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Pay advance apps in Canada: Get an instant loan

Here's a breakdown of pay advance and instant cash app loans you can apply for online.


Bree Early Pay

Bree Early Pay logo
  • Access up to $250
  • No interest or mandatory fees
  • No credit check required
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Do you need a small amount of cash in a short time frame? Compare fast pay advance apps in Canada to find the right cash advance loan for your needs. Most online cash advance apps offer e-Transfers directly into your account, whether you need an instant loan of $25, $50, $100 or more.

To help you find the best option, we cover the different loan apps available in Canada and what you need to qualify in this guide.

⚠️ Warning: Be cautious with payday loans
High-cost payday loans are unsustainable for borrowing over a continued period of time and are expensive as a means of longer-term borrowing. View payday costs and regulations by province here. If you're experiencing financial hardship call Credit Counselling Canada for free financial counselling (Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm at +1 866-398-5999). You may also want to consider payday loan alternatives.

Compare cash advance apps in Canada

Pay advance appLoan amountCostInstant loan?

Early Pay

Up to $250Free with no interest, but they ask you to tip if you canWithin 3 hours for the express option (small fee) and up to 2 business days for standard deliveryGo to siteLearn more

Credit Line

$30 – $150No interest or fees to access credit line1-30 minutes with a paid membership or 1-3 business days with a free membership.Go to siteLearn more

Overdraft Protection

Up to $50, or up to $250 if you keep paying the $5/month subscription fee$5/month subscription feeYes, with a KOHO account. Other requirements apply.Go to siteLearn more

Payday Loan

$100 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)Yes, it offers instant payday loans 24/7Go to site

Learn more

Cash Money

Payday Loan

$100 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)Yes, it offers instant payday loans

Learn more

Credit Club

Payday Loan

$100 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)Yes, get funding within 30 minutesLearn more
Money Mart

Payday Loan

$120 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)As little as 1 hour after getting approvedLearn more

Payday Loan

$300 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)Within 1-2 hours via e-Transfer once approvedLearn more

Focus Cash Loans

Payday Loan

$100 – $1,500Varies by province (refer to the table below for rates by province)Approval within 30 mins. during business hours, e-Transfer within 30 mins. after approvalLearn more
Maximum borrowing costs of payday loans per province
Always refer to your contract for exact repayment amounts and costs.
Province Max. cost of borrowing a $100 payday loan Cooling off period to cancel loan Max. penalty for returned cheque or pre-authorized debit
Alberta $15 2 business days $25
British Columbia $15 2 business days $20
Manitoba $17 48 hours excluding Sundays and holidays $20
New Brunswick $15 48 hours excluding Sundays and holidays $20
Newfoundland and Labrador $14 2 business days $20
Nova Scotia $17 Next business day (2 days for online loans) $40 (default penalty)
Ontario $15 2 business days $25
Prince Edward Island $15 2 business days N/A
Quebec Limit of 35% AIR N/A N/A
Saskatchewan $17 Next business day $25

Nyble credit line

Nyble homepage banner

  • How it works. Create a free Nyble account to borrow $30 and $150 interest-free.
  • Turnaround time. 1-30 minutes with a paid membership or 1-3 business days with a free membership.
  • How to qualify. You’ll need to be the age of majority in your province, have a bank account and be willing to link this account to the app. Also, you’ll need to show that there is enough money left after all other expenses are paid to repay your Nyble loan.
  • Serviced provinces. All provinces and territories.
  • Is Nyble legit? Yes. Nyble is run by Fincentify Inc., which is a registered business in Canada.

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  • Track your credit score and build your credit for free
  • Borrow up to $150 at 0%
  • No credit check required
  • Not a payday loan
  • Extend your loan term if needed


  • Small amounts only
  • Fee to get instant funding
Dive deeper Nyble review

Bree pay advance app

Bree homepage banner

  • How it works. Bree is an app like Nyble. Fill out an application and link your banking details through the in-app dashboard. If you’re eligible, you can get a loan up to $250 deposited to your account. You repay the loan on a specific, agreed-upon date. There are no fees, but you can leave a tip if you like the service. Because Bree is a specialized pay advance app in Canada offering smaller loans, you can select from a variety of smaller loan amounts, such as $25, $50 or $100 loans.
  • Turnaround time. Within 3 hours for the express option (small fee) and up to 2 business days for standard delivery.
  • How to qualify. You will need to be the age of majority in your province, have a bank account and be willing to link it to the app. You’ll also have to provide proof of direct deposit into your account for at least two months and have enough money left over from your paycheque to repay your Bree loan.
  • Serviced provinces. Bree provides cash advances in Canada to all provinces and territories.
  • Is Bree legit? Bree is a Y Combinator startup that was launched in 2021. Two former employees in investment banking founded it. Bree has LinkedIn and Crunchbase profiles, and its privacy policy states that it doesn’t sell your information to third parties. That said, there are a handful of mixed Bree reviews on Facebook but nowhere else.

