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Autofix Credit review

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Autofix Credit Car Loans
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Our verdict

Autofix Credit says it offers car loans, but we can't sign off on its legitimacy.

Autofix Credit is a car loan application site that lets you get pre-approved for financing by answering 11 simple questions. That said, there's very little information provided on the website about how the details you provide in your application will be used.

For example, it's not clear if Autofix Credit works to connect you directly with lenders or if your information gets passed on to a local dealer who will then contact you directly. Once you apply, Autofix Credit indicates it will contact you by phone to discuss your financing options.

Its website has very limited information and is missing key details such as an office address. We can't sign off on the legitimacy of this site, so consider other car loan providers.

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Is Autofix Credit legitimate?

Unfortunately, we can’t sign off on Autofix Credit’s legitimacy for the following reasons:

  • Limited contact information. The company doesn’t have a physical address or email address listed on its website. It only provides a phone number.
  • Underdeveloped website. The website provides very little information and requests a lot of sensitive details from users without describing what the company does.
  • Minimal online presence. The company has very few online reviews and a minimal social media presence. It does have a Facebook page that’s been live since 2019, though it’s not active at the time of writing (the last post was in October 2020).
  • Not listed on provincial or federal business databases. We couldn’t find Autofix Credit or Autofixcredit (as it’s written in the privacy policy) registered in Ontario, BC or Alberta. We also couldn’t find it in federal business databases.

Information is as of October 11, 2023

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What information does Autofix Credit ask for on its application?

You’ll be asked to provide the following information when filling out an Autofix Credit application:

  • Type of vehicle you want. Pick either a car, truck, SUV or van.
  • Monthly budget. Outline how much you can reasonably afford to pay each month.
  • Timing for financing. Indicate when you might need financing, whether right away or in several months.
  • Date of birth. You must be the age of majority in your province to qualify.
  • Employment status. Specify if you have full-time or part-time work or if you’re unemployed.
  • Total income before taxes. Your income is used to ensure you have the resources to make your monthly or bi-weekly payments.
  • Length of time you’ve made that income. The longer you’ve been employed, the higher your chances of being approved.
  • Have you claimed bankruptcy? Specify whether you have a current or former bankruptcy on your credit report.
  • Company name and job title. Input where you work and what your position is.
  • Home address. The company may use your home address to send your information to dealerships near where you live.
  • Full name and contact info. Provide your full name, phone number and email so that Autofix Credit can contact you directly.

What do Autofix Credit reviews have to say?

There are no Autofix Credit reviews that can be relied upon to give a clear picture of how the company works or what services it offers. The only reviews that exist are on the company’s Facebook page, and almost all of these have been left by bots.

The ones that appear real are from customers indicating they won’t work with the company because it doesn’t provide enough information about its services on its website. There’s also no mention of the company on customer review sites like Reddit, Trustpilot, Google or the Better Business Bureau.

What to watch out for

Consider the following drawbacks before you sign up with Autofix Credit:

  • Collects sensitive personal details. You’ll be required to input sensitive information about your income, employer, address, phone number and the state of your credit.
  • Information may be sent to a third party. The privacy policy indicates that Autofix Credit shares your information with third parties who then try to sell you products/services.
  • Not an established company. It’s not clear when the company started, if it’s licensed or how it treats its customers, which could leave you in a bad situation.
  • Questionable tactics. The company says it approves the majority of applicants, but you could lose your financing if you don’t answer its phone call.

Bottom line

Autofix Credit claims to offer car loans when you answer a few simple questions. However, it’s unclear how the company uses your personal information, and there are several disclosures on the website indicating your details will be shared with third-party companies. It’s also difficult to find Autofix Credit reviews online or to prove the company’s legitimacy using other methods.

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