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Bree review: Small quick loans with no interest charges

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Bree Early Pay
APR Range
Loan Amount
$20 - $350
Loan Term
Next pay cycle (61 days max.)

Our verdict

Get an interest-free cash advance of up to $350 to help you get through to your next paycheque.

Bree offers cash advances of up to $350 to help you avoid bank account overdraft fees. It's quick and easy to apply for an advance online within minutes, and you don't need to complete a credit check. You also won't pay any interest on the amount you borrow. However, be aware that you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the advance plus an optional fee for instant funding.

Best for: People who need a small loan with no interest and no credit checks.


  • Easy to apply
  • 0% interest
  • No late fees
  • No credit check required
  • Instant decision


  • $2.99 monthly subscription fee
  • Extra fee for instant transfers
  • You must connect your bank account to Bree's app
  • Small loan amounts won't suit everyone

In this guide

  • Our verdict
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Your reviews

What is Bree?

Try Bree is a Y Combinator startup that was founded in 2021. It offers interest-free cash advances to help you avoid bank overdraft and NSF fees when you get low on funds. Its mission is to help Canadians move towards financial wellness.

Is Bree legit?

Bree Technologies is based in Vancouver and its business registration can be found in the BC government’s business registry. It has verified LinkedIn, Crunchbase and Trustpilot profiles. Its website also features the usual legal documents you’d expect to find on a legitimate business website, such as a privacy policy and detailed terms of use.

Is Bree only in Canada?

Yes, Bree’s services are currently only available to Canadians.

How does borrowing from Bree work?

The first step to borrowing a cash advance from Bree is to sign up. You can do this online by providing your personal information and bank account details. You can get approved for up to $350.

Bree charges no interest, but there’s a mandatory $2.99 monthly membership fee. An additional small fee applies if you opt for express funding, which allows you to get your funds within a few hours of requesting an advance. If you select standard funding, you’ll get your money within a few business days without needing to pay a fee. However, if you like Bree’s service, you can leave a tip.

Once you receive your funds, you can use it to pay for whatever you need, such as an urgent bill or emergency expense. You’ll repay your loan by your next pay cycle.

Bree’s subscription

To get a Bree cash advance and access other perks like the platform’s budgeting tool, you’ll need to pay a $2.99 monthly membership fee. But you’re not locked in—you can cancel any time.

Bree cash advance features

Rates and fees
  • 0% interest for cash advances but a $2.99 monthly membership fee applies, fee for express funding (varies based on advance)
  • No late fees
  • Tipping optional
Loan amounts$20–$350
Loan termsPay back on your next payday
Serviced provincesAll provinces and territories
  • 18 years or older
  • Canadian resident
  • Canadian bank account that receives regular income

What we like about Bree loans

  • No interest. Bree does not charge any interest on the money you borrow. This means it could be a much more cost-effective borrowing option than a payday loan.
  • No late fees. Bree doesn’t charge any late fees if you don’t repay what you borrow, but you may be asked if you’d like to leave a voluntary tip.
  • No credit checks. You won’t need to complete a credit check when you apply for a Bree advance, so you don’t have to worry about it impacting your credit score. Learn more about no credit check loans.
  • Easy to apply. The Bree sign-up process is quick and easy. You can apply online within a few minutes.
  • Instant approval 24/7. Get a decision right after you apply.
  • Fast funding available. Same-day funding is available if you’re willing to pay a small fee. The money can be sent to your account via e-Transfer.
  • Flexible requirements. It’s possible to get approved for a cash advance with bad credit, low income or non-employment income.
  • Other membership features. As a Bree subscriber, you get access to a budgeting tool you can use to track your income and expenses. You also receive a weekly newsletter with tips to help you manage your finances.

What to watch out for

  • Monthly subscription fee. If you sign up for a Bree membership, you’ll need to pay a $2.99 monthly membership fee.
  • Fees for fast transfers. If you want to get your advance within a few hours, a fee will apply. Otherwise, it could take up to three business days until you get funded.
  • Small amounts. The maximum cash advance amount available is $350, which may not be enough for your needs.
  • No phone number. Need to get in touch with Bree? There’s no phone number listed on the website, so you’ll need to contact them via email.

Alternative to Bree loans

Nyble Credit Line

Nyble Credit Line

  • Borrow from $30-$150 until your next paycheque
  • No interest rates. Free account or pay $11.99 per month for premium perks.
  • Flexible repayment terms with ability to roll over loan to next month

Is Bree a payday loan?

No, Bree is not a payday loan. Payday loans let you borrow higher amounts between $100 – $1,500. You’ll pay $14 to $17 for every $100 borrowed, which works out to rates in the triple digits. This makes a payday loan much more expensive than a Bree loan.

Like Bree, however, payday loans provide rapid approval and funding and have lenient requirements.

What do Bree reviews say?

People who have left positive Bree reviews have commented on its fast and reliable service. Negative comments talk about its low borrowing amounts and high fees for express funding.

Summary of Bree reviews

BBB accreditedNo
BBB ratingN/A
BBB customer reviewsN/A
Trustpilot score4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 1,289 reviews
Customer reviews verified as ofJune 3, 2024

Bree reviews on Trustpilot are largely positive, with users praising the ease and speed of getting a loan and Bree’s excellent customer service. The minority of negative reviews mostly discuss frustration over getting approved for small loan amounts only.

Am I eligible for a Bree loan?

You won’t need to undergo a credit check to qualify for a Bree cash advance, but you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • 18 or older (or the age of majority in your province)
  • Legal resident of Canada
  • Have an active chequing account
  • Have recurring income
  • Minimum two consecutive paycheques from one source deposited into your account

Bree will examine the last two months’ worth of transactions from your bank account to check three things:

  • That you receive your paycheques as direct deposits
  • That you’ve received paycheques on consistent dates
  • That you will have enough funds after your next paycheque to repay your advance

How to sign up for a Bree loan

Here’s what you need to do to apply for a Bree cash advance:

  1. Visit the Bree website and select the Sign up link.
  2. Create an account by providing your name, email address, phone number and date of birth.
  3. Complete the sign-up process by verifying your bank account details.
  4. Confirm the date on which you will pay back your advance.
  5. Check whether you want a free Standard advance or an Express advance for a fee.
  6. Submit your application. If you’re approved and you’ve selected an Express advance, the funds will be sent to you via e-Transfer.

Does Bree have an app?

Bree currently does not have an app in the Apple or Google Play stores. However, it does have a responsive easy-to-use web app.

Preview of Bree’s web app

Bottom line

Bree is a low-fee pay advance app that lets you borrow a small amount to pay for emergency bills, making it a strong option for Canadians looking for a small loan. If you’d like to explore more options, however, head over to our guide on quick, easy loans.

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