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  • Borrow up to $250 at 0% interest
  • No fees – leave a tip if you want to
  • No credit check required
  • Secure site with encryption and firewalls
  • Not a payday loan


  • You have to connect your chequing account to the app
  • Small amounts only
  • Fee for instant money app transfers

KOHO Cover overdraft protection app

Koho Cover homepage banner

  • How it works. Add KOHO Cover to your KOHO account and you’ll get up to $50 interest-free overdraft protection. That amount increases up to $250 if you continue to pay the monthly fee. You won’t have to fill out an application to opt in for KOHO cover, but you will have to pay a $5/month subscription fee. There’s also no effect on your credit score and no late fees.
  • Turnaround time. Since the funds are added to your total balance immediately upon enrolling in KOHO Cover, the money will become accessible automatically as soon as there isn’t enough money in your account to cover a purchase.
  • How to qualify. To unlock KOHO Cover sooner, you will need to first complete some tasks in the KOHO app. Tasks can include adding funds to your KOHO account, setting up direct deposit, paying your bills with your KOHO account and using other KOHO services like Credit Building and Extra.
  • Serviced provinces. All provinces and territories.
  • Is KOHO legit? KOHO is an established and well-known online bank that’s partnered with Peoples Trust, a CDIC-insured bank. In January 2024, it moved to phase two of obtaining a Schedule 1 banking licence. Schedule 1 banks include RBC, Tangerine, TD and CIBC.

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  • 0% interest
  • No impact on your credit score
  • No additional loan fees
  • Unlock higher loan amounts over time
  • Not a payday loan


  • Ongoing $5/month subscription fee
  • Only small loan amounts to start
  • You must have an active KOHO account
  • It may take some time to unlock access to KOHO Cover

iCash cash advance app

iCash homepage banner

  • How it works. The iCash payday loan app lets you quickly and easily access up to $1,500. Simply download the app, complete an online application, input your banking information and get a loan starting at $100 nearly instantly through the iCash app.
  • Turnaround time. It’s an automated process, so it’s possible to receive an e-Transfer in as little as 2 minutes.
  • How to qualify. You will need a minimum net income of $800 per month and be employed with the same job for at least three months. You’ll also need to have a Canadian bank account that’s been open for at least three months and provide one reference (family member, friend or work colleague).
  • Serviced provinces. iCash offers cash advance loans in Canada to BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
  • Is iCash legit? iCash is a direct and licensed payday lender that has been in operation since 2016. It has a highly-rated mobile app. You can find licence information for each province listed on its website.

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  • Apply online anywhere, anytime
  • No documents required
  • Earn up to 20% cashback for every loan you repay on time
  • 24/7 approval, 24/7 funding, 24/7 customer support


  • Very high interest rate
  • Customers indicate it can be difficult to reach the company by email or phone

Cash Money cash advance app

Cash Money homepage banner

  • How it works. You can download the Cash Money payday loan app from the Apple Store or Google Play. To get an instant money loan as low as $100, you’ll first need to go to the Cash Money website on your phone, tablet or computer to complete an online application and get your funds through e-Transfer, direct deposit or cash pick-up. You can then head to the Cash Money app to manage your loan account and make payments.
  • Turnaround time. It’s an automated process, so you’ll receive funds in as little as 15 minutes.
  • How to qualify. You’ll need a minimum credit score of 525, a chequing account in your name and proof of recurring income. You’ll also need to provide employer information and contact details, including a working phone number and a valid address.
  • Serviced provinces. Cash Money services BC, MB, NL, NS, ON, SK.
  • Is Cash Money legit? Cash Money is a member of the Canadian Consumer Finance Association. It has been in business since 1992 and, in that time, helped nearly 1.2 million Canadians with their short-term cash needs. However, its payday loan app has poor ratings on the Apple Store.


