CARFAX report on hand.
  • Saves time. Save hours of work by listing your vehicle online with Carity instead of visiting multiple dealerships in person.
  • Multiple offers. Pick from multiple offers to secure the best deal for your used car.
  • Anonymous listings. List your car anonymously on the site and only reveal your contact information to the dealer you want to sell to.
  • Easy to close. Schedule an at-home inspection and pick-up, and arrange for electronic payment through the platform.

What to watch out for

Be mindful of the following drawback before you list your car for sale:

  • Ontario-based. Carity seems to only be operating in Ontario at the moment, though there are plans to expand to other provinces in the future.
  • Limited to Carity‘s partners. The offers you get will be limited to the dealers that Carity works with, so you could miss out on a better deal elsewhere.
  • Inspection requirements. You won’t be able to post any vehicles that are over 200,000km and you might have issues selling vehicles that aren’t in pristine condition.

Is Carity legitimate?

Carity is a legitimate car-selling start-up that’s registered to operate in Ontario. It works with over 1,700 verified dealers and is looking to expand into other provinces in the future. You can arrange for inspection and pick-up of your vehicle through the site. You can also arrange for electronic payment as part of your sales agreement.

Alternatives to Carity

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Sell or trade-in your car without the hassle. Upload basic information and get an instant offer. Get the vehicle picked up from your driveway. Available in Ontario and Nova Scotia only.
How to sell a car in Ontario

Is my car eligible?

Your car may be eligible for Carity if it meets the following requirements:

  1. Passes inspection. Carity or your dealer may require you to get an inspection on your car and it will need to pass if you want to finalize the sale.
  2. Based in Ontario. You’ll have to be based in Ontario to use Carity‘s services since it’s not yet available in other regions of Canada.
  3. Under 200,000km. Your car will need to have mileage under 200,000km to be listed on Carity‘s site.

What will I need to add my car to the Carity platform?

You’ll need the following information to add your car to the platform:

  1. Car details. Input the make, model, year and mileage of your car. You’ll also need to report on its interior and exterior condition.
  2. CARFAX report. Provide details from your vehicle’s CARFAX report, such as if it’s been involved in any accidents or thefts.
  3. Vehicle identification number. Supply your VIN to validate the vehicle description and owner information.
  4. Pictures. Upload interior and exterior pictures of your car and flag any cosmetic damage.

Steps to sell a car through Carity

Selling your car through Carity is as simple as filling out a car profile. You can search your car by VIN number or by make and model.

  1. Visit the main Carity website and click the “Sell” tab at the top of the page.
  2. Select “Brand & model” or “VIN” in the box that generates and enter your car details. Enter your 5-digit Carity code if you’re continuing with an existing application.
  3. Input details about your vehicle, including information about appearance, mileage, condition, special features and accident history.
  4. Provide your contact details and the vehicle identification number, and upload pictures to complete your listing.

Bottom line

  • Carity may be a good fit for you if you’re based in Ontario and want an easy and hassle-free way to sell your used car to a dealership.
  • Choose something else if you’d like to work with specific dealers in your local area that aren’t partnered with Carity.
  • This platform is free to use and you can list your vehicle for sale in under 15 minutes.

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