  • Instant approvals
  • e-Transfer funding in as little as 15 minutes
  • Manage your payments through the instant loan app
  • Use your government assistance income to qualify


  • To apply you must go through the website, not the app
  • Very high interest rate and short repayment term
  • Not available in all provinces

Credit Club payday loan app

Credit Club homepage banner

  • How it works. Credit Club is a payday lender in Canada offering new customers up to $500, although Credit Club members can qualify for up to $1,500 through its payday loan app. Expect to pay very high fees per $100 borrowed, depending on where you live. That said, Credit Club offers a fast turnaround time — typically within 30 minutes of getting approved with funds provided through e-Transfer. Another nice perk of Credit Club is that it does not run credit checks as part of its approval process.
  • Turnaround time. You can apply online 24/7 and receive funds in as little as 30 minutes.
  • How to qualify. You’ll have to have an active bank account and be at least 18 years of age to qualify for a Credit Club cash advance loan. You’ll also have to be currently employed for a minimum of three months with the same employer.
  • Serviced provinces. Credit Club offers cash advances in Canada to ON, BC and NS.
  • Is Credit Club legit? Yes, Credit Club was established in 2012 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with a 4.5+ out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot (based on 2,878 reviews).


  • Automated approval decisions
  • e-Transfer funding in as little as 30 minutes
  • 24/7 online application available
  • No credit check
  • No need to send in any paperwork


  • $500 loan limit for new customers
  • Higher interest rates and short repayment term
  • Unavailable in many provinces
  • Not clear about what incomes it accepts

Money Mart payday loan app

Money Mart homepage banner

  • How it works. You can apply for up to $1,500 through the Money Mart Mobile payday loan app. Apply, make repayments and monitor your loan account all through the app. You can also apply for a payday loan online or at the more than 500 Money Mart store locations across Canada. Money Mart is a well-established company with a track record going back to 1982.
  • Turnaround time. You can apply for a Money Mart payday loan online, through its app or in-store, and have the funds transferred via e-Transfer within 60 minutes of getting approved.
  • How to qualify. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID and a chequing account to qualify for a Money Mart cash advance loan. You must also have a steady source of income, which can include child tax credit, EI, disability and pensions.
  • Serviced provinces. Money Mart provides cash advances in Canada to AB, BC, MB, NS, NT, ON, SK, YT.
  • Is Money Mart legit? Yes, Money Mart is a licensed lender that is a member of the Canadian Consumer Finance Association. Its website is verified by Entrust, which is a global leader in identity, payment and data protection.


  • Money Mart Mobile, their payday loan app, has high ratings on Apple’s App Store
  • Multiple avenues to apply: Online, using the app or in-store
  • e-Transfer funding in as little as 60 minutes
  • Accepts alternative forms of income including child tax credit, EI, disability and pensions
  • No credit check required


  • Very high interest rate and short loan term
  • Not available in all provinces

PAY2DAY payday loan app

PAY2DAY homepage banner

  • How it works. PAY2DAY offers a payday loan app where you can apply for up to $1,500 through its cash advance app. You can also apply in-store at over 30 locations in Canada. PAY2DAY applications, approval, funding and customer service are available 24/7.
  • Turnaround time. You can receive a PAY2DAY cash advance loan in as little as 60 minutes via e-Transfer once approved.
  • How to qualify. You must be at least 18 years old with an active bank account and access to online banking to qualify for this cash advance loan. You’ll also need to have recurring income, which can include alternative forms of income (e.g. EI, retirement income).
  • Serviced provinces. PAY2DAY offers cash advances in Canada to ON, BC, NS.
  • Is PAY2DAY legit? Yes, PAY2DAY is a provincially licensed lender with over 30 store locations in Ontario and BC.


  • Apply and get approved online 24/7
  • 24/7 customer service
  • e-Transfer funding within 60 minutes 24/7
  • Accepts EI, retirement income
  • Manage your payback options and account balance through the app
  • No credit check


  • Very high interest rates and short loan terms
  • Has a low rating on the BBB
  • Only available in ON, BC, NS

Focus Cash Loans payday loan app

Focus Cash Loans homepage banner

  • How it works. Download the app and apply online 24/7 to borrow $100 – $1,500. Repay by your next payday.
  • Turnaround time. Approval within 30 mins. during business hours, e-Transfer within 30 mins. after approval.
  • How to qualify. Must be an Alberta, BC or Ontario resident, at least 19 years old, with an active bank account and a net income of $1,200 per month.
  • Serviced provinces. AB, BC and ON.
  • Is Focus Cash Loans legit? Focus Cash Loans is a licensed payday lender in AB, BC and ON.


  • Fast approvals and e-Transfer funding
  • No credit check
  • Accepts non-employment income
  • No documents required


  • Very expensive

Summary: Cash advance app ratings on Google Play & Apple App Store

We’ve summarized Apple App Store and Google Play Store ratings for these cash advance apps in Canada, so you can easily see what other Android and iPhone users think of these apps.

Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store
Nyble4.7 – ★★★★★ (680 reviews)N/A
iCash4.8 – ★★★★★ (14k reviews)4.7 – ★★★★★ (22.4k reviews)
KOHO4.8 – ★★★★★ (77.2k reviews)4.6 – ★★★★★ (65.1k reviews)
Cash Money2.1 – ★★ (156 reviews)4.5 – ★★★★★ (516 reviews)
Credit Club4.8 – ★★★★★ (45 reviews)4.8 – ★★★★★ (44 reviews)
Money Mart4.7 – ★★★★★ (4.2k reviews)4.1 – ★★★★ (1.01k reviews)
PAY2DAY3.6 – ★★★★☆ (31 reviews)N/A
Focus Cash Loans4.3 – ★★★★☆ (11 reviews)4.0 – ★★★★☆ (41 reviews)

What is the difference between a cash advance app and payday loan app?

“Cash advance app” can be a confusing term because there are some payday lenders in Canada that call their payday loans “cash advances” and they have apps, and there are also lenders who are not payday lenders but call their small loans “cash advances” – and they too have apps.

Payday lenders are regulated by the provincial governments and have specific regulations they must follow.

Payday lenders with apps are Cash Money, Credit Club, Money Mart, PAY2DAY and Focus Cash Loans. Lenders who are not payday lenders but also have apps for small cash advances are Nyble and Bree.

What are cash advance apps in Canada?

Essentially, cash advance apps offer Canadians small loans online and through Apple or Android apps. These instant loan apps allow you to easily apply, get funding within minutes and manage repayments on the go. They also have easier eligibility criteria than traditional loans.

Blue phone with dollar sign

Pay advance apps are limited in Canada

Pay advance apps that are not payday loans are still in their early stages here, so there aren’t many options for Canadians. The two main apps are currently Bree and Nyble, but we’re keeping an eye out for more fintech companies entering this space in 2024, such as Woveo.

These cash advance apps are worth considering if you are looking to avoid payday loans but need a small emergency loan ASAP.

Am I eligible to use pay advance apps online in Canada?

Eligibility criteria for cash advance loans in Canada vary between providers, but there are a few basic requirements you need to meet:

  • Be the age of majority
  • Have an operational chequing account
  • Receive a steady income paid into your account

Some instant cash app loans may also require you to work for a specific employer or make a minimum amount of money each month to qualify.

How to find the best instant money apps

Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your options to find the best instant money and pay advance app for your needs.

How much do you need to borrow?

Decide how much you need to borrow to cover your expenses before your paycheque comes in. If you need a small amount, like a $50 loan instantly, then apps like KOHO, Bree and Nyble could be the way to go, although it could take a few hours or days to process. If you need a $200 instant loan (or more), you could look into cash advance options like iCash and Cash Money.

How much does the loan cost?

A small pay advance from an app in Canada can cost a lot when you factor in fees. Even a 0% interest loan may come with a monthly fee. Keep in mind that payday loans are very expensive because they cost between $14 to $17 for every $100 borrowed.

How quickly can you get the loan?

If you need an instant money app loan, one option to consider is a payday loan since these fast cash loans typically take less than 24 hours from application to approval and e-Transfer funding. Early pay apps like Bree and Nyble also provide instant loans if you pay a fee. If you can wait a few days, pay advance apps offer an option to get a slower cash advance with zero fees.

When can you pay it back?

Make sure you can afford to repay the pay-advance loan before taking on this type of debt. If you can’t afford to pay it back, you may need to take out another loan to pay off your first loan — and this cycle can repeat and potentially trap you in a cycle of expensive debt.

When setting up a loan repayment schedule, payday loan lenders will automatically withdraw money from your bank account. Pay advance apps also operate in this way, although some lenders like Nyble will allow you to extend deadlines.

How do cash advances affect my credit?

When getting cash advances through a pay advance app, your credit score won’t be impacted. That’s because most pay advance apps in Canada don’t do a hard credit check when you request an advance. Payday loans can’t improve your credit score, while a cash advance app that reports payments, such as Nyble, can.

How do I repay my instant cash app loan?

Usually, pay advance apps in Canada automatically deduct your funds from your bank account on the due date – typically the day you get paid. Since this is an automatic repayment, you need to make sure there is enough money in your account. If you don’t have enough money in your account, some instant cash app loan lenders that are not payday lenders will hold off making the repayment withdrawal to prevent you from going into overdraft. However, you won’t be able to borrow again until you repay your current advance.

Pros and cons of cash advance apps in Canada


  • Limited costs. Some pay advance apps charge zero interest, and you may only be on the hook for a monthly membership fee — if that.
  • Quick turnaround. You may be able to get your money the same day, depending on the instant cash app loan you opt for, although instant transfers usually come with a cost.
  • Budgeting features. Some pay advance apps track your income and spending to warn you if you risk overdrawing your account.
  • Options for small loans. Some pay advance apps offer very small cash advance loans, such as a $50 loan, instantly.
  • No credit check. Most lenders of cash advance apps offer no credit check loans.


  • Must have recurring income. You must have a stable income that’s paid directly into your bank account.
  • Expensive. Payday loans have APRs in triple digits.

Early pay advance vs payday loan apps: How do they compare?

If you’re considering borrowing money fast, here are the similarities and differences between these loan apps.

Early pay advance apps (Nyble, Bree)Payday loan apps (iCash, Cash Money)
Loan amountUp to $250 (may be more for repeat customers)Up to $1,500
Loan termBy your next payday, or roll over to the following monthsBy your next payday
CostCan be significantly cheaper: 0% interest for many apps, some charge a small monthly fee or request a tipCan be significantly more expensive: $14 to $17 for every $100 borrowed, which works out to APRs in the triple digits
Speed3 business days or within a few hours if you pay a feeUsually instant or in under 30 minutes
EligibilityAge of majority, linked bank account, proof of employment and incomeAge of majority, linked bank account, proof of employment and income
Ease of approvalEasyEasy
Credit checkNot requiredSometimes required
Application processThrough an appOnline, in-person or sometimes through an app
Payment methode-Transferse-Transfers
Repayment methodAutomatic withdrawal from your bank accountAutomatic withdrawal, cheque or in-person with cash

What about these other cash advance apps?

Recent data from the Finder: Consumer Sentiment Survey Q3 shows that 23% of respondents got a payday loan in the last three months. While searching for the best cash advance app, many borrowers may come across US-based payday loan apps. Not all of these popular apps are available to Canadians.

Alternatives to pay advance apps

  • Credit card cash advance. This type of cash advance in Canada lets you borrow money from your credit card. You’ll usually pay interest rates of 21.99% to 23.99%, and the amount you owe will be added to your regular credit card balance. You can take out a credit card cash advance instantly from an ATM, just as you would withdraw cash with a debit card.
  • Installment loans. Borrow larger amounts between $500 and $10,000 and take 3 - 60 months to repay your loan. You’ll pay lower APRs than you would with payday loan apps. Learn more about top installment loans.
  • Overdraft protection. You can get overdraft protection with your bank account to ensure you don’t get charged fees if you overdraw your account. Overdraft protection limits can reach as high as $5,000, and you’ll pay interest on any amount you borrow in addition to paying a monthly fee.
  • Line of credit. Instead of relying on cash advance apps, consider a line of credit. A line of credit is a revolving credit account where you borrow and repay money (up to a predetermined limit) on an ongoing basis. If you have good credit, you may be able to score a line of credit with a low-interest rate. Only consider a line of credit if you’re confident you can regularly repay what you borrow. Otherwise, you may end up maxing out the line of credit and getting stuck with a larger debt load.

Survey methodology

The results of the Finder: Consumer Sentiment Tracker Q3 (CSTQ3) were collected through an online Pollfish survey conducted between August 10 to 21, 2023. In the survey, 1,013 Canadians from across the country were asked about their current debt obligations, among other questions regarding money goals and financial confidence. The estimated margin of error for the survey is +/- 3%, 90% of the time.

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